Day 2

God’s Promises to Abram

from the God’s Promises to Abram reading plan

Genesis 12:1-9, 21:1-7, 22:15-18, John 8:56-58

BY Rebecca Faires

Text: Genesis 12:1-9, 21:1-7, 22:15-18, John 8:56-58

We make promises all the time. We make big promises like, “to love, honor, and obey as long as we both shall live,” and small promises: “I won’t eat your tortellini.” We make false promises: “I have read the terms and conditions,” and true promises: “I’ll be right back!”.

Promises are tools we use to navigate life together. These promises hold our family together, keep my children quiet in the back of the car, and reassure my dentist that I will sit in her chair on Tuesday for a cleaning.

But we are not always reliable in keeping these promises. I break appointments if something better (or worse!) comes up, and I fail to treat my kids to promised Chick Fil A, and I stomp to bits that sweet promise I made to honor my husband.

This is true for all of us in our own way. We are human, and our promises are made of weakness.

But when God makes a promise, He keeps it. In fact, God keeps both sides of the promise.

When God promised Abram, in Genesis 12, that through Abram’s seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed, Abram knew God would make good on His word.

When God fulfills His promise and gives Abram and Sarah a son in their old age, God brings joy and laughter to them—so much joy that they name the boy Isaac, which means “laughter.”

We are so grateful for that laughter because it’s the sound of dreams coming true. Abram and Sarai couldn’t give themselves a son, but God creates this crazy-wonderful promise and then He fulfills it.

God continues to fulfill His covenant when He supplies the ram for sacrifice so Abraham (as God had renamed him) doesn’t have to sacrifice his son and joy, Isaac. God’s mercy in allowing Abraham to keep his son foreshadows the New Testament, when God supplies Christ as the final sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Before Christ goes as a lamb to the cross, He declares that He is both the God who made a covenant with Abraham, and the Sacrifice who fulfills that promise (John 8). Christ Himself, His very person, is the complete fulfillment of the promise to Abraham.

Every one of God’s promises is made perfect in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20). He is the fulfillment of the law, He is the true Promised Land, and He is the realization of our every need, hope, and desire (Haggai 2:7).

On this second day of Advent, let us rejoice in a God that keeps His promises to us, even if it means sacrificing His only Son.

His promises are true.


For an added layer of worship during this sweet season of adoration and expectation, we’ve created a Spotify playlist for Advent 2014! You can find the complete SheReadsTruth | O Come Let Us Adore Him playlist at this link, or listen to today’s track on the player below. Enjoy!


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160 thoughts on "God’s Promises to Abram"

  1. Alana says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Christi says:

    Needed this! My husband and I have been struggling with not being able to get pregnant and wanting to adopt but not having the means at this time. This is the perfect reminder for me of our Gods love and faithfulness. I know we are meant to be parents and the Lord will keep his promises to us in His timing.

  3. fina sanders says:

    What a wonderful reminder this evening. That even a I struggle to put Him in the place He needs to be, even when I make promises I can’t keep, He remains faithful and has kept His promise knowing my imperfections and failures.

  4. Sarah says:

    Lately I have felt like I’m losing my faith. Maybe it’s living too much in the world or being busy doing what I want. I see His promise because he’s not letting me give up on Him. His promise to be there is pulling me back. I need to be reminded constantly.

    1. Kasey Tuggle says:

      2 Timothy 2:13 “if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.”
      We are a chosen priesthood! A royal nation! No one can take you out of the grip of his hands! You are his and he is yours! we will fail God and mess up, but he never will. God is full of more grace to extend to us! Lean into his love! Focus on his goodness!

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