Day 14

The Bible In A Year 14

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 29-30, John 12

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  1. Sara Fiscus says:

    Day 14!!!

  2. Bethany Montgomery says:

    Despite the fact that Jacob had two wives and two slaves given to him to conceive children for him, despite the fact that Leah and Rachel did not get along, despite all the shortcomings of these people God continued to use them to fulfill His promise of a great nation. And out of that great nation would eventually come His ultimate gift to all of manlind…Jesus Christ the Messjah. God can use us even when we make poor choices in life, even when we sin, and even when we try to work things out on our own instead of with His help and guidance. It would just be a lot easier if we would cooperate with God’s plan. But despite that, He is still able to accomplish His will. Never think that you can hinder His plans, because if He doesn’t use you to fulfill it He will use someone else and it will happen anyway. I pray that despite my faults and sin, God would use me and teach me to obey Him and accomplish His will.

    1. christine Burkhalter says:


  3. Natasha Nir says:

    John 12:43 “ for they loved human praise more then praises from God.” A statement that seems so relevant in this day and age. And i myself am guilty of it, i tend to seek people’s approval and praises for things i do more often that i forget about what God has to say about it. Thankful to God for teaching me this today.

  4. carly potvin says:

    John 12:47 “If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.”

    1. Brooke Alvial says:

      And 48 … the word that I have spoken will judge him in the last day.” Important not to forget that part!

  5. Ingrid Cey says:

    I find it so ironic that Laban’s defense for giving Leah to Jacob was that he wouldn’t pass over the older for the younger. Makes me wonder if news of what Jacob did to Esau had reached him. I wonder how much of the strife in Jacob’s life was due to the way he got his blessing.

    On another note, compare Jacob’s attitude about Rachel’s barrenness with that of Abraham and Isaac. They both prayed for their wives and sought the Lord. Jacob recognizes God’s sovereignty but gets angry.

  6. Ally Sharrock says:


  7. Stephanie Folden says:

    The line of deception always strikes me here- Abraham claiming Sarah as his sister instead of his wife to save himself- Rebekah encouraging Jacob to deceive his father, Laban deceiving Jacob by giving him Leah first, and later Rachel will lie about taking the household gods. A reminder that our example to the younger generation is so important- our actions speak so much louder than our words.

    1. Rachel Kimmell says:

      Yes I saw that too… good reminders

  8. Brooke Cousino says:


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