Day 38

The Bible In A Year 38

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Job 32-33, Matthew 1

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  1. Ty Varn says:

    Lord help me be as obedient as Joseph.

    23“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).

  2. E Hong says:

    12“Behold, in this you are not right. I will answer you,
    for God is greater than man.
    amen !! -ellie

    1. Sharon Ide says:

      Praise God that He has been with us, sparing not the incarnation of the Son for our salvation.

  3. Sara Fiscus says:


  4. Sarah Knickerbocker says:

    It is so enjoyable to read these passages were men were patient and followed the Lord, trusting him to carry them through difficult situations. In Job, Elihu came to Job’s defense against the older men, perhaps being a glimmer of hope in a thus far trying life for Job. In Matthew, Joseph listens to God and supports Mary as his wife, even though the situation was confusing and frustrating. God is so good.

    1. Olivia Blassingame says:

      I agree! God has the most beautiful way of intervening and molding our lives to accomplish His glory. It’s hard for us to ever see through the thick of it all, but His ways are truly higher than our ways!

  5. Rachel Moench says:

    Found this to be a super interesting and helpful explanation about Joseph vs Mary genealogy!

  6. Mireya Varela says:

    Done ✨

  7. Elise Schmidt says:

    I love in this passage of Job Elihu isn’t afraid to call out the three other men for their ignorance. Our culture reveres the older generation as wise because of their life experience but all throughout the Bible God makes it clear wisdom comes from God. We shouldn’t always dismiss what is said from someone younger than us. Sometimes kids are so much wiser than we are

    1. Brandi Smith says:

      Amen! I quoted that on my Facebook this morning after reading it!

    2. Mireya Varela says:

      Same! I can’t wait to read tomorrow what Elihu says to the four of them.

  8. Sarah Roeder says:

    I actually read the names of Jesus’ family tree aloud this time to keep myself in the text. My mind often just skips over the lists of names I can barely read in the Bible!

    I DO have a question though: the family tree leads to Joseph to whom Jesus is NOT a blood relation of. I’ve never thought about it until now! Shouldn’t it be Mary’s lineage traced here??

    1. Sarah Roeder says:

      I mean I get that it was written in a time when male lineage was of more import than female… Still doesn’t compute for me!

    2. Elise Schmidt says:

      I see what you’re saying but the way I look at it is a father is more than just biological. It’s the love and care you give a child. God picked Joseph to be Jesus earthly father. It would be interesting to see Mary’s line. Maybe she had an ancestor come from David. Marrying your cousin was pretty standard.

    3. Brandi Smith says:

      Matt 1:1 is fulfilling what the Lord said in Genesis 12:1-3 so that is key. Also Jer 23:5-6 is fulfilled in Matt 1:1 where is says he would be from the line of David.

    4. Brandi Smith says:

      Look in Luke 3 for Mary’s Genealogy.

      1. Sarah Roeder says:

        Oh, thank you!!

    5. Brandi Smith says:

      Yes Mary is from the line of David look I’m Luke 3 for more info. :)

    6. Rachel Halley says:

      So my pastor actually touched on this a little bit yesterday and the lineage can create a story of redemption. While Joseph is not biologically related to Jesus, he was still chosen to care for him in his childhood, so seeing where he came from can still be valuable. One example of this from this lineage that was shared by my pastor involves Ruth. We know Ruth was an amazing woman, but she was a Moabite. Looking back a few weeks to Genesis 19, the Moabite line was conceived by Lot and his oldest daughter after fleeing Sodom. That terrible beginning to an entire people, who were a nuisance to Israel for so long, was still redeemed through Ruth and led to the lineage of the man who was chosen to raise Jesus and arguably save him and Mary as he could have had her stoned while pregnant with the Savior.

    7. Rebecca Fava says:

      So the reason which I understand is that the bloodline is through Joseph, however we are all fallen from sin from our fathers fathers since Adam and Eve. So Jesus was not bound by the sin we were bound to through Adam, he is born of God. That’s why He was perfect and sinless and to be this he couldn’t be born by an earthy father but only our heavenly one.

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