Day 28

The Bible In A Year 28

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Job 8-10, James 3

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  1. brightgirl says:

    James 3 hit me hard today. I have not been keeping good control over my tongue lately especially with my husband and children. In other ways I’m a really disciplined person but the Word is right: our tongues sure can create a lot of trouble! I find it discouraging that the Word says no human being can tame it! I assume that means we will never tame it completely but surely there is hope to improve.

    1. Alexis says:

      I too was struck by James 3. I catch my tongue saying things that are not helpful, or with sarcastic humor, and I pray right then and there for forgiveness and strength to not let it happen again. The next thing I know, it’s happened again! It’s a hard habit to stop, but definitely worth the effort to try to improve it.

      1. Jen Duncan says:

        I feel the same way you do. The second something ugly come out of my mouth I immediately ask for forgiveness and realize how ridiculous I am but it just keeps coming. I’ve got to start thinking before I speak and that is HARD but doable if we ask God to help us.

  2. lottie says:

    A lot of what Job’s friends say are not wrong, per say, just misapplied. I find that to be a warning to my own thoughts and words that are quick to judge/slander others. “If only they had done as I did, they would have had the same results.” But here we see Job is having these trials because his faith is being tested. if I am judging as Job’s friends then how can I also have faith as Job’s?! 8:10, “for we were born yesterday and know nothing, because our days on earth are a shadow.”

    1. lottie says:

      *per se, haha not sure what I was thinking.

  3. Lisa Ann says:

    Someone advised us “my church family” engage in the wrestling with our spirit and God. Get it all out ask the why’s, ask how could this or that happen, ask for clarity, ask the who, the what, and the why’s, when. Answers may not come to all the questions but it does bring spiritual growth and it builds our relationship with them. God is awesome and I’m so greatfull that we have Jesus our mediator, comforter, example of righteousness and holiness. Peace and love to all.

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