Day 2

The Bible In A Year 2

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 4-6, John 2

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  1. Leslie WaitsMorrison says:


  2. E Hong says:

    Jesus knows what is in man ! -ellie

  3. Christine Crook says:

    I really love that God clothed Adam and Eve after they sinned and He protected Cain after he had murdered even though he punished both of them. God is loving even though sin has consequences.

    I also love the faith that God sees in humans, and specially in Noah, and how He finds favor in those who seek Him.

    Jesus’ first miracle is really cool- I love how he surprised the people at the wedding and how he goes against what is normal in the culture.

    Jesus getting angry about people selling things in the temple reminded me about how disgusting our perverted sin is to God – using something that used to glorify God and making it to glorify the opposite, SIN.


  4. Reina Sikabwe says:

    God does not like sin….yet human tend Andy was seen by hims and Jesus :(

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