Day 293

The Bible In A Year 293

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Jeremiah 15-17, 1 Timothy 3

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  1. Bobbi T-B says:

    Jeremiah 15:19 if you return, I will take you back

    What an incredible, loving, gracious God we have!!

  2. Joanne says:

    How encouraging! I am reading this on Saturday evening. I have had a challenging week and I am looking forward to a day of sweet rest and joining the church in praise to God

  3. Gal_5 says:

    I have a question! Is it biblical to confess our sins to others to receive forgiveness? And what do we do if we feel we cannot tell anyone around us?

    1. Ashley Thomas says:

      I found this on another site about the topic in question. Personally, I confess my sins to the Lord. I don’t feel the need to confess to anyone else. I forgive and ask for forgiveness. “We should seek forgiveness from the Lord for every sin. He desires “truth in the inward parts” (Psalm 51:6). 2) If our relationship with the Lord is right, then our relationships with other people will fall in line. We will treat others graciously, with justice and honesty (Psalm 15). To sin against someone and not attempt to make it right would be unthinkable. 3) The extent of the apology for a sin should match the extent of the impact of the sin. In other words, we should seek forgiveness from whoever was directly involved in order to ensure healing.”

      1. Gal_5 says:

        Thank you very much!

    2. AnnieB says:

      I believe strongly that verbalizing our sin to another human helps us to truly face our behavior and brings significant humility and increases our desire to turn away from those actions in the future. It also helps to see a face of love and encouragement/ maybe to help make a plan to avoid the sin in the future- keep me accountable. If you don’t feel safe talking to your family or friends- consider a women’s leader in your church, going to a Christian counselor, or even a 12-step group like Celebrate Recovery which is for ANYone with hurts, habits, or hang-ups. These experiences have truly helped me be more free from sin and to grow more like Christ.

      1. Gal_5 says:

        Thank you this was very helpful!

    3. Haley says:

      I agree with AnnieB. For the longest time (years) I only confessed a secret sin of mine to the Lord but never felt true freedom from it until I confessed it to my community group of women. Through confessing, the sin was brought to the light and out of the dark place it was hiding by just being something I and the Lord knew about. I also found out that others in my group struggled with the same thing and had also been embarrassed about confessing it. BRING THAT TO THE LIGHT, GIRL! Darkness runs when light comes–run from the darkness of keeping your sins to yourself and allow the lord to shine light on it. It’s hard but so worth it. Having others hold me accountable and trusting the Lord in His grace and mercy were the only ways that I felt freedom from that sin.

  4. Beverly says:

    19 Therefore, this is what the Lord says:
    “If you return, I will restore you;
    you will stand in My presence.
    And if you speak noble words,
    rather than worthless ones…” (Jeremiah 15)
    My heart is resting here today. Knowing that my Creator will restore me to His presence when I return to Him with my whole heart. Not with worthless or even fancy words, but with true, right, pure words spoken from the depths of my heart and soul for Him. Grateful He truly desires my whole heart.

  5. Justine Fern says:

    1 Timothy surprised me today – I’ve been thinking about that first verse. when we desire to lead others in truth – we desire something noble. my church is currently going through some big changes and we’re currently looking for two new women’s ministry co-leaders. I’ve volunteered myself for the position because I DESIRE to lead these women in truth! I LOVE dreaming up new adventures for the women in my gathering and in my community. but my wanting the position (so bad, I might add) makes me feel like I’m not supposed to have it, as if wanting to volunteer my time in this way is somehow selfish or greedy – but here we see that desiring to be part of the leadership in the church is the first step in leadership! we are made to want the sort of things that we feel we ere made to do! praise God that desiring something doesn’t not mean it’s motivated by selfishness! my church will be voting for our new leading November 1st and I appreciate any prayers for my heart to be tuned to God in this waiting time. thanks ladies :) have a happy Wednesday!

    1. Lauren S says:

      Just one! Wonderful! Prayers for you at this time. I hope it is the Lord’s will that you get the position!

      1. Lauren S says:

        Sorry my autocorrect changed Justine to “just one” for some reason!

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