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Remember that time you girls raised enough money to build an amazing, custom Bible app in less than one day? Yes, that.

Well, dear friends, it’s happening – it’s really happening!! Our designer and developer have put the pedal to the metal and they are working insane hours to build the beautiful, functional app we envisioned. Each time we get a new mockup of the design, our hearts leap for joy and we thank God for you. True story.

So…. want to see some of what we’ve seen?!? We’ve been dying to show you.

Here’s a peek at the search feature. See on the right how it indicates whether your result is a reading plan or a journal entry, etc?


And this happy little animation is a part of the “onboarding” process. (Yes, we’re getting an app-building education as we go!). This (or something similar to this) is what you’ll see when you download and open the app for the first time. Like a little tutorial of all of the features!

It’s important to us that the app looks great, but it’s also super important that anyone who uses it knows just what to do!


And these happy little screens are what you’ll see if you want to browse and download lock screens (!!!!) and what it will look like just before you begin a new reading plan.

app sneak peek

Pardon our excitement, but…. SQUEEEEEEE!!!

We love so much where this is heading. And we hope so much that you do, too!

Now. Bask in the glow of these beautiful sneak peeks. Read some scripture and talk to the Lord and take just a minute to breathe. Then go spend a wonderful Saturday with your people or your coworkers or a really, really good book. We’ll do the same.

See you here tomorrow for a lock screen and Monday for the start of the Nehemiah study!

the SheReadsTruth team


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  1. James says:

    It is delightful to read your post and you share quality information about what, s app. Please keep posting such kind of informative stuff.

  2. NatalieDiaz says:

    Really awesome and important things you have elucidated here. I liked the way you have highlighted the important points here.

  3. Amanda says:

    Do you know if they will be making a Windows Phone app? That would be AMAZING for those of us with Windows Phones!

  4. Lisa says:

    When will the app be ready?

  5. Ryah Nabielski says:

    Looks amazing! Can't wait!

  6. Ashlee Chu says:

    This looks amazing! Such a stunning test.

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  8. LaurenC_ says:

    Looking good!!

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