a call to prayer

from the a call to prayer reading plan

BY Raechel Myers


We are writing to you with aching hearts and swirling minds. We are weak. In helplessness we have laid this already before The Lord, and now we ask you to intercede with us on behalf of Diana – one of our writers.

On Monday, Diana’s precious son Kaden was born with some breathing issues. And even then, they headed back to the hospital, carseat in tow, expecting to take him home on Thursday.

Yesterday (Friday), the Stone family learned that their precious child’s heart has severe circulation problems and he was airlifted to Dallas that night. We don’t have a lot of details (as neither do Mama and Daddy), but we know that while he is stable now, his heart ventricles aren’t able to sustain this precious body and that with no change, their only hope is to await a transplant that could take months.

We are broken. So broken for our sister that we are coming to you as the body of Christ to join us in storming the gates of Heaven on the Stone family’s behalf. 


We know that many of you have lived through very similar circumstances with varying outcomes. And we know the truth – that The Lord does not promise that life will be perfect or easy or without deep pain.

But we absolutely also know that there is nothing that will separate us from the love of God. And we absolutely know that He is good and that He is at work and that He is pow-er-ful to work wonders in this circumstance in which every one of us feels positively powerless.


Pray with us. Storm Heaven’s gates with us. Lord, your glory above all. Lord, a miracle for the Stones, please. We pray boldly and without fear to our sovereign God who is not surprised and who cares deeply for Kaden – even more deeply than his frightened mommy and daddy.



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  1. more herre says:

    Prayer is one of the most effective tool to open the door of sucess. may his blessings shine upon your family

    1. Amen, sweet sister! Blessings to you and your family today!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

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