what’s next: 2 more new plans!

from the what’s next: 2 more new plans! reading plan

BY Amanda Bible Williams

You made it! Take a deep breath, Sisters.

Many of you have commented on how heavy-hitting these three little books of 1, 2 and 3 John have been for you. Following on the heels of the This Is The Gospel plan, it makes sense that you may need to come up for air. We hope you’ll use this weekend to do just that.

Breathe a little.
Pray a little.
Pray a lot.

Catch up on your reading if you’re behind, or just take time to let those truths that the Holy Spirit has been teaching you sink a little deeper into your heart.

Here’s what’s coming up next for us at She Reads Truth:

This Is The Bible

A follow-up to This Is The Gospel, This Is The Bible is a short reading plan that explores another vitally important aspect of our faith — God’s Word.

What do we know about Scripture from Scripture?
What does God say about His Word?
How does this affect our relationship with Him and with the Bible itself?

We can’t wait to dig into all this and more with you next week.

The This Is The Bible reading plan will begin on Monday, February 24.

And Then

We are excited to do our first ever Lent reading plan with you this year! It is still taking shape, and it may be a bit different (read: less formal) than you’d expect, but our prayer is that it will be a sweet time of setting our hearts on the Lord and His Word as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection.

We love you, ladies, and we are so honored to walk alongside you from day to day.

Thank you for your presence here.
Thank you for the grace you show one another in prayer, in the comments section, on instagram and more.
You are a unique and truly lovely community of women, and we are grateful for you.

Amanda, Raechel, Diana & Hayley


Oh, hey! We forgot to mention, there may or may not be a big (huge!) announcement coming soon. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s appropriate. ;)


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  1. Courtney L. says:

    Love that APP was in bold in appropriate. Can't wait for the announcement! I am new to this site, but have read your devotionals on You Version. I am going to read yesterday's & today's devotionals today and catch up on the newest plan. :)

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