Day 12

sparrows and kings

from the sparrows and kings reading plan

Matthew 6:25-34

BY Hayley Morgan

Text: Matthew 6:25-34

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”
– Matthew 6:27

Sometimes I think I’m doing some sort of good by worrying. If I’ve got something rattling around in my head, at least there is some movement and action. But this is surely a false sense of productivity. Worry does nothing but exhaust us.

In this passage, I can almost hear Jesus speaking directly to me. I can see myself sitting in the crowd, trying hard to keep my mind on the sermon and off my to-do list and other life stresses.

(I am a homegrown stressball, born and bred. I come from a long line of people who think worrying is making a dent in the situation.)

Jesus asserts truth in three ways here—
1. He asserts truth through a command (telling us DO NOT worry),
2. He asserts it through logic about important and elementary things (Can you even add an HOUR to your life?),
3. And He appeals to natural law (the birds and the lilies, each totally taken care of and beautiful).

I can be tempted to think of myself as very important in this whole partnership between God and me. If I’m not seeing action on His part, it’s very likely my flesh will start striving and my spirit will become exhausted from the toiling. The lilies neither toil nor spin, they don’t overwork or show off, they don’t worry. Jesus points out to us that even the most beautiful parts of creation are here today and gone tomorrow. Yet, there is such great care.

How much more does He care for us? He created us in His very own image, He saw our sin and loved us so much He made a way for us to be with Him again. So, let’s seek this lasting thing, the thing that doesn’t burn away. Let’s keep our eyes on the Lord and trust Him to care for us as He’s already shown Himself good to do.

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  1. Laura says:

    I am prone to worry and this message was timely. I have been letting worries over a possible health issue overwhelm my thoughts of late. Clearly, God does not need my worry and anxieties to make things better. He makes things better because He is God and He loves me.

  2. Jess says:

    Absolutely needed this today. I’m on day 10 of a cycle of IVF, fighting the voice of the enemy who tries to discourage me. But the truth is that my Heavenly Father is a good good Father, and regardless of the outcome of this journey, He will make me like a tree planted by the streams of water, who will not wither in times of drought. God’s voice is clear – do not worry about tomorrow. Amen Lord – please give me the strength to obey today!

    1. Brooke Martin says:

      I am praying for you this morning, Jess, that you have a peace that passes all understanding as you go through this journey of IVF. I pray that you draw nearer to the Lord and lay your worry at his feet.

  3. Amber says:

    So needed this today! My mind has been racing the past few days with things that are out of my realm to control. Meditating on this passage will be my mission this week. Thanks!

    1. Maddox says:

      We were talking in youth group yesterday about overcoming struggles that we had from before we were Christians to after. I said that mine was struggling with control and by that I mean worry, I worry because I know that deep down I can’t control it but it used to be a lot worse. I think I’ve stopped growing in this area bc I keep telling myself that I’ve grown since I was a non Christian. I’ve been praying for peace and giving God control and I really felt God speaking to me today in this devo! Thank you God for always fulfilling your promises!

  4. Bethany Timmons says:

    I feel sometimes I need this constant reminder. There are so many things I worry about from God pointing me towards going overseas over Christmas to my degree and am I really doing what God wants me to. I need to REST in the fact that God already has it covered and already knows how it is going to work out.

  5. Adele says:

    I start college tomorrow. I’m terrified. This was exactly what I needed today. Thank you Lord.

  6. Ahlaischa says:

    This devotion and Scripture is just what I needed today! I’m 23 and struggling to finish my last semester of school and currently looking for work. I have hopes and dreams and it’s all too easy for me to get anxious and forget that God is sovereign and will work all things for my good & His glory!

  7. Olivia Applegate says:

    I’m only 18, but I was just in a serious relationship to the boy I wanted to marry. he told me I was the one.. I just broke up with him because he cheated on me. I’ve never felt so broken and alone, and I can’t help but worry that I’ll never find a true man- and that even then, I won’t be able to trust him. I’m so hurt by the fact that he never apologized to me and has already gotten over me. I just really need prayers right now please

    1. Nadja says:

      I’ll pray for you! May Jesus ease your pain. Lean on him to carry you through and lead you to the man you can trust!

    2. Emily says:

      Dear sister,
      I was also in a relationship that thought would lead to marriage and like your situation it absolutely shattered me.
      God is redeemer. Do not forget that all the parts of your life are covered by the very blood of Christ. There is man out there who seeks the Lord first and will pursue you with honesty and integrity.
      I’ll be praying for you!

    3. Hannah says:

      Ahh you sound like me 2 years ago! Dear girl, take this time to reflect on God’s goodness and His ultimate sacrifice for you. Fall in love with Jesus again. I promise you, this time will pass and God has glorious, good, good plans for you! He will give you the strength you need to heal. He is working in you!

  8. Laura says:

    I lost my first baby almost two months ago when I was 17 weeks pregnant. It totally devastated me. And now I’m thinking ahead and hoping and praying for another baby. It is so hard not to worry about and fear what could happen next- what if I can’t get pregnant again? What if I do get pregnant and lose another baby? I pray that God will give me peace and trust that He is good and his plan for me AND my children is good!

    1. Kristi says:

      Laura-I can’t imagine what kind of pain that must have brought. ❤️ my hope for you would be that you are still able to grieve while turning that worry of the future into hope, a hope for the joy that Jesus promises you.

    2. Libby says:

      I understand how you feel. I have a beautiful (almost 2 year old little boy). But last December I miscarried at 8 weeks. A couple months later we got pregnant again. I delivered my stillborn daughter at 21 weeks. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. I am very scared. I worry constantly that I’m going to outlive this baby as well. I am praying for God’s strength because on my own, I am no good. We can’t understand why we lose our children, but God is in control. He is much better at handling my life than I am anyway, so I choose to trust! Satan wants to see how much faith you put in your God! Show him that you love your God more than any circumstance; more than any tragedy; and more than any other opportunity to fall. We have to trust in His plan, and not worry. We are human, so we will fail, but we have someone cheering us on, and that thought alone is worth making me give my all! I will pray for you!

      1. Maddox says:

        I will pray for you Libby, God has a plan, I don’t know what that is for you but worrying is not a part of it! I’ll pray for peace and your children for you, that you would experience God’s glory and find hope.

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