#SheSharesTruth | Psalm 130

from the #SheSharesTruth | Psalm 130 reading plan

Psalm 130

BY She Reads Truth

Good morning, sisters!

It’s Friday. The end of the week. Three days into the season of Lent. Thirteen days until Spring. A day that the Lord has given to us for His glory.

What a gift!

Today is also the very first Friday in our #SheSharesTruth experiment. You may remember me outlining some of the details for you on Wednesday:

People say that one of the best ways to learn is to teach. We’ve certainly found this to be true for ourselves. Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, whether you have a blog with 10 or 10,000 readers – or don’t have a blog at all – we want to give you the opportunity to share truth! Every Friday during Lent, YOU will be our writers. We will assign your scriptures on Monday, and you’ll have five days to study, prepare and write. And then the fun. On Friday, come to the SheReadsTruth site and share the link to the devotional you’ve written – a hundred different takes on the same passage!

All that to say… Friday means that our community has the opportunity to teach truth. On their blogs, through social media, and with their SheReadsTruth sisters right here, today we share what we have learned in our deeper study of Psalm 130.

[Also, PLEASE feel free to use the graphic below for your posts! We made it for you!]

She Shares Truth

Here’s the plan:

  • Write your devotional/reflections/response to Psalm 130 on your personal blog. (If you don’t have a blog, use Instagram, Facebook with the hashtags #SheSharesTruth and #SheReadsTruth; or even write the comments section here.)
  • Link to this post so your readers can know about the #SheSharesTruth experiment too.
  • Share the link to your post/Facebook update/Instagram below in the LinkyTool below.
  • Visit each other’s links – at least one or two (maybe the two people who linked up before you?). Comment there – tell them you see them and hear them! Let’s talk about the God of Psalm 130 together!

**Please share our heart, sisters. Our desire is not for this to be a time of comparison or sizing up writing abilities or spiritual maturity. Eloquence and insight are lovely, but we know that is not the thing our God calls us to. So, let’s not call each other to that either. Sister, if you feel ill-equipped – GOOD! If you feel like you have so much to learn – GREAT. SO DO WE! Every single time we sit down to write. And if we don’t, are hearts are not in the right place. Let this be a safe place to learn and share and love each other WELL.

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  1. upsidedownbethlehem says:

    I nominated you for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!

    If you'd like to nominate others, do as follows:

    One: Nominate 10 other bloggers.

    Two: Inform said bloggers about their nominations.

    Three: Share 7 random things about yourself.

    Four: Thank the blogger who nominated you.

    Five: Put the Versatile Blogger Award picture in your post.

  2. Cassie says:

    Thanks for the challenge!
    The linky tool just disappeared, but hey.

  3. ALG16 says:

    I am so excited to curl up & read all of your devotionals. I have yet to post mine…but maybe next Friday I will jump in. I'm so glad we are all loving this study so far. Being my first on SRT, I am so impressed. God is so, so good!!

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