Day 35

Weekly Truth

Proverbs 31:30

BY She Reads Truth

We believe memorizing scripture is one of the best ways to carry the Word of our God with us wherever we go—to have God-breathed truth, instruction and reproof in our hearts and minds as we live unto Him each day.

This week we’ve chosen a verse that reminds us what it means to be truly beautiful…

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
-Proverbs 31:30, ESV

Write this verse down—copy it twenty times if that helps! Post it on your mirror or at your desk, in your car or on the fridge—anywhere you’ll see it often. Save the image below as your phone’s lock screen so you can read these words of truth throughout the day.

We want to be a community that is intentional about scripture memorization. Will you join us?

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25 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Margaret says:

    Love She Reads Truth – just such a wonderful way of reading scripture – thankyou for your thoughtful plans.

  2. womenra says:

    Nice and true words! Thanks for sharing and bringing the truth to us.

  3. Kandace says:

    This study is such blessing. I’m completing my first devotional plan. Something I thought would be so hard for me to do. But it’s easy and understandable. I’m doing another. I prayed to have more interest in reading the word and I feel like this was the answer. Thanking God for being surrounded by lovely sisters and God fearing people. I hope I can become like a proverbs 31 woman.

    1. Jenn Satterfield says:

      You’ve spoken the words of my heart! I just finished my first today as well!

    2. Phylicia says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience! It is such an encouragement for me. I prayed the same prayer 6 plans ago and I’m so grateful He is still answering it!

  4. Maggie says:

    The "fear of the Lord" is a healthy thing. It is a respect for Who He is. It shows His awesomeness and His power. It is to look upon the Lord as the God of gods, the King of Kings, the Beginning and the End, the Alfa and the Omega. He is mighty in power and strength. There is NO ONE like OUR GOD!!!!

  5. Trina Morgan says:

    FYI, I cannot download the wallpaper from the email anymore. I have to come to the website to do it.

    1. MayaG says:

      I’ve sent an email last week about the hyperlinks not workingfor me from the email as well. It’s not a major problem, but a minor nuisance.

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