give thanks in quiet

from the give thanks in quiet reading plan

Psalm 46:10, Proverbs 31:10-31

BY Diana Stone

Text: Psalm 46:10, Proverbs 31:10-31

Quiet time. It’s a phrase that gets thrown around by many of us in the throes of our busy days. Ministry. Motherhood. Work. Volunteering. Quiet time is squeezed in at the last moment, a sort of desperate measure to regain balance and focus.

Business and productivity can be wonderful things. Even the Proverbs 31 woman is described as one who “watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” But at the end of the passage, when it comes down to it, her life is not well spent simply because she was busy. Because she is “a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

As “women who fear the Lord,” there is a tug between busyness and quiet. Life may be too busy for some, but for others of us it is more quiet than we’d like. Maybe we feel lost and afraid after losing a job. Or we’ve left a city full of friends for the promise of a new start. Maybe we long for a home filled with family, or maybe we’ve just sent our last child off to college.

For we who struggle with unexpected or unwanted silence, it can become hard to find meaning in the days we spend waiting, hoping, and learning patience. Quietness can be a heavy burden to a soul that longs for a different sound.

 Let us not waste or wish away these quiet seasons of our lives. The longer these times stretch, the more tempting it is to fill them with things that simply take up that space or turn up the noise. Let us ask the Lord how He would have us use this time.

Sweet sisters, dare to rest fully in God in times of quiet – whether chosen or handed to you. And be thankful, for even in the silence, He is right there.

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God: my hope comes from him.” Psalm 62:5


For an added layer of worship and study, we chose a beloved hymn for each day of our Give Thanks plan. Today, we invite you to listen to “To Christ The Lordas we dwell on the truth of God’s word together.


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  1. Misce says:

    Love the song for today's devo… :) And thank you Diana … Right now is a quiet season of my life… and this is the year when I heard Him the most… and the year when I felt the closest to Him…. :) Thank you Lord for giving me this quiet season.. a season I'll never get back again when lost… I will cherish every second of it with you… <3

    1. Wendy says:

      Hello Dianne and Misce71p….
      Be still and know only comes when it's quiet…when I'm quiet..when all the noise in my mind and all the a activities are silenced. I just retired. I am 62 .HE has given me pretty decent health. My prayer is being answered by today's devotion. Rather than explain over & over to others what I will be doing with my "time", I can now exclaim….witness….. that this is my season of quiet. My time to let my thoughts rest, empty out, and allow my habits & routines to cease. This is a season to just unplug. Drain and be refreshed, &renewed. Time to seek & be filled with What GOD has for me to do!!!! Why am I smiling? I FEEL HIS COMFORT right now. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh entering the Quiet Zone….amen.

  2. Joanne Sher says:

    It's so easy to fill the quiet with busywork. I do it all the time. We feel guilty being quiet, because, especially as mothers, there is always something else we could be doing. But resting fully in Him is what is truly needed.

    Thanks so much for this!

  3. a^2 says:

    "Quietness can be a heavy burden to a soul that longs for a different sound"… thank you for expressing my heart in a way that i had yet to put words to but immediately felt understood when i read them!

  4. megkwhit says:

    I have been running around like crazy this morning since today is our Thanksgiving because of work schedules. My husband finally turned to me and said, "go sit and be still for a little bit". So I picked up my Bible to read today's devotional and it was a great awakening. :-) I definitely need to take time to just sit and be. Thank you for the reminder Diana!!

  5. AnnaLee says:

    My life has been weird lately. This time has been one full of rest, joy, praise, peace, hope, and reconciliation; at the same time, nothing seems to have changed externally, and my heart has been antsy to hear from God what plans He has for me next in life. Every time I've gone to him, feeling that foolish pressure of wanting to figure my life out, He's answered me with exultation, encouragement, and that he delights in me. In the same token, he's told me to stop asking about plans, and has chastised me about trusting in HIS timing for those words of guidance. He's told me to rest here, and I know there's a reason why. Lord, thank you! Praise you, father, for giving us times of rest and times of moving.

  6. MelissaRenee says:

    This was a message that came right on time for me. I have many times of quiet where I'm not quite sure what do. I need to be thankful and reverent in these times. Thank you!

  7. Paige says:

    I hope to embrace this season of "quiet" in my own life and use this season of singleness to love and serve others. Thank you for this devotional and the perspective from others who are in their own seasons of quiet.

    1. AnnaLee says:

      Amen, Paige! this is my prayer as well.

  8. beatccr says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I've been in a season filled with waiting and silence and at times, it's downright frustrating. But I'm discovering so many other things about God and his faithfulness at the same time. And I'm so thankful that I do believe in a God that I know is with me at ALL times and am so thankful for that.

    Here's a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago on that very topic

    1. Candacejo says:

      That was beautiful….and I am guessing you are a Doctor Who fan, lol. I only know that because one of my sons follows it so do I make the friend list?? :)

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