Day 10

Comfort Ye My People

from the Comfort Ye My People reading plan

Isaiah 39:1-8, Isaiah 40

BY Guest Writer

Text: Isaiah 39:1-8, Isaiah 40:1-31

The comfort God provides is not an anesthetic. There’s no numbing, no loss of consciousness. He’s not a drug in your veins. He’s the Hope anchored within you.

In Isaiah 39, we are given a peek into King Hezekiah’s heart. He was a great and good king who restored right worship of the One True God. At the end of his life, however, he proved that even the godly are prone to their brand of comfort. The prophet Isaiah proclaims a dismal future for the people of God, in particular, Hezekiah’s own family. He tells the king that days are coming when all that is in his house and all he has inherited will be carried to Babylon. Isaiah tells him that even his own sons will be slaves in the palace of the king of Babylon. Instead of lamenting such news, Hezekiah soothes himself with the thought, At least there will be peace and security in my days.

The context of the first words of the next chapter stands in stark contrast to the king’s inner dialogue. While Hezekiah cared more for his ease and well-being than that of his children, God instructs His messenger to speak tender words of comfort to His children. He is a better Father than the king.

God doesn’t promise a pain-free existence. He promises to be with them.
He doesn’t minimize their sin. He acknowledges and pardons it.

Unlike Hezekiah, God Almighty—Maker of all that is, Measurer of the seas, heavens and earth, Spreader of the skies—doesn’t convalesce, He condescends. The Father sends the Son to become the comfort of His people. He is called the Good Shepherd. He tends His flock. He gathers them, carries them and leads them. He even lays down His life for them (John 10:11).

Jesus never sought His own comfort. He was the means of ours. He forsook His right to sit leisurely on His throne and embraced a shameful death on a cross so that we might share in His inheritance. What a good brother we find in Jesus! What a good Father we find in God.

Comfort, comfort, is ours to find in Jesus. He absorbed God’s wrath on our behalf. He took away our sin. He empathizes with us in our weakness because He has known what it’s like to wear our skin. He sent the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to dwell in us, so that we are truly never alone—so that we may never forget the Father’s great promise to comfort, comfort His children.


Lauren Chandler is a wife and mother of three. She leads worship regularly at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas where her husband, Matt Chandler, is the lead teaching pastor. Whether writing songs or stories, singing or making her home a place to linger, Lauren enjoys creating beautiful and meaningful spaces where people may encounter The Lord of steadfast love imaged perfectly through Jesus.



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  1. Bonnie Lee says:

    Love this! My mom finally found a Godly man that treated her right at 46 years old, for the first time in her life she was happy and in love and after celebrating their 1 year of marriage last month, He died of a massive heart attack Monday morning. So sudden and heartbreaking for my mom. It’s hard to understand why things like that happen. But I love coming to this community and reading how Jesus is the source of our comfort. It’s cool how He let’s me read things at just the right time. Please join me in praying for my mom and she grieves. It’s so hard to understand and accept but I am rejoicing He accepted Christ last year at 43 years old and is in the arms of the Father. Holding on to that hope!

  2. I’m so glad that God doesn’t simply numb our pain. Instead, he goes straight to the source and gives healing and peace in the midst of it. How much more lasting and effective is his antidote? So thankful for this reminder today!

  3. "The comfort God provides is not an anesthetic. There’s no numbing, no loss of consciousness. He’s not a drug in your veins. He’s the Hope anchored within you." My daddy dies yesterday and I didn't get to read this post until the end of a very long day. Thank you for the perfect words at the right time.

    1. I’m sorry for your hardship and loss. May the Lord’s comfort be especially close and present in your heart right now! His strength is great in us. He cherishes you deeply, knows your pain and hears your cries. Cling to His promise of hope for a future, for eternal life with Him.

  4. Brooke Heidi says:

    The fact that He is our comforter brings me such peace this morning. There are circumstance in life we must endure, where we are the light of Christ but we are not alone and the fact that we can hide in Him is our comfort just cause my soul to sing a new song this morning. Thank you to all of you who write and compile these readings and to those of you who post, encourages my weary heart!

  5. GracenJoy says:

    "God doesn't promise a pain-free existence. He promises to be with them."

    I so needed this. I had major heart surgery two months ago. I knew and felt God's presence through it all. It is all that kept me going at times. But up until this week I could not get into His Word. It didn't speak to me as it normally does. I could not understand why since I never blamed Him for this hurdle. I relied on His strength to get me through it but this quote today made me realize while I did not blame Him and I know He loves me a part of me was scared to trust Him fully again because I did believe this health issue was behind me after my last surgery 8'years ago and I shouldn't have to do this again. After all I am His daughter and I know He can heal us and that He does medical miracles all the time. Why not me, this time? I am at a place now where I know He loves me and that is more than enough. I trust Him to,always be there. He has shown me He is time and time again. Thank You Father. So sorry I held back these past weeks. Thank You for getting me back to Your Word. Amen.

  6. Jessica says:

    There are some days where I wrestle with selfishness a little more than others. A day like today full of “can you please not shriek when mommy has a headache” and “can you please be content for 5 minutes so I can make myself something to eat” This truth today reminded me that Jesus lived the most uncomfortable life and death of anyone. God is continually working in me to embrace motherhood in all aspects, and the selfless part is especially hard sometimes! Thankfully I am covered by His sweet amazing grace and it is more than enough!!

  7. loveHimso says:

    There is no one like God. No one that will ever compare to the unchanging love that He has for us. Days like this when the future doesn’t look clear. I get impatient. I like to know “what’s next”. I don’t like the uncertainty that the future holds at times. But what I do know is that the road called my future has been paved. Done! Completed before I was born. I just need to walk it out. We were not promised a pain free existence. He did not send His son Jesus to us for our comfort. But He did promise to be EVERTHING that we (I )need. He is all the comfort we need ( all the comfort I need).

  8. Selenafred says:

    Been a rough morning. Our little 1 year old daughter has been sick and I’ve been feeling like the worst mama ever. Timely words once again. Thankful for this reading during advent. What a blessing!

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