sarah: nothing is too hard for the Lord

BY Sarah Matheny

Text: Genesis 17:1-8, 15-19; Genesis 18:6-15; Genesis 21:1-7

Our story so far with Sarai has been up and down.  She says “yes” and we cheer. Her faith falters and becomes self-reliant and we groan.

But then comes the rest—the best part of the story.

Because, with God, just like that, everything can change. 

Though we may fail to trust His promises and made a huge mess of things, His mercy sees through it all. He looks beyond our past mistakes and our present faults and redeems them for His glory. He loves us. He keeps his promises. He scoops us up in His arms, reclaims us as His, and in His unyielding forgiveness, gives us a completely new identity in Him. He takes us from self-made noblewomen (Sarai) to His princesses (Sarah). (Genesis 17:15-17)

Sure, even as transformed women, we will have our moments of hesitation. We will have our own times when we have the glory of God right in front of us, and we stay in the tent. We will hear His promise and, in spite of ourselves, laugh, partly out of joy and partly out of disbelief. (Genesis 18:9-12)

Still, God will respond. He will be faithful. He will fulfill His promise, blessing us with the desire that He alone put on our hearts. And, as it often does with the stories of our own lives, everything makes sense in the end.

Sarah, well into her nineties, became a mother. Sarah brought forth the seed that would ultimately lead to Christ. Sarah leaves us a legacy of faith.

Because, as she learned, nothing—no matter how improbable, no matter how impossible it is to see, no matter how much it goes against everything we know—nothing is too hard for the Lord. (Genesis 18:14)

Let’s praise Him today, Sisters, for the legacy He created for us in Sarah and the miracles He has already put in motion in our lives.

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  1. Abyna says:

    I started this plan a while ago, even though I completed it there was some days that I have skipped. God works in mysterious ways, because He knew I needed this word. He knew that this word was what I needed tonight, so in his infinite wisdom he gave it to me I am blessed. Truly

  2. dweek03 says:

    A great reminder that God can use women when we think there is no use left. God is faithful and I love Him all the more for that!

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