Day 90

The Bible In A Year 90

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Numbers 16-17, Mark 2

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23 thoughts on "The Bible In A Year 90"

  1. Sarah Johnson says:

    I think the more righteous and holy we feel the further away from God we get. He didn’t come to talk to people only because they are upright and good, but he came to love on people who are broken in sin.

  2. Gracie Bonham says:


  3. E Hong says:

    i pray that i may stop doubting God and just have faith -ellie

    1. Sharon Ide says:

      Amazing how God continuously has mercy on Israel as Moses and Aaron intercede on their behalf. And yet we have an even greater, more compassionate intercessor!

  4. Lyndsey Myhalsky says:

    Such a contrast between the old and the new testament but I but I love seeing Jesus’s compassion in these verses.

  5. Beth says:

    What a contrast between the OT and the NT! In the OT (a couple readings ago), you have a man taken to be stoned for collecting wood on the Sabbath, then we have the whole “Sabbath is for man, not man for the Sabbath”Sabath”Sabbath

    1. Erica says:

      The same thing struck me in the readings as well. After thinking about it, the only difference in the two stories is Jesus. What a wonderful parallel for us to see Jesus standing in the gap for us, who could never overcome the burden of the law alone!!

  6. Ellen Adams says:

    Jesus sees that my biggest need is forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God, even when I think I have bigger or more urgent needs…just like in the story of the paralytic.

  7. Monica says:

    Short Stories by Jesus – it explains the context so we can also understand the parables in the way that 1st century folks would.

  8. Monica says:

    There’s a book just about all the parables. I don’t recall the name but Amazon has it.

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