Day 60

The Bible In A Year 60

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Psalms 28-30

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  1. Kaitlyn Dobbins says:


  2. Ashley A says:

    I believe god speaks to me through these verses to remind me that I can lean onto him and ask to be renewed with strength.

  3. Kelly Hamm says:

    As I sit here in tears from an emotionally tough night, “he turns my mourning into dancing” is encouraging. I pray that Joy truly does come in the morning. Oh how timely and true is His Word.

  4. Desiree Baker says:


  5. bella vanamstel says:

    Joy comes in the morning
    I found peace in this verse because to me it is God giving me a comforting reminder that joy will come. God will always protect me. Joy will come. Joy comes in the morning! Through the night I trust that I am in God’s hands.

  6. Rachel Johnson says:

    God is still on the throne! The battle is not mines, but it’s the Lords.

  7. Brooke Lanter says:

    This passage renewed my strength to face a knowingly challenging day. God is in control! What a peaceful state to be in knowing God is in this fight!!!

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