give thanks in security

from the give thanks in security reading plan

Exodus 16

BY Hayley Morgan

Text: Exodus 16

There is something amazing about our insatiable hunger for more. We are rarely satisfied, and particularly so if we cannot see where our next provision is coming from. We grumble and complain and wring our hands. We exhaust ourselves, playing out every scenario. And we know no peace.

But, thankfully, we know that we can experience God’s secure peace here on Earth.

In Exodus 16, we encounter the Israelites a while after they left Egypt. They are getting to the point where they are frustrated with Moses and wondering if they will ever eat again. Their former life of slavery is looking pretty good at this point, because at least they had food then. But now? Now they have no clue where their food is going to come from and they don’t trust their leaders.

But God. But God, in His infinite provision, wanted the Israelites to understand that He was God. He is always a sure bet.

He made it rain bread from the sky, enough for each days’ meal. He made it rain just enough bread to last the whole group through the day. Verse 18 tells us that “whoever gathered much had nothing left over, and whoever gathered little had no lack.” How is that for certainty?

Can you imagine waking up each day and knowing that, regardless of what you do, your work is going to be enough? That you will not go without and you will also not have excess?

Our daily bread may not rain down from the sky, but our God is just as faithful to us today as He was to the Israelites then. If you are in a season where things seem unsure, you can be sure that our God provides. He is as secure and sure and steadfast as it gets.



For an added layer of worship and study, we chose a beloved hymn for each day of our Give Thanks plan. Today, we invite you to listen to “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” as we dwell on the truth of God’s word together.

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13 thoughts on "give thanks in security"

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is something that hit me. I have to give thankfulness for what I do have. We struggle just like others have. We wonder if we have money for our food and needs but I am having to remember that our Lord always provides even when I am in doubt. Today I will remain thankful for my many blessings.

  2. jesusgirl71 says:

    this is so hard, especially today. My computer's hard drive totally crashed on me. It had been sluggish for months, and I had a bad suspicion, yet as a tech I was also trying everything to fix it, everything that wasn't working. so in some ways it's a relief. but my husband is more upset about the whole thing than I am, and to get a new one might require charging it for right now and paying it off in a couple months. I have an older XP machine that I am willing to use, but for some reason, that option isn't making him happy. yet I know god will resolve all this

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