Day 10

renowned in bethlehem

from the renowned in bethlehem reading plan

Ruth 4:1-12

BY Raechel Myers

psst—If you have the Ruth study pack and you’re wondering why the title is different, don’t worry! You’re not on the wrong day, we just changed our mind post-printing. Trying to keep you on your toes. :)


Text: Ruth 4:1-12

“May you… be renowned in Bethlehem.”

So our Ruth is waiting in obedience to Naomi (I say “our Ruth” because we all feel a little bit of ownership/protection of her by now, don’t we? Maybe we see a little of ourselves in her). And Boaz is pursuing a future with Ruth through the proper channels. He respects the law, and he is demonstrating over and over that he is an honorable guy. (You are super cheering for things to play out a certain way here, aren’t you? I am!)

Boaz wants this to be legal—for the agreement to be made in plain sight, in the presence of elders. This is a particularly public scene, and it is a cornerstone in the foundation of the most public scene in Christian history.

As you read this narrative, Sisters, do you almost want to giggle with excitement or nod a knowing nod as you read? When Boaz fairly and legally earns the right to take Ruth as his wife—and as the ten elders invoke this awesome, ancient blessing for fruitfulness on their union—they say, “May the Lord make [Ruth] like Rachel and Leah, who together built up the house of Israel,” and “May you[…]be renowned in Bethlehem” (4:11).

You guys, it’s like they knew.

But seriously… if only they knew!

God reveals a peek at His awesome tapestry when we look at the bigger picture of Boaz and Ruth’s love story. We pull back the curtain and see that Ruth’s decision to follow Naomi was so much more than an address change—it is a tiny piece of God’s grand plan.

That blessing of fruitfulness would soon bring forth a son, Obed, who would be the father of Jesse. And Jesse’s son was David! (Yep, the guy who slayed Goliath, was anointed king, and wrote the Psalms). David also happens to be the direct ancestor of a Baby whose parents returned to their hometown, Bethlehem, to deliver Him in a manger—Jesus!

Renowned in Bethlehem, indeed!

Ruth and Boaz have an awesome family history of redemption. Even better, through this family tree, the Redeemer—your Redeemer—would come to buy back the World.

God used our Ruth.
He gives us a glimpse of what a Redeemer looks like, both loving and just, through Boaz.
He has redeemed you like Boaz redeemed Ruth.
Their love story is our love story.

And in the most public way possible, He redeemed us once and for all, a people for His own possession.

Sisters, go forward today like Ruth! Loved so genuinely and so incredibly by the One Who redeemed you to be His.

You are loved. And you are His.



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  1. Marlow says:

    So amazing to think of such big moments in Ruth’s life as just “tiny pieces of God’s plan”. It definitely has me reflecting this morning on what situations I’m fretting over, which will also end up just being tiny pieces of God’s plan for me. And I definitely trust God to know what’s best for me.

    1. lauren says:

      that’s so true! i love this perspective.

  2. helenjgeorge says:

    chills. tears. I've heard it a million times but it still has the power of the big story of the gospel!

  3. MeganP says:

    Anna. Thank you. Thank you for your encouragement. I love how you are such a cheerleader for everyone on here. We are blessed to have you…with all sincerity. May you be blessed beyond measure.

  4. jessicalisel says:

    I am SO loved by my king. So loved. Again and again I tell myself. Oh how I want this knowledge to be deep and true. I want it to be enough to carry me into the scary places and drive our fear. I want it to be enough to satisfy my soul and bring peaceful contentment.

    Please Jesus, would your love be entirely enough for me. Would I fall head over heels in love with you. Again and again. Please cover me with your garment and romance my heart.

  5. T Thomas says:

    “Ruth’s decision to follow Naomi was so much more than an address change—it is a tiny piece of God’s grand plan.”

    This part really stuck out to me. In a crossroads at the moment about whether to stay currently where we live now or move to a new place. It is more than an address change. The moves we make are more important than we might realize. I have been anxious about staying and if we decide to move. Packing, moving from what’s familiar and comfortable. Moving to better opportunities, change of scenery, new possibilities. Both in my life and in my spiritual life, seems like there is a move or “shift” going on. Just not sure which direction to go or remain. Very thought provoking devotional day. I will be praying about this with my family in hopes that He will order our steps and that we will stay or go where He needs us, no matter the uncertainty. He will make sure in due time that it all will fall into place. The wherever you go, I will go part we touched on days ago, that is a very serious commitment. We say it and mean it, but when it comes time to do it, we are very hesitant in our human nature. I just want to make the right move.

    “But seriously… if only they knew!”

    I feel like this is what the Lord is saying. Let Me guide you all. Trust Me. You all will be okay. If you only knew.

    I’m open Lord to Your grand plan for us.

  6. HealingMatthew says:

    "He redeemed us once and for all.." Ahh. I could cry. I sometimes feel so far from God.. like I need to start all over, like I am no longer His daughter. But He's never let me go. I am never far from my Father. Thank you Lord for never leaving my side. Thank you for Your love story!

  7. Renee says:

    Lea, our hearts seem to be in similar situations! Thank you for your reminder that I’m not alone.

  8. Diane says:

    Redeemer is my favorite name for Jesus! As a woman who has all the cultural independence,there still needs to be a place of surrender to God. Wee cannot stand alone very long in this sinful world.My Redeemer has set me free of so many lies about women. The verse that comes to mind for this story of Ruth is "I know the plans I have for you,plans to prosper you and not harm you". Jer. 29:11. This has been a great study

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