Day 2

The Bible In A Year 2

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 4-6, John 2

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  1. Inez Lee says:

    This just shows how awesome God is. When you follow him good things will happen for you. God is a man of his word and you don’t always need to see signs to believe in him! We also learn that we need to celebrate each other instead of being jealous or mean to each other.

  2. Makenzie Mason says:

    Noah also walked in fellowship in God, and he also leads his life by faith and not by sight or need for miraculous proof like the Jewish leaders did in John 2. He trusted God and in return, God’s plan showed the Lord’s trust in Noah. Noah did not back down because he knew that God was backing him. I hope I can walk in fellowship with God just as closely as Noah did. Truly and inspiring and beautiful story ❤️

  3. Makenzie Mason says:

    It awestruck me that Enoch lived in close fellowship with God and he did not die, according to scripture. He disappeared because God took him to heaven for eternity.

  4. Makenzie Mason says:

    Abel is an example of a follower who gives God his BEST and his FIRST. His life is completely devoted to God.

  5. Lauren Brooks says:

    I’ve been journaling questions, and have so many about this section of genesis! Fascinating! In this John passage, I love that Jesus’s mother had faith he would perform the miracle, even when he said he wasn’t ready. Such a great mom move!

    1. Marina Hable says:

      Where have you been finding journal prompts? I’m having a hard time understanding all of the meaning of the reading.. I am new to this and am looking for any tips!

    2. Marina Hable says:

      Where are you finding the journal prompts? I am new to this and am having a hard time understanding all of the reading!

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