Day 15

The Bible In A Year 15

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 31-32, John 13

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  1. Tori Bissell says:

    I love how Jesus “loved them till the end” and then at the end of this passage he reminds them to love others because then they will know that we are his disciple. He demonstrated through his life how we should live and follow him. May we walk with the Lord and follow his example.

  2. Makenzie Mason says:

    I love the self-locating question Jacob is asked by God, “what is your name?” It’s so grounding and centering. Where are you in this season and what are you doing?

    I also think John 13:34 is a reminder to us as children of God but also the world that we need to LOVE each other. Stop the judgement, gossip, and negativity. Jesus loves us until the very end and we need to live like him and love everyone just as he loves us.

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