Day 3

Noah’s Wife

Genesis 6:9-7:12, Genesis 8:13-22, 1 Peter 3:18-22, Psalm 37:1-9

BY Rebecca Faires

I am fascinated by the world before the flood. There’s even an amazing word for it: antediluvian. It summons up images of ancient creatures with leathery skin and alien landscapes. The antediluvian world actually was different from our world, and I love to think about what was actually going down before the rains came down.

If the flood is like a tiny funnel in history, then just eight wide-eyed, soaking-wet people link us to that pre-flood world. All the information we have about the flood and what came before it comes from these lonely eight folks.

This is why Noah’s wife is so interesting. She is the new Eve. She is the new mother of the world. God taught a whole new Eve how to “be still and wait patiently for Him” (Psalm 37:7), and she became God’s fresh start for womanhood.

Still, patience cannot have been easy for Noah’s wife. After all, no one had ever seen rain before the flood. The water on earth was in the oceans and the firmament, creating a canopy of water around the earth. When the flood began, the water poured down out of the sky and shot up from the ground—a sight I’ll bet was both amazing, and terrifying.

But before all the terror and excitement of the flood, there was a long, hard wait. It took 120 years to complete the ark and fill it with supplies. Noah’s project probably looked insane to the neighbors because Genesis tells us that he was the ONLY ONE who walked with God (Genesis 7:1). There must have been little external assurance that his work was on the right track.

It makes you wonder what kind of crazy debauchery the rest of the world was caught up in, but suffice it to say, they had really different priorities. So when God asked Noah to have faith in Him and prepare for a natural disaster no one could even imagine, Noah crossed over from different to downright loony.

Noah’s sweet wife must have wanted to scream when she heard her husband was building a “boat” because the “rain” was coming to “flood” the earth. I mean, honestly, it must have all sounded imaginary to her!

But God called her to wait patiently, even as the waters rose and the earth gave way (Psalm 46:2). He called her to believe the storm would clear and that His covenant was true (Genesis 6:18). Noah and his wife were in the middle of a storm they did not understand, but they waited for the Lord, trusting Him to be their refuge and strength. God invited them to simply obey, and He was faithful to deliver them.

It is easy to forget that God is in total control. Walking in faith might seem like a foolish gamble, but it is the walk He has called us to. His word may seem wilder than the antediluvian world, but His word is always true, always sure and reliable.

We serve a God who fulfills his promises, and it is His delight to reveal Himself amidst a swirl of troubles. He calls us to be still and wait patiently, and in His goodness, even gifts us with the faith to do so (Ephesians 2:8). Even before the floodwaters swell over our head, He has already prepared a safe passage.

“God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way,
though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea,
though its waters roar and foam,
though the mountains tremble at its swelling.”
Psalm 46:1-3



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  1. Norma Brown says:

    Nice view on “Noah’s Wife” didn’t look at it that way. Referring to “the new eve”

  2. Last year my husband left me and I didn’t understand the storm I was in but I prayed non stop, and let God guide my every move, even when the world and people I loved most dearly were telling me to react a certain way, I did only what God put on my heart. God brought him back and restored our marriage! Be still. Be patient in affliction, and wait for Him to give you the moves.

    1. Allison says:

      How wonderful Brittany!! Praying for you guys, that many will be touched by your story ❤️

    2. Nicole says:

      So moved by this. I’m in a time of mystery and feeling very lost, even frustrated in something that God has called me to do. This encourages me to press in to the mystery, as difficult as that is.

    3. Kristen says:

      Thank you for you post. My husband and I are divorced but I still wait for him to come home. Maybe I am crazy but I still have this hope inside that one day our marriage will be put back together.

      1. Lindsay says:

        Brittany, Nicole, and Kristen… please know that I am praying for each of you! Brittany, I’m so thankful for the restoration of your marriage!! I’m praising God for His goodness right now! I will continue to pray that your marriage will be strengthened! Nicole, be encouraged, sister!! Stay the course and hold tightly to our faithful and trustworthy God! Kristen, I will continue to pray for you and your husband. I pray for the restoration that you want and for you to remain faithful and hopeful in the waiting. Love to you all!

  3. Christine Barros says:

    My computer did not start up in my study hall and I was left thinking that I couldn’t do anything I needed to for school. Until I realized, I had been putting off reading my bible because of school and work. This was God’s way of having me refocus today. I am thankful for this “dilemma” that led me to read His word. Plays into the whole control thing huh? I was trying to control the situations around me and putting everything else first. But just as always, God had other and better plans haha.

  4. Jennifer Guthrie says:

    I had not considered Noah’s wife as the “new Eve.” Wonderful point! This lead me to the Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter’s highlight of Noah’s wife, whom is not named in the Bible. Thought you would enjoy this:

  5. Laura says:

    For someone who doesn’t like to give up control, today’s passage has really challenged me. Even when I don’t understand Gods plan I just need to be faithful and obey him.

  6. Christie says:

    Read the verses 1-8 as well. (KJV) There were Giants and fallen angels having sex with women and creating the Giants. They were evil and corrupt and ruining Gods creation which is why he sent the flood. The Giants were called nephilim. But hams wife’s blood wasn’t pure like the rest of the people on the ark, so through her Giants still existed and that’s how you had Goliath etc still alive years and years later

    1. Bridgette says:

      What book of the Bible are you referring too?

      1. Bridgette says:


      2. Christie says:

        Yes, Genesis :) KJV is full of things that have been unadded/twisted in other versions :(

  7. Nicole says:

    Such truth in these words. Sometimes God leads us on crazy journeys that we doubt and question and must wait to see the destination. May we always trust that if we follow the path of the Lord we will always end up closer to Him and right where he is calling us to be!!!

  8. Tori Lenton says:

    This devotional has been amazing. I came across ‘She Reads Truth” on Instagram a few days ago. Every since, I have been digging deeper into my bible a little more. It has been truly a great start for me learning the women of the bible as I had planned to do months ago. This segment has reminded me how to be still and wait patiently on God. Sometimes we tend to get upset when we can’t trace what he is doing, yet we know that in trusting him that he will not fail us. What I am also reminded of is that Jeremiah 29:11 shows up in every word. Well we know his word is true, but this lets us know that no matter what, “he knows the plans for our future”. YESSSSS, just like Noah’s wife, her son’s, and her son’s wife. God wanted Noah’s wife to continue to embrace him through prayer, meditation, and his word. He knew the plans he had for her family. And of course for it to take 120 years to build the ark , then that shows us alone that their relationship with God was impeccable. Can you imagine what type of faith these people had? Some crazy faith. Not once did Noah wife’s doubt God. She continued to support Noah, keep the family grounded through those times. I am sure she was his bookkeeper, secretary, intercessor amongst many things. This woman characterized a new version of EVE. She was bold, strong, courageous, beautiful (aged well I am sure).Her faith was AMAZING. Last thing that this lesson reminds us of how God will get us through ANYTHING if we keep the faith and believe. His word does not lie. He is the author of promises. Noah’s wife who I have named ‘Patience” was definetly a fervent woman!

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