Day 29


1 Samuel 25:2-44, Proverbs 15:1-4

BY She Reads Truth

As we study the women in God’s Word, we see in them a full spectrum of characteristics—some better, some decidedly worse, all with equal need of God’s love and mercy. We look through the lens of their stories to gain a more complete view of our God, but along the way I can’t help but compare my own qualities to theirs, longing to adopt their best and praying I don’t reflect their worst.

Abigail is one of those women who makes me want to be more like Jesus.

Gifted with beauty and intelligence, Abigail had the misfortune of having a fool for a husband, the surly and mean Nabal. Scripture contrasts the two like this: “The woman was discerning and beautiful, but the man was harsh and badly behaved” (1 Sam 25: 3). Yikes! Nabal’s foolishness, anger, and impulsivity left Abigail in a serious situation, scrambling to try to prevent disaster on her household at the hands of David and his men.

Abigail intervened on behalf of her household, but she didn’t fight this battle of circumstance with her beauty, her wit, or any literal weapon. The powerful tool she wielded was her words. And not harsh words, but life-giving words! Abigail became a vessel of truth for David, allowing God to use her to speak to David’s heart, renewing his perspective. David’s encounter with Abigail—and the teachable spirit with which he received her words—proved to be a turning point in the future king’s journey to becoming the man that God was calling him to be.

Like I said, Abigail is one of those women who makes me want to be more like Jesus.

Discerning and wise, she took bold action on behalf of her not-so-wise husband. Humble and brave, she took that same unfortunate husband’s blame upon herself as she made an unheard of appeal to David, with nothing but a couple food and wine-laden donkeys at her side. Abigail was key, in her humble, honest and life-giving words, to preventing destruction and promoting God’s will (1 Samuel 25:34).

Who are you being called to speak life to today? What situations are you tempted to respond to with anger rather than fostering a gentle tongue? Who would you rather shy away from in defeat or cower from in fear without boldly voicing words of truth from the Good Shepherd (John 10:27)?

Dear sisters, we are created to be vessels of the Gospel—to serve, to speak life, to see others as dearly beloved children of God. Like Abigail, we can be used by God to build up others in the truth of His Word and to help bring about the fullness of His Kingdom. Our friends and family, our husbands and children, our brothers and sisters in Christ, even the strangers we’ve yet to meet—they are ours for the loving!

As we find ourselves challenged by Abigail’s example, let’s remember and praise the One who guided her actions, shaped her heart, even formed her words! By His grace, let us not seek to be like the woman herself, but like the God who hems her in (Psalm 139:5). May it be His true and life-giving message that we speak to others today.


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  1. Andrea Z. says:

    I needed this reminder! Many times I fail and choose to react to a situation rather than turn to God for wisdom. I allow my heart to get hardened and not want to deal with the situation, but I have been realizing more and more that God wants me to diffuse the situation and be a peacemaker. Good word today! — Dear sisters, we are created to be vessels of the Gospel—to serve, to speak life, to see others as dearly beloved children of God.

  2. Emily says:

    Wow…what a woman!!! I was just stunned when I finished reading the passage for today. From a terrible husband to showing grace on his behalf at risk of who knows what and then David being gracious with her and hearing her out…her gentleness is inspiring and then I couldn’t help but chuckle when it says, “ten days later, The Lord struck a Nabal and he died”…not saying good riddance but just that God is in control all the time and all the time he is good! Following that, David found out about Nabal’s death and asked Abigail to become his wife…and she accepted! I’m sure he treated her well! What a woman! What a story! What an amazing inspiration to be gentle and allow the voice of our Heavenly Father to speak through us!!

  3. brenda says:

    Absolutely amazing!! As a child who knew nothing more then anger growing up and now a grown mother and wife, this devotion speaks to me strongly! My flesh overwhelms me with anger at times and sometimes it seems like its the only way to respond to any situation. I want to be like Abigail, I want the Lord to speak through me. Im encouraged. I can be transformed to behave and speak like Abigail. God, you are so good!

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