Day 222

The Bible In A Year 222

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Proverbs 11-12, Acts 7:23-43

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  1. Brit says:

    Hi everyone, thank you SarahMay for the wonderful breakdowns of scripture. Proverbs 11:14 spoke to me today on something I’ve been weighing on myself. I long to choose what I want to pursue career wise. I have an associate degree, and took the past two years to volunteer in many different fields. Yet I have this fear that I should have a sign from God in a direction he sees fit. I give myself anxiety and definitely fall into a foolish category. I do align easily with others and lack character, I also feel as though I somewhat become slave to those who are wise in their field and give myself low expectations and decide against the major. Proverbs 11:14 “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in the abundance of counselors there is safety. ” I am easy going and have a fascination in learning and doing well so I fit in wherever I am, is there anyone who has any insight that may help me?

    1. AnnieB says:

      Brit, i am so much like you- but probably 30 years older. I wanted a big sign from God to tell me what to do. People who loved me and knew me well recommended i become a teacher. But one day I decided I needed confirmation every night that I had “helped someone” each day. So i became a nurse. Everyone who knew me questioned whether it was a good idea. I’ve been a nurse over 30 years now and it has not been easy. Why? Because I’m less into technical skills- and i really get excited about teaching and counseling patients. Every day i pass by a university on my way to the hospital- and long to be a teacher. So… my advice to you is try to listen to older people in your life who love you and see the skills and talents God has given you. He built them in to you for your own enjoyment AND for His glory. What I did came from being codependent- needing to find my value in fixing things for others. If you are using your given talents – God will help others through your life! (And yes I know teachers are SUPER helpers! – i was just a nut when i was 19 – lol!!) I’ll pray for you!

      1. Brit says:

        Thank you this helps so much!

  2. Sara Ferguson says:

    We just went through a series on Moses and spent a lot of time on the passages from Acts. Great study!

  3. SarahMay says:

    I wanted to make columns comparing the righteous and the wicked, but formatting is limited. You can do that in your journal though! (This is only a few from Prov 11–too long to include them all, but please search /study the differences on your own!)
    -Don’t exaggerate, are humble & honest
    -Guided by integrity, Saved by righteous living
    -Clear path focused on living blamelessly
    -Uses knowledge to speak, avoid trouble
    -Keeps silent when he disagrees with others, aware of potential fallout if he speaks unwisely
    -Keeps a secret in confidence
    -Seeks counsel when needing help, finding a way out
    -Protected by cautious alliances with strangers
    -Is gracious & receives honor being kind to others
    -Invests wisely
    -Living genuinely gives life to others
    -Conducts themselves blamelessly, are a delight to the Lord
    -Enriched by giving
    -Sells his harvest & enjoys the profits
    -Finds favor in searching for what is good
    -Flourish with abundance & bounty

    BUT: Wicked/Evil/Dishonest/Violent/Foolish:
    -Weigh dishonestly, exaggerate for their gain
    -Proud, disgraceful, destroyed by perversity
    -Looks to wealth to save
    -Stumbles & falls, lacks guidance
    -Trapped by desires
    -Gets nothing out of life or death
    -Verbally abuses & destroys others
    -Tears down cities with his words
    -Joyful shouting at their death
    -Shows obvious contempt for others close to him
    -Gossips, shares secrets
    -Aligns easily with strangers and suffers as a result (lacks discernment of character)
    -Gain riches, but not honor, earns an empty wage
    -Brings disaster on himself
    -Pursues evil, destined for death & destruction
    -Have twisted thinking which the Lord abhors
    -Rejects good sense and becomes ugly
    -Cursed because of hoarding
    -Looks for (and finds) trouble
    -Falls by trusting in riches
    -Ruins his family & obtains no inheritance
    -Becomes a slave to those who are wise
    -Actions are violent & deadly

    1. Ellen says:

      Thank you, SarahMay, for that practical application of these verses! It’s easy to read through without finding any relevance, but not nearly as good for the soul.

  4. Courtney says:

    This passage made me realize the power of the tongue

  5. Virginia says:

    Thanks for pointing that parallel.

  6. Lauren S says:

    I wondered about Stephen’s sermon, he tells of their fathers rejecting Moses even after God chose him and allowed him to perform signs. Still the people turned to idols. This is a parallel with how the people of Stephen’s time had rejected Jesus, God’s son, who was also sent to lead us. It is a powerful reminder that we should not make the same mistakes!

  7. Emily says:

    I just prayed for you Bre. So sorry to hear about your loss.

  8. Kristen S says:

    Praying Bre. So sorry for your loss.

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