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Open Your Bible

Psalm 62:1-12, Psalm 19:7-11, Isaiah 40:8, Psalm 119:105-112, Psalm 119:129-136

BY Raechel Myers

The following is an excerpt from Open Your Bible: God’s Word is for You and for Now, a 7-session group Bible study written by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams of She Reads Truth, in partnership with LifeWay. 

“I just can’t open my Bible.”

They were only asking for prayer requests, but I was surrounded by people who loved me and it felt safe enough to just be honest. It had been four months since we buried our stillborn daughter, and just as many since my aching arms had reached for my Bible. My very wounded heart—which lived and breathed and clung to the Book like never before throughout the uncertainty of my pregnancy—felt betrayed, weak, and hopeless.

There I sat in Tara’s living room with a dozen other women, circled up for the first Bible study I’d attended since our Evie Grace was born. I really only came because I needed to get out of the house.

My soul was weary.

No one gasped at my words. No one troubleshot. Instead of judgment, even instead of a “You’ve just got to do it!”, my very blonde and very quiet friend Allison opened the worn pages of the Bible in her lap and simply said, “That’s okay. Let me read it to you instead.”

Lifting her bookmark from its place, she began to read Psalm 62. “For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken…”

As she read on through the end of the chapter, these friends of mine gathered closer. When Allison finished, Kari began to read from her Bible, then Holly, then Danielle. Like I was a person starving, too weak to lift food to my own mouth, they spoon-fed Scripture while I sat and wept and listened to the Word that never stopped being alive or true, even when it remained unread and unopened.


What has kept you from opening your Bible?

Maybe your heart has been wounded like mine, and the very words that have the power to comfort and restore remind you instead of what you’ve lost.

Perhaps it’s not like that at all. Maybe you’re afraid of what you’ll find. Will it be convicting? Will it be hard to understand? What if I open my Bible to find the truth is too hard to bear?

It’s possible you haven’t opened your Bible lately—or ever—because it’s not important. You may believe it’s true and good for others, but it doesn’t seem necessary for you. Or perhaps you have the basics down and don’t feel a need to dig deeper.

Maybe it is important to you, but it’s just not urgent. You think the Bible is definitely worth reading and would love to make some time to sit down and read it, but there is always something more urgent that needs to be done, so your Bible remains closed.

Maybe you feel downright disqualified or unequipped. You suspect the Bible isn’t for you—it’s for pastors and theologians, too difficult to navigate independently. You’ve tried to open it and read it on your own, but quickly found it was more complicated than you expected.

But here’s the thing—

The Bible is for you, and it is for right now. It’s for you if you’ve never read it, and it’s for you if you have seventeen doctorates in theology (anyone?). It’s for the moment you are so overcome with grief that your body forgets to breathe in and out on its own, and it’s for the time you really don’t have time to open its pages for yourself.

We do not have to be biblical scholars to read this Book. You, right where you are, do not have to wait for someone to take you by the hand to open the pages of Scripture. You can open your Bible just as you are.

Move forward in this study knowing you are not disqualified. No amount of knowledge or accomplishments makes you more or less able to meet God in His Word. Nothing you are doing, have done, or will do renders you ineligible for the good news of the gospel.

All the things you imagine you’ve done wrong when it comes to your “quiet time”? The lostness you feel when you consider opening The Book of All Books for the very first time? Let them go. Understand here and now that yes, this Book is holy and it is sacred and good. But this Book exists for moments just like this—the moment you lay it open and look for Him.

This is an excerpt from Open Your Bible: God’s Word is for You and for Now, a 7-session group Bible study written by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams of She Reads Truth, in partnership with LifeWay. To purchase Open Your Bible for individual or group study, visit



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  1. Nikki Edwards says:

    I just started high school this year and I’ve been trying so hard to get by that I’ve been ignoring my relationship with god. I’ve been going to church and acting as what my youth pastor calls a “service Christian”. I’ve been having trouble with my parents, school, and friends. I’ve felt so abandoned these past few months. Being a teenager isn’t easy and I felt like nobody understood anything that I was going through. But last night one of the members of my worship team sent me a video of a man who had died and god allowed him to live again. It was such an eye opener for me, I’ve almost lost my mom twice and I’ve almost lost myself physical and mentally. I decided that it’s time for me to pull it together and work for god. He has given me so much and I’ve taken him for granted so many times. I’m ready to start working on myself and my relationship with him, I want to be able to be at a point where I can help someone else through whatever they are going through. Please pray for my journey, for healing, and for god to guide me to wherever I need to be.❤️

    1. Megan Fields says:

      Praying for you friend

    2. Deb Hearn says:

      Nikki-i am so proud of you! Being in high school is so hard! My daughter struggled…was ostracized as she was new to the school. Broken, she tried to take her life. She hid her feelings and didn’t talk about them.
      She’s with us today thankfully. She knows Jesus and has since she was little. So it was so hard to understand why she didn’t know God created her just as she is for her time on earth! Please please remember you are a Child of God, made just as you are for His purpose. If you feel alone, reach our to someone in your church, your parents….anyone. Don’t let your feelings isolate you…..Nikki you are so loved and perfect just as you are!

  2. Jadaya Bembery says:

    This is a well needed thing for me because lately ive been confused about studying gods word and unsure of where to start and how should i start.

  3. Cheyanne Tromble says:

    I’m very hesitant to begin this journey but I’m hoping I’m doing the right thing Spirit lead me, where my feet may fail.

  4. Annette Mendez says:

    I’m excited to begin this journey.

  5. Hannah Smith says:

    i just discovered this app from a bible study i did with my friends❤️

  6. Kayla Gamboa says:

    I’ve been lost in my faith for a very long time. I’m so thankful for my family who’s been praying for me for years, now I suddenly have this hunger for God and his word. Same as most I just did not know where to begin, my brother suggested this app to me & I’m so glad he did❤️

  7. Cindy C says:

    Wow! This statement stabbed me in the heart, “It’s possible you haven’t opened your Bible lately…because it’s not important.” Talk about convicted. I would never admit that getting in the Word isn’t important to me, but clearly, my actions or lack thereof, demonstrate that…

    I KNOW this is why this reading plan caught my attention and I resolve to follow through and make studying the Word a real and consistent force in my life.

  8. Aneisha Mercedes says:

    I have been eyeing my bible for a while, feeling God’s pull to open it and spend time with Him. I keep hesitating because I broke my promise to Him and to myself. And this… just reading this nearly brought me to tears. Thank you.

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