Day 10

renowned in bethlehem

from the renowned in bethlehem reading plan

Ruth 4:1-12

BY Raechel Myers

psst—If you have the Ruth study pack and you’re wondering why the title is different, don’t worry! You’re not on the wrong day, we just changed our mind post-printing. Trying to keep you on your toes. :)


Text: Ruth 4:1-12

“May you… be renowned in Bethlehem.”

So our Ruth is waiting in obedience to Naomi (I say “our Ruth” because we all feel a little bit of ownership/protection of her by now, don’t we? Maybe we see a little of ourselves in her). And Boaz is pursuing a future with Ruth through the proper channels. He respects the law, and he is demonstrating over and over that he is an honorable guy. (You are super cheering for things to play out a certain way here, aren’t you? I am!)

Boaz wants this to be legal—for the agreement to be made in plain sight, in the presence of elders. This is a particularly public scene, and it is a cornerstone in the foundation of the most public scene in Christian history.

As you read this narrative, Sisters, do you almost want to giggle with excitement or nod a knowing nod as you read? When Boaz fairly and legally earns the right to take Ruth as his wife—and as the ten elders invoke this awesome, ancient blessing for fruitfulness on their union—they say, “May the Lord make [Ruth] like Rachel and Leah, who together built up the house of Israel,” and “May you[…]be renowned in Bethlehem” (4:11).

You guys, it’s like they knew.

But seriously… if only they knew!

God reveals a peek at His awesome tapestry when we look at the bigger picture of Boaz and Ruth’s love story. We pull back the curtain and see that Ruth’s decision to follow Naomi was so much more than an address change—it is a tiny piece of God’s grand plan.

That blessing of fruitfulness would soon bring forth a son, Obed, who would be the father of Jesse. And Jesse’s son was David! (Yep, the guy who slayed Goliath, was anointed king, and wrote the Psalms). David also happens to be the direct ancestor of a Baby whose parents returned to their hometown, Bethlehem, to deliver Him in a manger—Jesus!

Renowned in Bethlehem, indeed!

Ruth and Boaz have an awesome family history of redemption. Even better, through this family tree, the Redeemer—your Redeemer—would come to buy back the World.

God used our Ruth.
He gives us a glimpse of what a Redeemer looks like, both loving and just, through Boaz.
He has redeemed you like Boaz redeemed Ruth.
Their love story is our love story.

And in the most public way possible, He redeemed us once and for all, a people for His own possession.

Sisters, go forward today like Ruth! Loved so genuinely and so incredibly by the One Who redeemed you to be His.

You are loved. And you are His.



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  1. Andie Walton says:

    I cannot express my full enjoyment of this study. Awe sweet love. After reading today’s I want to jump up and down in excitement not only for Ruth, but the ancestral line that redeems all of us. Woohoo! Amen!

  2. Brandi says:

    I am in love with this series on Ruth.

  3. Juliefay says:

    Wow! I just love the integrity of boaz in wanting to offer his desires to the kinsman redeemer first and trusting the lord with the outcome.

  4. Steph says:


  5. This has been my most favorite devotional for this study!! I love how Boaz made a public scene to gain Ruth as his bride.. Just as Jesus did for us. Though on a much grander scale. Also love that the elders said for them to be known in Bethlehem and that’s where Jesus was born!! So amazing how God uses us all to bring about such a bigger plan! His plan of redemption!

  6. Arianna Miskowski says:

    Their story is ultimately an even better version of Romeo and Juliet! When you think about the entire Bible is practically a love story written from God to us, his brides of Christ. He truly loves us the way Boaz loved Ruth, and this story shows that.❤️❤️❤️

  7. Kara says:

    There are so many times we are praying for things and want them to happen fast. Ruth probably did. Boaz was handling things in the proper way, which would take a little time. We need to look at our requests in this way, God is putting all the pieces together and it may take longer than we would like.

  8. lauren says:

    i see ruth’s story as israel’s: abandoned, homeless, scared–praying and waiting for the redeemer. then the redeemer shows up, but in an unexpected way, taking an unexpected path. there’s an opportunity to doubt the redemption or to have faith in God’s plan. and she chose to have faith.

    i loved learning about the guardian redeemer’s legal obligation in this study, bc it was Christ’s! he came to fulfill the law–and as OUR guardian redeemer, he legally was obligated to redeem us. though we don’t deserve it (as ruth didn’t) and though we have nothing to give in return but our loyalty and love (as ruth didn’t), he fulfilled his appointed (not chosen!) duty under the law.

    i love learning about Hebrew customs and history and law–bc they’re so intricately woven into the story of our redemption in a way we’ve so sadly forgotten today. thank you for this study!

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