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Luke 24:1-12; 1 Corinthians 15; Isaiah 25:6-9; Matthew 28

BY Amanda Bible Williams

Text: Luke 24:1-12; 1 Corinthians 15; Isaiah 25:6-9; Matthew 28

The world was waiting – for a sign of life, for a miracle, for a happier ending to the story.
The world was waiting, and Sunday came. Praise the Lord, Sunday came.

When the women went to the tomb early that third day – to cover their Lord in their tears and the customary burial spices they’d prepared – the stone which sealed the tomb had been pushed aside. Oh, how their hearts must have sunk at the sight. To witness His betrayal, His brutal death, His burial and His absence, and now this? What on earth was happening here?

The angels made a grand entrance, as angels often do, and they asked the question that reaches through centuries of history to our own aching, weary world: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5b, NIV)

Can you hear that conversation from the cemetery echoing even now in your own heart?

What makes you think He’s dead?

Well, because He died. I saw it myself.

But what makes you think that’s the end?

Isn’t it? I’ve seen people die. They don’t come back. I’ve killed relationships and opportunities. I’ve suffocated good things with my own hands. None of them came back. When things die, when people die, they don’t live again. That’s the way it works.

Not anymore.

I don’t understand.

Everything has changed.

What do you mean?

You can stop searching the graveyard for the hope, the love, the life you long for. HE IS ALIVE.

Resurrection Sunday is more than the miracle of a man coming back to life.
It is the fulfillment of a promise.
It is the irremovable seal on God’s vow of love to His children.
It is the resurrection of hope.
It is the definitive declaration that the Love we long for is not dead.

He is alive. Oh, dear Sisters, He is alive!

He sits with you, He prays for you, He waits with the Father for you.

For you who wonder if a laugh will ever again escape your lips – He lives for you.
For you who weep with gratitude for gifts you could not possibly have earned – He lives for you.
For you whose eyes strain to see something – anything – good around the bend – He lives for you.
For you who sit alone in the stillness of grief and silence – He lives for you.
For you whose arms are linked to fear on one side and hope on the other – He lives for you.
For you who are soul-weary from searching among dead things for the life your heart longs for – He lives for you.

He lived and died to buy your pardon, just like the old hymn says.
He wrapped His infinite being in flesh for you (John 1:14).
He endured temptation and humiliation, scorn and scourge for you (Hebrews 4:14-16, Matthew 27:15-44).
He satisfied the wrath of the holy and just God the Father for you (Romans 5:6-11).
And He walked out of the grave that Sunday morning for you.

He lives. Hallelujah, the Gospel is true!

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  2. Gema Muniz says:

    All I can do is sing to him.
    "Gods not dead he is surely alive, he's living in the inside roaring like a lion!" Gods not dea!

  3. EssieJean says:

    Hello dear Sisters!
    I was so sad not to join out little community for Easter, but what a blessing to receive this encouragement right in the middle of my Monday. On Sunday, my pastor shared Psalm 118:20-24 with us as a prophecy of the crucifixion and resurrection. What a new insight to see the so familiar verse – "This is the day that the Lord has made" – in reference to Christ's death and resurrection as our ransom!
    It truly was the day that the Lord made!

  4. Janee White says:

    Weeping truly lasted for a night – but Joy came in the morning. Jesus has beaten death – He shed His grave clothes and so have I. Jesus left the tomb to deliver a message of Hope. I have allowed my flesh to die so I could deliver His message. He revealed His scars to those who doubted the crucifixion and the resurrection. I will bear my scars to reveal His healing, hope and salvation.

    He left behind what was no longer needed, but took with Him what He needed to bring glory to His Fathers Name. Today I leave behind all that hindered, and embrace the freedom and future our Savior came to give.

    May you all be blessed, with a resurrected life. A life of hope – a life of joy. May you leave your grave clothes behind, and embrace the full Life Jesus came to give. God bless you sisters…oh my word, God has blessed you.

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