Day 5


Genesis 16:1-16, Genesis 21:8-21

BY Raechel Myers

Have you ever felt like Hagar?

Trapped. Desperate for a break. Definitely not the one calling the shots. Wondering if God even sees you.

Hagar was a servant to Sarai, and Sarai was working through some serious trust issues with the Lord. And because Sarai was in charge of her slave Hagar, Hagar one day found herself involuntarily married to Abram, and—before she knew it—carrying his child.

I don’t suppose Hagar had elaborate dreams for her humble life, but I also suspect an unwanted marriage was not her first choice. In fact, the Bible tells us that when she learned she was pregnant, she looked with contempt on Sarai.

Well, Sarai wasn’t particularly fond of Hagar either. Goodness, what a twisted web we short-sighted humans weave!

Fourteen years later, Sarai, now called Sarah, finally bore the child God promised her. And by the time Isaac was weaned, Sarah was ready to eliminate the threat of Ishmael to her son’s inheritance once and for all.

Just like that, Hagar and her son were cast into the wilderness. Things had gone from good, to bad, to so bad that Hagar walked the “distance of a bowshot” away from her dehydrated and starving son because she couldn’t bear to watch him die.

“And as she sat opposite him, she lifted up her voice and wept.” (Genesis 21:16, ESV)

Have you been here, friends? Just completely out of options, not even sure where you went wrong in the first place? In desperate, desperate need of the Lord, but not sure if He even sees you? Or, is it hard for you to look on Hagar’s wilderness with anything but kind pity? You don’t understand it, because your circumstances have never been quite that dire.

The truth is, no matter our circumstances, Hagar’s desperation for the Lord is exactly where every one of us ought to find ourselves every day of our lives.

“Good morning, Lord. I lift up my voice in desperate need of your mercy right now—this day! My only option is You. My life is a wilderness without you.”

What if we saw our need for God as clearly as Hagar saw hers?

Hagar’s situation is rock-bottom awful with nowhere to go but up. But do you see what happens when she cries out?

God is right there. He sees her. Even in the driest desert, God sees Hagar.

Sit still in that truth for a second, right where you are. Do you believe God sees you, too? We don’t have to wait for rock bottom to cry out in desperate need of Christ. We are in desperate need of Him every hour of every day, and we don’t have to wonder if we’re alone—because we aren’t!

Whether you’ve been unjustly knocked down and drug out into the wilderness, or you are waking up in your warm bed with a thirst only He can satisfy—God hears our pleas, He meets our needs.

God sees you wherever you are today—call out to Him!

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  1. MacKenzie Lee says:

    wow!! I loved this story of Hagar!

  2. Kristi says:

    Hagar’s obedience to God is so encouraging. I don’t know if I could have survived if I went thru what she did. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with things that are out of my control- things I want to be able to control. I pray that God meets me there. I want to be obedient to the Lord so badly- I just have trouble in trusting that he will guide me through this. I know he already knows the plan for me life, I just struggle with trusting he knows best. I really want to become more trusting like Hagar.

  3. Megan Sushi says:

    Woah. So cool- The same imagery (a bow shot) is used to both describe our lack of trust in Gods provision and ultimately God keeping true to his promise (when Ishmael later becomes a skillful archer).

  4. Andrea Z. says:

    Hagar was dealt some hard cards in life, but she did her best to be obedient. And I think because of her obedience to go back after Sarai wanted them to leave, God saw that. She was willing to submit to authority that God had put over her, even if she was being mistreated. And when she was in the desert, God heard the cries of her son. Obedience will always lead to God’s honoring and then faithfulness.

  5. Dana P says:

    How often do we forget the promise God has for us? How quickly we are to take matters into our own hands, when if we would just simply wait on the promise the hardships we endure may not even occur!

  6. Nadja says:

    What struck me in the scriptural reading was their distrust of God. God had promised Abram & Sarai they would have a son. But they didn’t believe. It’s like they forgot that the God of the universe made them a promise. Hagar was promised that her son would have many descendants and become a nation. She seems to have forgotten it too. She thinks her son will die.

    I had to ask myself the question: how often do I forget God’s promises to me? Is it that I forget, or that I don’t believe them?

  7. Avery says:

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