when God asks big things

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Daniel 7

BY Hayley Morgan

Text: Daniel 7

There are moments in life when there is a clear “before” and a clear “after.” Your life is no longer the same, and you can’t go back to before you were made aware. It can be disconcerting when God asks big things of you. It can be humbling and frightening, even. Obviously, when God gave Daniel a prophecy in a dream, it was out of the realm of Daniel’s normal day to day life.

Daniel is distressed and even goes to people to help discern what these dreams meant. He is alarmed by his own thoughts, so much that Scripture says the color drained from his complexion. He was taking this encounter with God very seriously.

Scripture tell us that even though Daniel was alarmed, he kept the matter in his heart. He knew that though these dreams were distressing, it was God who gave him the dreams. He cannot go back to the time before he knew the matters in these dreams. He must take heart in knowing that God is in control and ultimately good.

Is there something in your life that you can’t “unsee” or “unknow”? What action would God require of you because of this knowledge?

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  1. VictorFavor says:

    I am loving DANIEL study. I have been learning SO MUCH about "CHARACTER"

  2. Teresa says:

    Sometimes i gain as much from the comments as i do the lesson! i have really appreciated the wisdom from you ladies and am loving being a part of this group of women.

    I totally understand the insecurities and the self loathing! I became a Christian at age 14, but never understood God’s unconditional love for me until almost 40 years later. I hated everything about me. I lived and breathed the blame game. I was stuck in my past, dwelling on the things that I did and the things that were done to me.

    Through the unconditional love of an amazing friend, it was all made clear to me that I was created for a purpose and God created me to be me in this time and place in history! God loves me, for me! I don’t have to try to be anything I am not, just me. I could not understand and fully accept how He could forgive me or love me when it seemed that no one else could. I believed the lies that Satan told me and every criticism cut through me like a jagged edge knife to the belly.

    I am a new woman. I make sure I take time to be still and know He is God. I have a thirst for His Word and am devouring every new thing He reveals to me and trying to live it out! To be the woman God wants me to be, not the one the world thinks I should be.

    There may be accidental parents, but not accidental babies. I was not an accident in Gods eyes and plan!!!

    We serve an amazing God who loves us unconditionally and extends His mercy and grace to us! No matter who we are, or what we’ve done

    We run a 10,000 head pig operation. Nothing wrong with pigs except stubbornness and their smell. Honey, change your name cuz you have a sweet aroma to God not a stench! He knew your name before you were born, use the name you were given.

    You ARE loved!!! Trust me, I know!!!

  3. Julie V. says:

    A couple of things for your mind to chew on:

    1) Read Revelation chapter 13 and look at the parallels between it and Daniel 7.

    2) Luke 12:48 – … For unto whomsoever much is given: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask more.

    My mind is blown away and humbled at how the Bible is intricately woven together.

  4. AnnaLee says:

    "Is there something in your life that you can’t “unsee” or “unknow”? What action would God require of you because of this knowledge?"
    I live in Colorado. In the flood area. There are many things that I have seen that I can't go back from. The biggest thing, in general, is how much people are in need- not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually.
    People a few blocks from the flooding areas feel the same thing I do: We want to help, but we also (in a fleshy way) want to keep going on with our regular lives. It amazes me how most of us can just live like nothing is happening, while literally 6 or 7 blocks over in Evans, CO, people have lost EVERYTHING.
    Lord, what would you have me do about this? How can I help your children? I can't unsee this. I need to help. I've been called to step outside of my day-to-day life and help.
    Lord, show me how I can and in what way you want me to help. Please be praying for Colorado! It's crazy!!

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