Day 3

Commissioned Moments

from the Commissioned Moments reading plan

Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-20

BY Debbie Eaton

Text: Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-20

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”
– Matthew 28:20, HCSB

It was an ordinary day and, as usual, I wandered into my local Starbucks to get my mocha. Behind me was a young man, and I decided to treat him to the drink of his choice. At first he refused, but with some encouragement he said yes. It was what followed that took my breath away: I got the impression I was to tell him that God saw him and loved him.

In total honestly, I doubted myself and almost moved on to what was next on my schedule. But in a quick moment of obedience to the Holy Spirit, I turned to him and told him – God sees you, you are known, and you are loved. His reaction was tearful and awe-struck as he told me he was desperately wondering if God had forgotten him. As we took a seat at a table, he told me he had been kicked out of his house, was living on pennies, and had lost hope in God. We spoke for a few moments and prayed together.

I ran into this young man again a few weeks later. His circumstances had not changed, but he lit up when he saw me. We sat down over a cup of coffee and prayed together again. I was amazed anew at how God can take my simple, even doubtful, act of obedience and turn it into so much more.

Why is it that we live in the tension of worship and doubt that disables us to share the truth of God’s love? (See Matthew 28:17.)

You and I are commissioned – authorized by God – to “therefore go and make disciples” who will know Him and live for Him. This is a commandment from Jesus. We can only do this if we are available and ready for the commissioned moments.

This readiness is not in the form of a to-do list we can check off. Our readiness is a posture of the heart. It starts with having a pliable heart—a heart that is willing to worship, learning to grow, listening to hear the voice of God. Oswald Chambers says it like this: “Yet you cannot make disciples unless you are My disciple.” We must follow Jesus to share Jesus.

There will be times the tension prevails and we will question our ability to share God’s love. Our self-centered, hurried lives will cause us to miss some of those commissioned moments. Our doubt and fear of rejection will have us walk away and ignore the moments when they come.

But what if we slow down, watch, and listen? What if we choose to trust Jesus in these moments and believe Him when He issued this commandment to His disciples? We have a minute-by-minute choice to lean into the Holy Spirit’s prompting as we go about our day—in our workplace and our families, on the mission field or at the store, and, yes, even at Starbucks.

The Great Commission can be lived out exactly where you are.  

Jesus promises, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)

What a promise and encouragement that Jesus is with us always! May it be in His power and not our own that we “go into all the world” and embrace our commissioned moments.

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  1. Priscilla Achonwa says:

    Awesome! Love your daily truths from gods word! Pray for me sisters that god will give me the the strength and faith to share him everywhere and everyone.

  2. Danya Ho says:

    One thing I am confident of …He will never break His promises and where He leads me I will follow. Make me to obey your leading and to be faithful available and teachable until your return.

  3. Kasey Tuggle says:

    We can GO and share Christ with others right around!! They’re plenty of opportunities to jump right into talking about Christ! I know I need to bring God up in daily convo!

  4. Dara says:

    The big thing I have to get over is not having a pit of regret, guilt, and condemnation in my stomach when I let doubt get the best of me. I repent and prepare for the next opportunity that will come my way. I had two today that I passed up on (I realized it after the fact), but I’m praying that tomorrow God will give another opportunity. Thank you so much SRT!

  5. addyson Riddle says:

    Tonight as I sit in my pajama's reading the good word, I realized something…
    I am in a mission field, RIGHT NOW.
    I live in a house with three other women, all of whom don't have a relationship with God.
    Tonight we discussed abortion, and it broke my heart.
    I believe that we all can have our own views,
    but it's still not easy to see people who don't know God talk so openly and easily about a subject that shatters me.

    Then I remembered this, " I AM HERE."
    I didn't say this, but God reminded me that he was here.
    he is in this place with me. He is guiding me whether I know it or not.
    I have openly invited him into my life,
    and he gets down on his hands and feet and washes me daily.
    This can't be the first time I have been reminded of this, but tonight it felt like it was.

    All of this leads me back to the fact that since WE HAVE ACCEPTED JESUS INTO OUR MIDST,
    he has CALLED US by NAME to bring all his children to the HEARTH. He wants his children to be warmed
    by his unfailing love, kindness, mercy, etc.

    How powerful is it that when Mark said that after Jesus ascended into Heaven he sat at the right hand of God.
    THEN (because his story and legacy is just beginning) the disciples left and preached to the nations.
    Yet, he speaks directly to you and to myself with hopes that we will follow his commands.

    Ladies, I know you all love people.
    But do we love ALL people like Jesus DOES?
    I know my answer is no, but I sure do want to try!!!
    So here's to you! May you be strong,
    may the spirit lead you into the unknown,
    and may God feed you while you feed others!

    love you all!

    1. Shannon Roe says:

      Addyson, this is beautifully said! May you increase in your knowledge of His presence at all times. He is Emmanuel. God with us and God with you!!

    2. Lisajbrown says:

      So beautifully said! Thank you! There is a real battle here on earth but God is with us and in us. He speaks through us when we open ourselves to be used as his vessel. Sometimes I am brought to tears by the things I hear and see. But I’m learning to remember that God has this!!

  6. EJ says:

    I needed this reminder–courage to go out and make disciples comes easier when we are reminded that God commissioned us to do so; that He is there with us every step of the way.

  7. Katie says:

    Just wanted to let you all know that as I’m reading through some of these comments I am saying a prayer for you tonight sisters!!

  8. Celeste says:

    I work full time at my church, and so the vast majority of people I know are already believers. I have always felt convicted that I can’t limit my circle of influence to people who already know Jesus. This was another reminder to me to “get out there” and genuinely connect with people who need to know God loves them!

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