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Jonah 2:7

BY She Reads Truth

Text: Jonah 2:7

Happy Sunday, sisters!

As you know, we believe that memorizing scripture is one of the best ways to carry the Word of our God with us wherever we go – to have God-breathed truth and instruction and reproof in our hearts and minds as we live unto Him each day.

For our Weekly Truth today, we’ve chosen Jonah 2:7, a portion of Jonah’s repentant prayer in the belly of the fish:

When my life was fainting away,
I remembered the Lord,
and my prayer came to you,
into your holy temple.
– Jonah 2:7, ESV

Write it down – copy it twenty times if that helps! Pray it. Save an image of this verse to your phone’s lockscreen.

We want to be a community that is intentional about Scripture memorization. Join us?

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  1. AnnaLee says:

    I love all of you guys so much. Praise God, that He brings us all here. That no matter who I am or what I do, He is the God who pursues me despite myself– and He hears my cry, when I'm in the belly of the beast. Wow. Praise God.

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