Day 2

The Bible In A Year 2

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 4-6, John 2

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  1. Avery Zapata says:


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  3. Shelby Campbell says:

    Cain is a reminder that jealousy is a wicked trait and that it will only lead to your own downfall. It’s important to remember this is the days of social media and constantly comparing to others.. it is toxic and an unattractive quality. Be happy for others and celebrate their accomplishments instead of being jealous and hateful.

  4. Stephanie Murphy says:

    Reading the beginning, when Cain and Abel were born and eventually when Cain has a wife and child. I always wonder, where did his wife come from? God speaks of other people who may not kill Cain or they will be punished sevenfold….is there a mention of other people he created roaming the earth at that time? If we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, where did the wife of Cain come from? Does anyone know?

    1. Mariah Harman says:

      I had this same question a while back, so I asked someone in my church. The answer I received is there are two schools of thought. The first is that when God created Adam and Eve, He also created “the other people”. He just set Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The second idea is that the only humans He created were Adam and Eve, and the “other people” are their children. So Adam and Eve truly are the mother and father of all humans.

      1. Emily Laurence says:

        What I was taught when I had this question was your second point is that Adam and Eve are the mother and father of all humans. God made Adam and Eve as two perfect humans. As generations pass by, that’s when we start to get genetic differences. This is the idea, Back in the biblical days people lived very long lives due to their closer kinship to Adam and Eve and in turn having little impurities to their genetic make up. It was not until comparatively recently that people started to have shortened lifespans.
        This is just one way of thinking though.

    2. Natasha McKay says:

      This is from the blue letter bible. Hope it’s helpful to you.

      First, we must understand that no information is given as to when Cain killed Abel. The Bible does not tell us how old Cain and Abel were when this murder took place. It merely says it occurred at the end of days. It is not necessary to assume that they were mere teenagers or young men. If each of them were over fifty years of age, then there could have been a considerable number of people living at the time. We know this because the Scripture does state that Adam and Eve had many more sons and daughters than Cain and Abel.
      The Bible says Adam was one hundred and thirty years old when Seth was born. He then lived another eight hundred years. God had promised Eve that he would greatly multiply her conception (Genesis 3:16). In fact Jewish tradition states that Adam had 33 sons and 23 daughters! Therefore many people could have existed at the time when Cain killed Abel. It has been conservatively estimated that 32,000 people could have been alive at that time this event occurred.

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  6. tatum zingg says:

    I love the story about Jesus at the wedding. Ive always has the impression Jesus was always healing and doing good in the towns, and wouldn’t have time for a party such as a wedding but he was there. He was there celebrating the joy of two coming together, just as family would be. He is family.

  7. Sarah Johnson says:

    When Jesus turned water into wine, the Bible says it was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory (verse 11). The word glory struck me as powerful. In Hebrew the word is kavod which translates to ‘importance,’ ‘heaviness,’ ‘majesty,’ ‘respect,’ and primarily ‘glory.’ I hope to live out God’s will with as much zeal, respect, and glory as Jesus does here.

  8. Abby Eichstedt says:

    it’s interesting that jesus used the water jars that were meant for purification rituals as the vessels for serving wine at a wedding. so many layered metaphors!

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