Day 34

The Bible In A Year 34

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Job 22-24, Galatians 3

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  1. JoAnn Foley-DeFiore says:

    I’ve tried listening to it via Bible Gateway app. Makes it a bit easier for me!

  2. Emily Morris says:


  3. E Hong says:

    21“Agree with God, and be at peace;
    thereby good will come to you. -ellie

    1. Sharon Ide says:

      Praise God for the beautiful reality that we have put on Christ. We stand not before the Lord in the filthy rags of sinful attempts at righteousness, but have been given the white garments of Christ’s holiness to adorn.

  4. Jessica McKee says:

    “But He knows the way that I take; when He has tried me, I shall come out like gold.” Job 23:10
    I needed this one today- even when it seems like I am alone- when I wonder where God is in my life, when I wonder and ask if he even sees me and the things I’m going through, He is still watching. All things work together for good, and at the end of the trial, the loss and pain, there will be good. The hard times don’t last forever, and even while they do last, God is always watching me, guiding my steps, if I would just listen to Him. ☺️

  5. Sarah Knickerbocker says:

    We are all one in Christ❤️

  6. JoAnn Foley-DeFiore says:

    We are all one united in Christ; clothed in Christ!

  7. Sara Fiscus says:

    Done ✅

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