He alone is worthy

from the He alone is worthy reading plan

Daniel 4:28-37, Luke 19:37-40

BY Amanda Bible Williams

Text: Daniel 4:28-37, Luke 19:37-40

Pride goes before destruction,
a haughty spirit before a fall.
– Proverbs 16:18

This proverb seems to sum up King Nebuchadnezzar’s story, does it not? There were times when the Truth appeared to catch the king’s attention, but still yet, his worship was misplaced. “Look at this kingdom I’ve built!” he said, admiring his handiwork. “Isn’t it awesome? Aren’t I awesome?”

Then comes the word from heaven and the king is driven out. He loses his kingdom. He loses his mind. He loses his all, only to find it restored on the other side. Yes, even the prideful king – the one who trusted magicians for revelation, demanded his people bow to false gods, threw men into fiery furnaces in his anger – even he could not outrun grace.

Where is the Lord bringing me low today, so that He might lift me up? What am I clenching in my fist that I refuse to see as His? What is it that I long so desperately to build, to control, to call MINE?

“The Lord… lifts up those who are bowed down.” (Psalm 145:14, NIV)

He calls for our worship today in every area of our lives, even – especially! – those we hold most dear. Not just the little things, Sisters, but those things that keep us up at night. He wants our worship in that, too.

If we don’t praise him, Jesus says the rocks will. Let’s beat them to the punch today, shall we?


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  1. Truthseeker says:

    Thank you Rachel. I feel convicted by your comment. .As if the Lord had said the same words to me now. The post above yours was about praise and I just learned about how Lucifer became Satan and I was reminding myself to keep on praising God, especially during these tough times I’m going through. And I wondered where in the bible I could find out why Lucifer sinned. Then I read your post written much later and I am so blown away. Not just be pointing me to Ezekiel but also because of the words God spoke to you…which are word he is speaking to me based on all the trials I am going thru. Pride? Yes a great shortcoming of mine and I have come a long way in getting to humility in over a year. God makes us now down so we can gain the true perspective on who he truly is. He is amazing. Merciful. And my Sovereign God whom I humbly serve. Everything I have I owe to Him.
    Thank you for your post

  2. Rachel says:

    Ah Pride, how deceptive you can be. I remember when I was in bible college The Lord gave me a truth slap in the face. He told me, “daughter, do you know that Adam and Eve where not the first who sinned? No it was my worship leader in Heaven Lucifer (the devil as we like to call him), and do you know His sin? I said of him, Ezekiel 28:17 ESV “Your heart was proud because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.” Pride was his sin against me and pride is what you have in your heart its a stronghold. And I want you to be free from it.”

    I will be honest sisters and say that it took me a long time after that before God was able to break that stronghold in my life, He had to take me halfway around the world to South Africa to help me not just know I had a stronghold of pride but to actually want it gone. Am I completely free from pride now? No, but like King Neb I am sure a whole lot different.

    But Praise the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s who is worthy and SO able to deliever us when we call on His name with an earnest heart. I pray for you all, these devotions have truly blessed me as well as each of your comments.

  3. Hannah says:

    Wow, the power of God in this chapter. I have referenced it about 3 time over the last day. It has comforted and encourged during a tough time of change at our church.

  4. LaurenC_ says:

    Thank you, Lord, for showing me my pride yet again. Even in a season of grief, pride still lurks. Waiting to catch me off guard in a painful, overwhelming moment. Foolishly, I act on my pride only to regret it mere moments later. But it's too late, it's out there, and the damage is done. If not to another, most certainly to me. The good news is, as Erica ^ above wrote, "Praise the Lord for His goodness, despite who I am." Praise Him for his patience, again and again and again. Praise Him that His patience will NEVER run out. Praise Him for His mercy and forgiveness that never end, no matter what. Just praise Him. Amen.

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