Day 167

The Bible In A Year 167

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

1 Chronicles 19-21, Luke 8:1-25

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  1. AnnieB says:

    It took me 2 versions if the story to see this- at first i thought it was odd that God would have David choose the punishment. Then I remembered his sin. Ignoring God’s command – Pridefully counting the people as if it was his power and right over them. He was seeing himself God-like. I think God made him choose so he could feel the extent of his sin. He had made a choice to do things his own way. So God made him suffer with a choice. Controlling and lording power over people probably felt good – until it meant they would get hurt. This really got my attention. I want to give God the power over my life! God forbid if I have my way- what harmful choices I make! I’m learning in my older age that this relationship is all about submission!

    1. AmandaH. says:

      Wow, great points Annie! I too, want to truly submit to the lord in every area of my life. We were not made to decide things on our own, if that were so, it would mean we are perfect and always make right choices, which we all know is far from true lol thankful for Gods grace! And that I can find rest in knowing that he created us from dust, reminding us that we need him to be and do anything !

      Thank you for sharing. You opened my eyes to the deeper lesson in this reading

    2. Darlisha says:

      Oh wow, Annie. How illuminating. I never considered this perspective.

    3. Ryann Cox says:

      I really appreciate when you ladies share insight. Thank you for taking the time to post and encourage us all. ❤️

  2. Vanessa says:

    Through Him, I need to be more courageous.

  3. Mamarae says:

    The seed is the Word of God…. Let us all pray to be good, soft, fertile soil that receives the seed and it plants itself
    Deep within us and through us much good fruit comes.

  4. Mamarae says:

    I also love the image of the Angels
    As warriors. Strong and courageous. These are the same Angels God has commanded to watch over us. Why do we fear. It’s so stupid when we know who God is and what He is and who HE is to us but yet in out fragility we still allow fear to enter our lives .

    O Lord give us fearless
    Hearts. Help us to walk in full trust of YOU!


  5. Mamarae says:

    1 Chronicles 21:13,

    I loved this and it popped off the page for me today. God will allow tests and trials to come our way , and we see the beautiful grace of God as he gives David 3 options and David ( the man after Gods own heart). Shows us that … In times of distress when faced w the discliine of the world or Gods discipline …. We will always be in the best of hands in the Lords discipline. Bc God disciplines those HE loves w mercy and grace. The discipline may hurt, just like a good seat on the bottoms of our beloved children, but if done correctly our children are better for it and we will be to when we choose Gods discipline.

  6. Kylee says:

    I always thought the seed was God’s word — if WE are the seeds, why would He cast some on dry ground or among the thorns? Why wouldn’t He start us all out on good soil?? Literally read this my entire life & always thought the seeds were God’s words to us and never that we would be the seeds! Help?

    1. Jenna says:

      From what I understand gods word is the seed and we, his people, are on different grounds. maybe we’re on the path, or on rocky ground, or among thorns, (where seeds can’t be planted or grown or prosper like they could be in good soil) i.e. Maybe we are unsure in our faith, maybe we have lost sight of gods word, or we have been “choked by life’s worries, riches, pleasures”, or possibly have come to idolize and value worldly things; if we find ourselves among this ground, gods word, the seed, ultimately cant grow or fill us with joy because we have not cultivated a heart where his word can take root and lead us to a blessed and fulfilling life. But if we are on good soil – if we live for God and put his word into practice and walk in the fruits of the spirit, then we will retain his word and use it to grow and be blessed, just like a seed planted in good soil. Not sure if this answers your question or if its right but just my insight!

      1. Kylee says:

        Your insight helps so much Jenna, thank you!!! Gonna copy + paste parts of your comment to distill this information to my 8 year old — she loves this parable too.

        I just pray when God who sees all hearts looks into ours, He sees GOOD SOIL that can sustain growth through the challenges of life! His word won’t fail when it’s planted in a place where it can take root & grow. I’m so thankful for this app + community of praying women who encourage each other!! Thank you again for your thoughtful reply :)

    2. Chan says:

      11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

      :) You had it right all along.

      1. Kylee says:

        THANK YOU! I got so confused reading the comments, but now I’m just glad I understood all along because this is one of my favorite parables! May our hearts be full of good soil, the kind that’s prime for planting seeds of God’s word and allowing them to GROW INTO US!!!

  7. Chelsea says:

    Why is it that God allows Satan to ruin the seed? Wouldn’t that make it not our choice then?? I’m always confused by this parable..why does he make it to where only some understand it and the others who don’t are doomed to hell if they can’t comprehend it?? (I could totally be reading this wrong…just don’t understand :/)

    1. Yana says:

      Hi Clesea, it is not so much that God allows Satan to ruin the seed but that He allows Satan’s distractions to pull us away from dedication to the Word and spiritual growth. We are the seeds. Without the nourishment of God’s word we will not grow. If we “feed” more on ‘things’ than the word we starve and die.
      9 His disciples asked him what this parable meant. 10 He said, “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that,
      “ ‘though seeing, they may not see;
      though hearing, they may not understand.’
      Jesus spoke in parables because they were picture “books” that the people could understand. They were spiritually immature and new to the Word through Jesus, the New Covenant. Because of this they needed to be taught things in a way they would understand. Planting seed they understood.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Chelsea says:

        Thank you so much!!

    2. AmandaH. says:

      To add to what Yana has said, God doesn’t allow Satan to ruin the seed, we make the choice to say yes to God watering and growing the seed by choosing to be committed by reading the word, abiding in it, being lead by the spirit, killing our flesh, saying no to our own desires, denying self and picking up our cross. I find that I often expect to see fruit of my seed growing when I haven’t been faithful in spending time, being still to listen to God or have been sowing to the flesh.

      So it’s not Satan that ruins it, Satan comes to distract us, and if we don’t stay on guard, he steals our seed. I pray we all stay watchful and pray for discernment and wisdom to know his tactics.
      I hope this helped you, Chelsea! I’m glad we have this forum to ask questions and help one another. :)

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