Day 5

The Bible In A Year 5

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 10-12, John 4

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  1. Hailey Grimes says:

  2. Inez Lee says:

    It’s awesome to know that you don’t have to see to believe. In your heart you should know that God will always provide. “They will never be thirsty again”. All he want is for us to believe in him.

  3. Makenzie Mason says:

    The story of Jesus meeting the woman at the well is so powerful to me. “But those who drink the water will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life” (John 4:14). How good?! He gives us living water that revives us and gives us eternity. We are so blessed.

  4. Megan Charlton says:

    I can really relate to some of the people I read about today, in that they need to see/experience to truly believe. I am a science driven person, so I believe what I see and what has been proven and that is something that has come between me and my faith in the past. But what I’m learning as I read through this 365 day challenge is that every day Jesus is proving to me through miracles that he exists. It is a miracle that we live and wake up every day, and I’m grateful to be on this journey to strengthen my faith and relationship with God.

    1. Michelle Bergstrom says:

      That’s amazing how God knows you so intimately bc he created you. He knows how yo reveal His truths to your scientific mine. So happy for you!

  5. Sarah Johnson says:

    I love how the Lord tells Abram to go and he does without a word! And even builds an alter to the Lord to praise and thank him

  6. Kalli Green says:

    I love the story of the Samaritan woman.
    It always reminds me to “fill my cup” with living water/living word. In her vulnerability and shame she found God’s love and chose to share it & spread his light. ✨
    In our world it is easy to “fill your cup” with temporary things and we all sin in different ways but JESUS BROKE DOWN BARRIERS to know and speak with this woman. And he will meet us in our brokenness and know and speak with US and offer US grace. POWERFUL.

    1. Caitlyn Vogel says:

      Exactly!! I love this!

    2. Victoria O says:

      So well said! I completely agree.

  7. Christine Crook says:

    I LOVE how much faith the people of God have and how they give the honor and praise to God. I also really love Jesus’ character and His firm and loving words of truth. ❤️

  8. Lori Brock says:

    Blessed, yes, with Living water, the Savior of the World, the opportunity to be a true worshipper And the example of One who did the will of the Father.

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