Day 12

Beneath the Tapestry

from the Ruth reading plan

Ruth 4:18-22, Matthew 1:2-16, Romans 15:12, Luke 3:32-38

BY Rebecca Faires

Text: Ruth 4:18-22, Matthew 1:2-16, Romans 15:12, Luke 3:32-38

Have you ever seen the Bayeux Tapestry? I haven’t seen it in person. It lives in Normandy, France—ooh la la! The tapestry narrates William the Conqueror’s victory at the Battle of Hastings. It’s very famous, very big, and sometimes very beautiful. The top side of it makes sense and tells a story. The underside is a hot mess and looks like the weaver didn’t have a plan.

God’s will throughout history is like a tapestry. We are underneath looking up, and all the random threads tied in knots and snarls don’t make sense to us. We can’t see the tapestry of history like God sees it. From His perspective it tells the story of His love and plan for mankind from the beginning of time.

Our earthly perspective is limited. So, when God weaves together the family line of Christ, He uses people we would never expect. We assume the line of ancestry for the Son of God would be filled with “respectable” male leaders. But God used women, foreigners, illegitimate children, and a prostitute. (Sidebar: we live in a great world where women can be leaders, but Ruth lived in a world where leaders only looked like serious-faced, respectable men.)

Ruth was not only a foreigner; she was from an enemy country, Moab. The Israelites despised the Moabites. So when Ruth walked into town, that’s likely what they saw—a woman with the invisible label of “Moabite” hovering over her head. She herself wasn’t guilty, but she was an easy target for prejudice. And God chose to weave her into His Kingly line. See how the tapestry looks crazy from underneath?

God makes Ruth an ancestor of David and the Messiah. It is the greatest of  honors. This is the story God was penning all along, from the beginning of the book.

Look at some of the names in Christ’s genealogy:


Do you know all the people on that list? I don’t.

The story of Ruth shows us that there are no insignificant people in God’s plan, even if we only know them as a name on a list. He takes the despised and the rejected, the lowly and the insignificant, even His enemies, and He binds them to Christ.

What looks messy and meaningless to us is, from God’s perspective, an intentional and precise way He is working to establish His kingdom. He takes what appear to be loose, broken, and unrelated threads and reveals how He was weaving something eternally beautiful all along.



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  1. Cate Husman says:

    Wow I needed this today! Life has been really hard and it’s great to remember that God is weaving a tapestry.

  2. Stephanie Marie says:

    Todays reading was so good. From me I received all about purpose from it. How God may take the lonely and even though there are some names that didn’t even make a story in the Bible, God used a list of broken people in his family line to restore them for him to come back again. Which I believe he is still doing today. Which gives me hope in a new way. That my purpose is more than bringing other people to Christ but to restore my family line now and future so that there will be away for Christ to come back. Or maybe that’s a crazy idea lol but yeah haha I really loved it!!!

    1. Stephanie Marie says:

      Like I know God won’t come back through birth again but that so he can use us to prepare people for when he comes back

    2. Lisa says:

      Hi Stephanie. I just finished the Ruth study and yours was the first comment I read. It was exactly what the Lord wanted me to read. What spoke to my heart is what you said, its more than just bringing others to Christ , but to help restore your family line now and for the future. That’s exactly what the Lord would have me to do for my family. The Lord bless you.

  3. Rebecca Corley says:

    The genealogy of Christ….what a beautiful picture of redemption and God’s grace. I love not only reading Ruth’s name but the other women listed whose stories were as heart-breaking as Ruth’s. Praise be to God who works all things out for our good and his glory!
    Thank you so much for this study!

  4. Pamela says:

    Loved reading and seeing God’s grace through those who are in the lineage of Christ. God can use anyone … its not your title .. its your calling !!

  5. J says:

    My husband and I are going through a really difficult time at the moment of great uncertainty. We have been struggling for months with the possibility of losing many things, job, career, home. The Lord has been ever present and we feel his love daily however it is exhausting not having an answer. Last night whilst spending time with my sisters in Christ I shared my worries. The idea of God weaving a tapestry was shared, including that to make something truly beautiful there needs to be dark threads as well as gold and silver. We will see the whole picture from glory and there will be a time of weaving the bright and beautiful again.

    1. Christine says:

      We are going through a similar season, and I love what you said. “We will see the whole picture from glory” thank you for sharing. I really needed to hear that!

      1. J says:

        God Bless you Christine.

    2. Diana says:

      I was in a very similar situation a few years ago as a single parent. I cried reading what you wrote as it touched me so deeply and reminded me how glorious God was to us. The tapestry he wove and continues to weave I never saw coming. But God…
      Praying you stay strong while waiting for the bright and beautiful again.

    3. Pam says:

      We have known the unknown well, and figured out that it will always be with us. It has taught us to lean into, cry out to, and depend deeply on our God, who has always been faithful!! I think it will take us a lifetime of the not knowing to really know our God.

    4. Mariah says:

      My parents went through a rough time a few years back with my dad losing his job, as their child, who felt and witnessed what this can do to the mind and spirit of parents, my heart and prayers are truly with you. But I found out how truly song my parents were, and how they were willing to fight whatever fight God had in front of them relentlessly. That showed me how honored and proud I am to be their child, and it is the same with our relationship with God. We can show how willing we are to give God control because he is our redeemer like we learned last week, and how proud we are to be called his child. How great an honor it is to be able to have a pilar like God to lean on!
      Blessings and prayers!

  6. Sarah D. says:

    Wow, God sure does know what I need. This may seem like a petty and insignificant issue, but it’s something I’m disappointed about. I’m on vacation in Hawaii right now, but my chorus director at school sent choir council applications for this coming year, due today. Since I was out of school due to dizziness from a concussion last year, I wasn’t able to do chorus or choir council. So I was hoping to do it this year. I didn’t know which group I would be in either (there are the two highest groups- one female and one mixed-I was theoretically in the female one if I had done chorus last year, but I did not get to participate). So this year, I was hoping I would be in the mixed choir, since all my friends were placed in that one and got to participate this past year. But my director emailed me saying I’m in the female choir this year. And it just kind of hurt me a little. Part of me is like why? I went through a year of not seeing my friends and now when I do go back to school, I won’t be able to be with most of them? I feel upset that if I had been there this past year, I probably would have been in the mixed choir this year. Kind of a silly thing to be fussing over, I know many of you probably have MUCH more significant things happening in your lives. But this devo today helps. I’ve heard it so many times now, and a reminder is always needed that God weaves our stories together for good. Even if I don’t know why or don’t agree with it, I have to trust that God knows what he is doing. Any prayers you can give for me to accept this would be great <3

    1. Sarah D. says:

      I should be thankful for all the blessings I have! To be in Hawaii, to have an education, to have God’s unfailing love. Help me accept and trust in your plan, Lord. You see it all.

      1. Paulina says:

        Sarah, just remember, the names of the ladies in your choir group aren’t just names on a list like the ones in Jesus’ genealogy. They are meant to be there, and so are you! God has placed you there for a reason. This is meant to be encouraging and uplifting! Bring God’s glory to your group and be a light to those around you. Praying for you and for contentment in your situation. xx

    2. Regine says:

      If it matters for you, it matters for God, nothing is too small! And he can make the best out of every situation. Praying for you :-).

      1. Nicole says:

        Yes! What Regine said (she stole my words). God will do work within you Sarah this coming school year and who knows, your female choir experience could not only enrich you, but you may enrich one or many of the other women’s lives. God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good. Hang in there and enjoy the blessings He’s given you right now and let Him take care of your tomorrows. :)

  7. Send Me says:

    My continued prayer is to be open and courageous to follow His will – and to also accept the long strands, the short strands, the neat strands and the tangled strands – as they will all be used to complete the Brautiful tapestry of my life.

    1. Rhonda says:

      Beautifully spoken….thank you for sharing.

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