Day 217

The Bible In A Year 217

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Proverbs 3-4, Acts 5:1-16

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48 thoughts on "The Bible In A Year 217"

  1. Darlisha says:

    This reading reminded me that just because I have failed in the past, doesn’t mean I will the next time. The scripture says focus on the path ahead and ponder it. I should let the lessons He has taught me in those failures push me to create a plan that allows me to success.

  2. Rachel says:

    Tonight, I was struggling with not being good enough for a guy and not feeling too good about my self. I’ve read Proverbs 3:5-6 many times, but tonight they were exactly what I needed to hear. Maybe I won’t have a high school sweetheart, but instead God will bring me a man when we are both first in love with Him. I just need to trust in God and his plan.

    1. TL says:

      I can relate. My relationship recently ended after 4/5 years and our biggest mistake was not being in love with God first. Still not understanding completely, but putting trust in God. Praying for you extra.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I have spoken to God briefly on behalf of Sarah. Thank you for being so specific on how to pray for her needs. I lost you up to the Lord as well Analynn. Thank you for asking for prayer for your dear friend and I wanted to say I am sorry for the fear and worry her illness brings to you and all those who love her. I am going to pray for God’s peace for all of you as well. May Gods light reign down on Sarah. May the shadow of He Holy Spirit fall on all who surround her and bring peace to you all. There is power in the name of Jesus alone so when you don’t know how to pray anymore just call on His name.

  4. Anahlynn says:

    Please pray for my family friend, Sarah, who is currently fighting a rare disease. She is not in good condition & does not have much time left to live. Please pray for comfort, that she will
    Be healed, & for a miracle. Please pray that God will touch her heart, mind, spirit, & body. Thank you.

    1. SarahMay says:

      Praying. So sorry to hear. Praying she will know the comfort of the Living God.

    2. Haley says:

      Praying for supernatural healing and peace to surround your friend and her loved ones.

    3. Ellen Neal says:

      Prayed for Sarah, and for the friends and family who love her!

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