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Psalm 41:9, Matthew 26:47-56

BY Raechel Myers

Text: Psalm 41:9, Matthew 26:47-56

The betrayal of a friend. Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. The days are going to get much darker before they get light again.

As I study the account of Christ’s betrayal today, I can’t help but be taken by the truth that Christ knew Judas would betray Him – he even knew the price – and yet, he called Judas “friend.”

He broke bread with him at dinner. He prayed with him. He talked to the Father about what he would soon do.

And when the soldiers came and Judas identified Jesus with a kiss, Christ’s response wasn’t anger. He didn’t spit unkind, vindictive words at Judas while being wrestled away. He went quietly. Even when His beloved disciple and friend gave Him over for 30 pieces of silver (about a month’s wages), He went in love.

I’ll be honest. I can’t even imagine.

And He went in obedience. Christ’s submission to the Father’s omnipotent hand was unwavering.

And I wonder today: what does it really mean to be Christ to someone who has done you wrong? When you are hurt – really wounded – by a friend or family member, can you say to the Lord,

“I am certain that I want to honor you more than I want to feel vindicated.” [source]

Christ’s response to Judas wasn’t a sign of weakness (though I know even His closest friends may have thought differently). It was love. Love for Judas. Love for The Father.

And in His love, He honored His Father, just as He had promised in Gethsemane.

And in His love – not just for Judas, and not only for the Father, but for us – He was led to His trial. And He was sentenced to death. And His blood covers my betrayals and yours. It covers the times we’ve chosen a month’s wages over honoring the One we call Lord. It covers the times we push Him aside to further ourselves.

Your betrayals and mine. His blood covers it all. And He calls us “friend.”

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  1. coach bags identification numbers jumping says:

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  2. So powerful and spoke right to my heart. I am a constant work in progress and though I have never put it into these exact words,
    “I am certain that I want to honor you more than I want to feel vindicated.” that is exactly how I feel. Thank you.

  3. Amy says:

    I read today’s devotion with a trembling heart. God has been showing me that even if I have the very right to be angry, or mad, that because of His love for me. I should forgive and show love. Forgiveness is not based on the other persons wants, or even admission of wrong or asking for forgiveness. It’s something I continue to do in my heart because of Gods love for me and my love and honor and obedience to Him. It always amazes me how God will show you a lesson that he wants to learn a multitude of times in different formats being patient with us until it sinks in! God knows his ways & thought are different from mine and he is generous and patient with me-Amen!!!

  4. MamaRose says:

    Amy, I love your quote for GodPosts. Once God strengthened me enough to let go of my past, I was free. I am easy to forgive everyone but myself. I still have pity parties, but God only allows me about five minutes before He yells, "ENOUGH!" At that point, I know the party is over and I start listing all the blessings I have and the smile returns to me face. The devil is a tough hombre, he will mess with you and mess with you. He will use everything he can to bring you low. He is relentless, but he is not more powerful than God. There is a quote I ran across some time ago. These are not the exact words, but it goes something like this: "Tell me how bad your storm is and I will tell you how great of my God is."

    1. Cathy says:

      Well said, MamaRose! Thank you!

  5. Ellen MR says:

    Me three! Hahaha :) Hi Em!
    Watching “The Bible” repeated from Sunday- the Last Supper and Judas’ betrayal….oh my!
    How awful! It just has so much more meaning for me this year. I really need to cultivate loving those who may have hurt me- intentionally or not.
    Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness , and incredible love !

  6. LaurenC_ says:

    I stand in complete awe of our Lord. For weeks now, each time I have logged on to our reading plan, going back to the beginning of Songs of Ascent, most of the verses have been familiar to me & ones I thought I understood in a particular way. And then I read the devotional and it may as well been signed "Dear Lauren…. Love, God." Today was no different: I have been dealing with painful betrayals from members of my family for a very long time. Some have been so consistent, it is no longer a shock when it happens. I basically expect it now. There has been a resurgence in the toxicity of those persons and their betrayals recently, and I've been sucker-punched a few times. Never fun nor easy. But another betrayal came from a person who I thought would be the last person to betray me, particularly in this very painful time of grief I am experiencing. While this season of my life has been truly the most heartbreaking experience I have ever had, may ever have, I can't deny that being betrayed by others more importantly reveals some ugly truths in my life. I am instantly connected in my heart & mind to times when I have betrayed most everyone in my life including Jesus and myself. It's ugly. It's hard to know. But I can't deny it. I pray for wisdom and compassion. I pray for forgiveness.

    I can't really describe the comfort I am feeling right now, as our Lord is using SRT in the most real and true way imaginable. So many times I have cried out to Him: "Please speak to me in words I can understand!!" And here it is, praise God. I agree with Carolynmimi; the devotionals and all of your comments are so greatly comforting, knowing I am not alone. I feel so blessed to be here. Thank you Lord and thank you all.

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