Day 3

Christ’s Birth is Prophesied

from the Christ’s Birth is Prophesied reading plan

Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:2-7

BY Hayley Morgan

Text: Isaiah 7:14 & Isaiah 9:2-7

It’s burgundy, worn down in some places, soft and mellow like crust of a holiday pie. The gold foil lettering spells out his name. This Bible was a gift from a pair of Jesus-loving grandparents at the occasion of my husband’s birth, full of hope for his future. Now, more than three decades later, this book thumps with their heartbeat, his heartbeat, and the heartbeat of all God’s people through the ages. It’s the book of Life, rich and layered, offering stories of hope and peace and redemption to all who open it.

I’ve seen that Bible all over the place, in all seasons of our life. It’s been a steady presence, a well-worn and well-trusted touchpoint. We prayed with it in hand while we were dating, and I wondered if one day I’d have gold foil that mirrored his last name. We cried into it when our third son Asher was born gravely ill and with no prior warning. That tattered and aged burgundy Bible has been a character in each scene of our life, its lines always spoken with Hope.

If you’re a Christian—a believer in this upside-down Kingdom and its King who saved the whole world—you already know how the story ends. You already have hope. But, did you know there are little love notes, evidence of the hope of a coming King, all throughout the Bible?

The book of Isaiah is known as one of the most important prophetic books of the Bible. As a new Christian, I was utterly fascinated by the threads that were woven between the Old Testament and the New. The Old Testament was no longer just a set of clunky books filled with rules and lists of kings; it was alive with tiny arrows showing the way to our Savior. Bible scholars believe that Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies written in the Old Testament!

The words of the prophet Isaiah act as a bridge between the Old and New Testaments, the whole book telling of a hope and salvation that man is powerless to create. This is pretty radical considering Isaiah was speaking among a group of people well-versed in how to be “good” according to the law. But tucked into the book of Isaiah is a promise of a coming King who will change everything, who will hold the government on His broad shoulders but will come as a child. It promises hope.

Hope. We see it all through Scripture. But it’s not hope in ourselves or what we can do—it’s hope in the promises of the One who never lets us down. It’s Hope who came as a tiny baby, turning the Old Testament prophecies into realities and making a big, beautiful pile of fresh promises for us to cling to. Like the words in that burgundy Bible, those promises are true for every generation, and the Hope who holds them will never fail.



For an added layer of worship during this sweet season of adoration and expectation, we’ve created a Spotify playlist for Advent 2014! You can find the complete SheReadsTruth | O Come Let Us Adore Him playlist at this link, or listen to today’s track on the player below. Enjoy!

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  1. Celeste L. says:

    So many names for such a wonderful God! I am so blessed this Christmas season and thankful for having so many uplifting verses. There is no end to his reign!!!

  2. I love how Isaiah 9:7 specifies that his reign has no end… He will uphold peace & righteousness FOREVER! That means He’s still going strong, even in THIS moment, here in 2014. His power has not shriveled, withered, faded, expired, or dimmed. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Jojo says:

    It is so comforting to study the prophesies that Jesus fulfilled! Today’s message reminded me that it’s not what I can do but what has already been done. I tend to be too much of a “doer” (like all the time!) instead I need to slow down, let go and remember it’s already been done.

    1. Morgan says:

      I love this- super uplifting.

    2. Brittany W says:

      Jojo, I am a “doer” just like you! It’s definitely a challenge for me as well. Glad to see I’m not alone

  4. Sarah M says:

    In our church, our pastor talks about this! He says that it’s important to study the Old Testament because, without it, we would have no need for Jesus!

  5. Antimony says:

    This connection of hope because of fulfilled promises of God is so thought provoking. I’ve been looking for hope for so long. But been discouraged by repeated failures of people (others and myself). How can I trust God (who I can’t see) to be faithful when I’ve been hurt so deeply by the faithlessness of people I love? But He is above that. He is different. When He makes promises, He keeps them. This I have to think about. Perhaps there is hope in all of this after all.

    1. Taime' says:

      Yes Antimony there is truth to this! The physical laws of a 24 hour day and gravity were put into place by the same God who asks you to trust that redeeming you and the world is the focus of his self-sacrificing plan! Look up a book on Amazon or anyplace, the title is MERE CHRISTIANITY. The author is C S Lewis. He wrote it while grappling with the same doubts and questions you are. I would be glad to purchase it for you if you need [email protected]. Praying for you!

  6. Ashlyn says:

    I know faith is so much more than the way we feel but this Advent season I am begging The Lord to allow me to feel his presence. I have felt so distant and disconnected leading me to doubt. I need greater faith!

    1. Angela says:

      Praying Jeremiah 29:13 for you, Ashlyn. "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart."

    2. Kristin says:

      I watched a sermon one time that was about praying for stronger faith and a better relationship with Jesus. The take home message was that by reading HIS word and praising HIS name, you would notice the difference. I have repeated this to myself daily and I can feel and see Jesus’ presence more now than ever. Praying for you!!

    3. Taime' says:

      Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of god. Grab your bible and read out loud or grab your laptop and go to for 24/7 audio scripture reading in multiple languages. When we read scripture aloud the darkness is parted by the light of truth!

  7. Patti says:

    I love how hope came as a baby. As a mother, I know I held the world in my hands when I held my two beautiful newborn babies. My daughter first and my son 22 months later. I believed in a future so bright and full of wonder. I felt it in my heart. In my soul. That sense of awe and wonder comes from a sense of hope. The very same one that Jesus provided in the ultimate form when he was born of a virgin in a lowly manger. He came bringing hope. Forever hope. To everyone. Not just the leaders and chosen people. To me. To my babies. Yes, he brought hope for the wicked sinner I am. Hope. Hope! I am eternally His! I love this study and the chance to fall in love with my Heavenly Father all over again! What a blessing. :)

  8. Krystal says:

    I’m so loving my time doing this study at night with the kiddos all asleep. It is a beautiful end to the day and I wake up thinking of these lovely things. God truly shows us why we should believe and put our trust in Him because he knows we’ll doubt and struggle trusting. But what a track record!!!! I’m also realizing that the more I study, worship and practice resting in him and thinking of him, the less counsel from others I need on life. After all, I have THE Wonderful Counselor available 24/7 to me and he understands and loves me like nobody else ❤️.

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