he became poor

from the he became poor reading plan

2 Corinthians 8:9, Isaiah 53:2-5

BY Hayley Morgan

Text: 2 Corinthians 8:9, Isaiah 53:2-5

For Your Sakes He Became Poor


“For the Christmas spirit is the spirit of those who, like their Master, live their whole lives on the principle of making themselves poor – spending and being spent – to enrich their fellow men, giving time, trouble, care, and concern, to do good to others – and not just their own friends – in whatever way there seems need.”
-J.I. Packer

Jesus coming as a tiny infant defies all logic. The Jews were waiting for a powerful leader, someone with political clout and positional muscle. They anticipated a king on the throne, not than a King swaddled up and nestled in a manger. But that’s how Jesus came – He was dependent, He was vulnerable, He was helpless, and He was human.

God isn’t interested in human logic. God is interested in filling people up with the Holy Spirit, people dependent on their Father and living like His son Jesus. He made himself poor so we could be rich. We are dependent, we are vulnerable, we are helpless, and we are human. We are imperfect vessels set to be filled with a perfect God.


Lord, please show us how to live more fully in step with You. Show us how to be dependent in our vulnerability and in our humanness. Allow us to take part in the great riches you have for us in Jesus. Amen.

Advent Action

Examine your heart for ways you may be trying to live as though you are not fully dependent on God. Reach out to someone today who may be fiscally or emotionally “poor” and bless them in some small way.


For an added layer of worship and study, we chose a beloved Christmas song for each day of our Advent plan. We invite you to listen to Hillsong’s Emmanuel today as we dwell on the truth of God’s word together.

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16 thoughts on "he became poor"

  1. AnnaLee says:

    "God isn’t interested in human logic. God is interested in filling people up with the Holy Spirit, people dependent on their Father and living like His son Jesus."

    "But he was pierced for our transgressions,
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
    the punishment that brought us peace was on him,
    and by his wounds we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5)

    Lord, I'm dissatisfied. Look into my heart. Convict me of where I'm not being fully dependent upon you. Lead me. Sisters, I need prayer today.

  2. lbug says:

    I am blessed soooo much by these devotions AND the comments just help to deepen my devotion each day! Thanks SRT for providing such wisdom and a platform for us as Christian women to expound on what the Holy Spirit moves in us to share! Yes , Cadacejo, What a Christmas we can have this year when we think on these truths! Oh come, oh come Emmanuel!

  3. Candacejo says:

    Reading in the NLT, it just jumped off the page, ( or iPad!) "it was OUR WEAKNESSES He carried." It was "OUR SORROWS that weighed Him down", "He was pierced for OUR REBELLION, crushed for OUR SINS. He was beaten so WE COULD BE WHOLE. He was whipped so WE COULD BE HEALED."

    Like Hayley said, we are so dependent ON HIM! As Ibukun said He can handle it! He laid down everything for us…gave it all so we could have everything.

    What a Christmas we can have this year when we think on these truths!

  4. Valanne says:

    I am dependent, I am vulnerable, I am helpless, and I am human. Yes I am made in the image of Christ. How could I ever think that "He" doesn't get me? Of course He does! Now if I daily will only act more like Him, I can rejoice in a transformed "spent" spirit. May I long for and seek this poor spirit.

  5. MelissaB says:

    Isaiah 53 reading. Amazing. All of it.

  6. Joanne Sher says:

    We are imperfect – filled with the perfection of a Holy God. He became poor, so we could be rich. The contrasts of His kingdom never crease to amaze me, or make me ponder. No wonder He is foolishness to the perishing! Thank you.

  7. Tricia says:

    God designed this perfectly. Not some powerful king riding in to save by might and influence, but a humble servant to show there is another way. Oh if only I could remember always to let Christ go ahead of me, and depend on him alone rather than my human ways. My Achilles heel is work. Pride and ego take over, and I continually have to pause and ask for His grace to help me through my workday. I pray that He helps me become a humble servant as He was, and not play the human game that manifests itself in my job.

  8. Ibukun says:

    Thankful for today’s reading and I still can’t get over the descriptions used for Jesus in Isaiah 53. God did not want us to be distracted by looks and account balances so much that He made His son extraordinarily ordinary! And this Jesus, He came– eye on the goal— carrying all my weaknesses and failures and shortcomings and everyday tells me to be wholly dependent on Him because He can handle it. Grace to trust Him with everything.

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