Day 13

hold fast

from the reading plan

Hebrews 10:19-39

BY Debbie Eaton

Text: Hebrews 10:19-39

“The essence of perseverance is a continued journey toward God, an increasingly intimate relationship with God.”
– Nancy Guthrie

“…let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful;and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds…”
– Hebrews 10:22-24, NASB

“Let us” implies two or more. It is a “we” thing. Yet, so often we retreat to go it alone in our “I can do it myself” arrogance.

“Hold fast” means to hold your position or hold your gaze, to hang on, to keep your eyes on the Lord. Yet so many times we hold tightly to our way and end up in a tug of war between our will and God’s best.

The writer of Hebrews is making a point that we are never alone — God is with us, “Immanuel.” Christ lives in us, and we, as fellow Christ-followers, have each other. When we meet together, spur each other on and encourage one another, we can better hold fast to the promise of hope and trust in God’s faithfulness.

Once a month my dearest girlfriends and I meet together for coffee and a long lunch. We meet to look in each other’s eyes. This gaze allows us to peek into the window of one another’s souls and catch up on how life is treating us. We share the highs and lows of current life. We laugh and cry. We eat. We hope and encourage. We agree to disagree and eat dessert. We collaborate and love.

Transitional change… marriage, heartache and bliss… financial hardship and success… job loss and stability… children struggling and children thriving… sickness and health… body image… aging parents… cancer…. emotional turmoil… stress… depression… anxiety… fear. Life. We talk about it all.

The glue that bonds us together is God’s presence in each of us. It is His presence embodied in us that we bring to the gathering table as we wrestle out our life circumstances.

We come together to gain strength and persevere with courage, to hold fast to the hope and faith of Christ in us. For this is where we find joy, comfort, peace and the words of encouragement that give life and spur us on to take another step in the journey.

“The worship of God’s assembled people is a collaboration of individuals committed to God’s presence, and He to theirs. What we have experienced individually, He has connected when we come together to delight in God’s presence among the assembly of believers.”
– AW Tozer

“Let us hold fast.” What does that mean to you?
How do you need to be encouraged and spurred on today?

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  1. b11n11 says:

    THIS is a verse I claim over my life daily, and often quote claiming over yours… this HOPE of 10:23…yet there remains a list of people in my story who have stopped meeting together because we settle for the convenience of 24 on social media, and stamp BUSY over our lives, overlooking the necessity and missing out on the joy. I lead a full life and try not to let busy take up residence, so that my heart too is full, and hands open. At times I miss having a person, but have discovered the beauty of a scattered people, steadfast sisters who know your muck, lift you from the mire, and make memories no matter distance or time passed. The ones who open their homes, take their place in your pictures, call without need of something tangible, share space at a table, or passion for a purpose. UNSWERVINGLY I HOLD….GRACEFULLY I SPUR. “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. 24 And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

    1. Sarah Crane says:

      “Unswervingly I hold, gracefully I spur” — LOVE that!!!

  2. Sarah Crane says:

    Every single verse is resonating deep! Im in the midst of some serious opposition and persecution of the ministry I’m a part of, and have sat through being accused wrongly and insulted, and it seems to have no end point. I know He will have the victory and I believe He is for this ministry and the work here, but shew…the persevering in the midst is HARD. Some days I’m ready to throw in the towel. And then He brings this truth repeatedly to me, and He brings the encouraging voices of sisters and brothers alongside, and His spirit enables me to persevere by grace and faith. It is worth it, for He is worthy.

  3. Izabela says:

    I wrote four pages in my journal on this one script. This is my favorite. It has encouraged me to go about my day in a positive and joyful way. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. "Do not throw away your confidence, which is a great reward," I feel like this is God's permission telling me I can be confident, there is nothing wrong with that, and He is the one who made me this way. Confidence in myself is confidence in Him.

  4. Sarah Faith says:

    I believe to hold fast is to stick to gods promises and truth. The persevere through tough times and keep our eyes in The Lord.

    Today I need encouragement. I’m not down or sad. I just need to constantly be reminded that not everyone loves and knows The Lord like I do. And I need to hold fast to The Lord and they will see what Jesus has done for me.

    1. Praying for you, Sarah Faith! Asking that He would revive your mind and heart with truth today! You\’re not alone!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  5. Bethany says:

    This passage is such an encouragement to me today! There are SO many times where I have the "I can do it myself" mentality, where in the end I can't do it alone. God has placed people in my life for reasons…to build and encourage to keep going and holding fast unto Him. My church has had a difficult past year with relationships and such, but reading this today has helped me know that we need each other. God has made us with different personalities and different perspectives, but when He are truly holding onto Him…He meshes us together IN HIM! Meditating on this truth today: "Let US hold fast!"

  6. Denise says:

    Thank you so much, Taime! Your words were exactly what I needed to hear! It’s nice knowing that we’re not the only one to go through a rough time like this. I do need to trust The Lord more because He is the one who directed us here. I have no doubt that we’re not suppose to be here, it’s just hard being away from everyone and having to go through pregnancy without them all around me. BUT God is good and I need to lean on that instead of my family and friends security. I really appreciate you’re kind words, Taime!

  7. Taime' says:

    DENISE your request resonates with me. In 1980 I left all that was known and familiar behind and traveled with my husband to a wee spot on the map 2,100 miles from our nearest friend and relative! I was 6 months pregnant with our first child. On the surface frightening. BUT GOD, directed that move! He engineered our military orders so far from home! That remote place gave us the privilege and pleasure of designing our family traditions, celebrations and identity as an unencumbered three fold cord! Just us and The Lord. There were no bad family habits to pick up. No momma to run to when I burnt dinner or was angry with my spouse.
    God knows you and your husband Denise! He is already in communion with your child’s spirit. He is giving your family a precious garden experience where you can choose to walk with him in the cool of the day! You choose the routine or daily rhythm based on what cultivates the fruits of the spirit in your marriage, home, life and child!
    Wow! You must be such an awesome woman for God to trust you with this venture! I look forward to hearing the full recounting of your faithful life when we settle into our eternal address! Your sister on the narrow road.

  8. Joanna S says:

    The verse that stood out to me all day was verse 39 which says, “But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.” I like how God already says where we belong. We are the ones with faith & are saved! We don’t shrink back! This is so powerful. At times I don’t feel faithful or that I’m not shrinking back. God calls me out. He knows who I really am. So encouraging. God is good!

    1. Deb says:

      Thanks for sharing this insight!

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