and if not

from the and if not reading plan

Daniel 3:1-23

BY Hayley Morgan

Text: Daniel 3:1-23

“And if not…”

I feel like that’s the rally cry of my faith. I hold on to the idea that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had. I believe that God will show up, that He will show up here on Earth and move in His people and move mountains.

“And, if not…”

And if not, He is still good. He is still the King Most High. He alone is still worthy of our worship. It is still worth it. It would be far better for me to perish than to live a life of bowing down to a lesser god.

We may not live under a government that dictates who or what we can worship, but how often do we voluntarily allow idols to take residence in our life? Comfort, safety, health, wealth. How often do we bow down and sacrifice for those things?

I have hopes. I have desires. If I’m honest, sometimes I hope God’s desires line up with my desires for my life, not the other way around.

But, I believe I’d give up comfort, safety, health and wealth to more fully know God. I believe that giving up those things would benefit me here on Earth. And, if not, I have the comfort of knowing there is glory in Eternity.

Do you have something you are hoping God will show up and do? Do you trust that He is good to grant that desire? Do you trust that He is also good in the “And, if not…”?


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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this story and admire the faith and trust that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abemdego has in God. They were literally put through the fire! I’ve been blessed with a pretty good life, but like everyone, I’ve had my share of fires to go through. Thankfully I continue to trust in Him and God always shows up in his perfect time. But I must say, I haven’t been in any “7 times hotter” situations…yet. I pray that I have the faith of these three, when the furnace is 7 times hotter. I pray I have the “and if not” mentality.

  2. Jennifer McElhannon says:

    Daniel is my favorite book of the Bible and here I never really thought about these particular verses regarding Shadrach, Mecshach, and Abednego. Regardless of whether God would deliver them from the fire or not, they believed that He would do what was best for them. They kept their faith regardless of what the world was saying. They never gave up on God.

    I feel like sometimes I can give up when it comes to my health. I have so many setbacks and get discouraged, but I have to trust in God. He is good no matter what. If I never get a complete healing from my illnesses, I know that He is good and is using me as a vessel in His greater plan.

    Because if not…there is always a reason. God gives us trials and tribulations that we must choose to either lean on Him or turn away from Him. I know that with each day, I must put my faith in Him that he will deliver me.

  3. Cindy Grafton says:

    This world seems to offer a glittering display of choices, each one more exciting than those offered by God. But even though following Him is sometimes like walking into a thick, dull fog, that’s what I hope to do. For my hope is in Him. Even if He doesn’t seem to be present.
    I have no other hope. I refuse to rely on the lesser gods of comfort, money or my own wisdom.

  4. Nadia Crawford says:

    My Lord, I was so blessed by this devotional! It was exactly what I needed to hear. Sure like everyone else I’ll get to a sticky situation and feel like god hasnt moved as quickly as i would like so I’d get to the point where I’m like “God to do hear me? Are you still there? Did I miss the revelation you sent me? Where are you Lord?” But all in all I trust that he is always here. I trust that he wouldn’t leave me especially when I need him most. There is something I went to God about right before reading this and there is no doubt that he will either grant this desire or provide clarity of why that isn’t for my life. And if not…. God is still awesome. He still died for me to save me soul, he still has a perfect design, he still is the author and the finisher. He is STILL enough. He still loves me, had mercy of my life, allowed grace to keep me. And who am I to question him? Who am I to be fed up with God?

  5. Ann Glover says:

    yes i do believe that god is good and will show up when you really need him, only just at his stage of real help for you. i also think we can put are self in a places where we don’t belong at. then want to turn around and ask for help from god knowing that this is not the place he send you to. when you know it the wrong turn and you still do it. i think that that will be a lesson for you to learn.

  6. Felicia JOHNSON says:

    I trust JA H will show up, and GIVE me my desires, if it is within his will.

  7. Michelle says:

    This is for Ms. Denise. I had six miscarriages the sixth one I delivered the nurses bought him to me to hold by choice. On the seventh pregnancy I went full term! . It wasn’t until I stopped trying to do it myself and I actually stopped concentrating on it. I truly gave my care s to The Lord and in His time I conceived. Keep the faith! It will happen in His Time!! God Bless You!

  8. Denise says:

    this devotion is a blessing. It made me confess that I don’t think God will show up and allow my husband and I to have a baby. We have been trying for awhile now. I don’t fully trust that he will grant that, not as much as before the miscarriage. And if not, …. I’m not prepared to answer that yet. I would be so crushed. But I do know my god is faithful. But I will confess that would be so painful if that wasn’t his plan for us.

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