Day 171

The Bible In A Year 171

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

2 Chronicles 1-3, Luke 9:46-62

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  1. Rebekah says:

    The richness of Heaven is in the divine wisdom of God. How silly we are to hope for wealth of money while on this earth when gold is in such abundance after that it’s used as pavement. God puts things in perspective plain as day with that example alone. To have the mind and heart of Solomon would be such a gift. I hope to model my husband any of thinking after his own, making my life’s work about servitude and worship in the name of The Almighty.

  2. Darlisha says:

    What does it say about how our world should live and interact and what the church should look like if Solomon requested the help of “foreigners”?

    1. SarahMay says:

      One of the purposes of the Temple was to draw foreigners to Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews (we will read later about foreign dignitaries who come to worship Yahweh at the Temple). They even participated in building it, which I think is cool! There are many instances where God uses foreigners in the Old Testament to display His power and draw all nations to Him. Some people feel salvation is only available after Jesus came and the Jews rejected Him, but His heart for all nations is woven all throughout Scripture.

    2. Stacey Cochran says:

      I agree but also think Solomon wanted the best for God’s temple and these people were the best of the best at what they did.

  3. SusieAmb says:

    The way I read the end of the passage is that three people say they want to follow Jesus –

    1. To the first I think he’s saying something like, the cost of following Jesus is giving up comfort?
    2. To the seconds he’s saying the cost of following Jesus means giving up customs and concerns of this world
    3. To the third he’s saying the cost of following him includes even putting loved ones after God, not before him, and not looking back (that reminds me of Lot’s wife)

    Oh man. These three things that are very difficult to do and challenge me ‘do I really mean it?’ when I say I want to follow Jesus. Not by my strength ….

    1. Rayo says:

      Thank you for this explanation

    2. Lehua K. says:

      Thank you so much. This helps a lot.

  4. Vanessa says:

    We are called to not ask God for wealth and possessions because those are demands of the fallen world, but instead wisdom and knowledge. God truly takes care of us and knows our needs.

    In Chronicles 2:4, what does it mean to leave burnt offerings every morning and night?

  5. Jenna says:

    If we pray and ask God for wisdom and knowledge, we don’t have to worry about anything else. When we strive to simply just know and live by the word of God, we will be blessed immensely, just like Solomon, who asked only for wisdom from God, which he received, along with so much more.

    1. carli moriarty says:

      it’s really hard for me to understand when God is trying to show something or tell something to me. asking God for wisdom is really hard for me to do personally.

  6. misce says:

    The place where Solomon built the Temple — “On the Threshing Floor of Ornan the Jebusite” is:

    -> The same place where Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac, and God provided a ram to take his place.

    -> The same place where God withheld His wrath against His people and shown mercy (2 Sam.24:16)

    -> The same mountain where Jesus would one day die on the Cross!

    What an amazing foreshadow of God’s plan to ultimately set us free! :)

    1. Amy says:

      No way! That’s so cool!

  7. Gabrielle says:

    So I looked up a commentary by John Piper about the end of Luke 9 because Jesus again seems to be a little harsh. I learned that at this point in Jesus’ ministry, he is heading to Jerusalem- heading to his crucifixion. And as we read in this short passage, Jesus and his disciples have just been denied a place to stay with the Samaritans.
    John Piper says this since there is so much tension and so much more will be happening as Jesus enters Jerusalem, Jesus wants to make sure the ppl who say they will follow him, actually know what they are getting themselves into. Jesus basically asks, “do you really want to follow me? Am I really your priority or is there something else?”
    Piper also mentions how “follow me” is mentioned three times in this short verse. When Jesus says “follow me” he means two things: one, there is a path I will lead you on and 2, I will be with you. Pretty awesome huh!

    1. Colleen says:

      yes, it is Gabrielle! thanks for sharing!

    2. Christina D. says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this Gabrielle! Gave me great perspective on this text.

  8. Yana says:

    10 Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?”

    How often do we pray for wisdom and knowledge? How much wiser would our thoughts and words be if we did? How much easier would it be to live each day to His glory if we had more spiritual knowledge?

    Dear Father please give us the wisdom to absorb the knowledge in your Word so that we may live each day to Your glory. Amen.

    1. Amy says:

      I love what you said, Yana! It reminded me of James 1:5–If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.
      What a great promise from God!

      1. Leah Swindon says:

        Amy, me too! I love that connection!

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