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BY Kacia Hosmer

Good morning, lovelies! We are so excited to begin a new plan together today!  As we prepare our hearts for Easter, we will be reading through a collection of scripture that was written to be sung–you can find the new plan on You Version by clicking here.  {Or you can subscribe to receive each daily post by email!}


Imagine a journey.

You are tired.  You are hungry and thirsty, yet you will not rest until you’ve completed this journey.

This journey is a marathon–it is long, and it is tiresome.  You don’t worry about winning: you simply want to make it to the goal.  You want to reach the finish line.

As you are walking or running, you begin hearing voices.  These voices are singing, and the noise grows louder and louder until soon everyone around you is singing with all of their might.  As you hear the words, you realize you know the words and begin singing with them.

One might think that singing would cause more exhaustion–how on earth could you continue walking or running?  Instead you gain more momentum as the songs continue.

Each word brings encouragement and hope.
Each verse takes you to a memory–a moment in your life’s journey.
Each song begins and ends: bringing you closer to the finish.  Preparing your heart as you close the gap.

Sisters, these are the Songs of Ascent.  We are so excited to raise our voices together with you as we read through this section of the Bible found in the book of Psalms.  Each chapter is a song that was sung as the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem was made in celebration of the Passover.   Whether you’re new to us or been along for several of our journeys through the Scriptures, we can all agree that there is something powerful about a group uniting around God’s truth, just like his people did years ago on the way to Jerusalem.

Each day we will look at one chapter of Psalms together, followed by a New Testament selection–each grouping tied together with a common theme.  And while these verses were written many years ago, the truth is that they are just as applicable to us as ever before.  Time changes, culture shifts: His truth stays constant.  Always.

Persecution.  Hope.  Community. Peace.  Thankfulness. Blessing.

As we prepare our hearts for tomorrow, I encourage you to take time to do a few things–I’m a big believer of marking the day.

Read through Psalm 120-134.  Read it as you would a story or a letter.  We will focus on each chapter in the upcoming days, but today?  Just let His truth wash over you.

After you’ve read these chapters, write out a prayer.  You don’t have to write it out, but I urge you to take time to do so.  Remember sister, He knows your hurts, your insecurities, your struggles, and your fears.  He is also rejoicing with you!  He knows these things, yes, but He loves to hear from you.

Take time to tell Him, and ask Him to speak loudly in your life as we embark together.


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  1. Daisie says:

    Im praying that over this plan the Lord will guide me out of my fears towards my health issues and bring strength like i never have and healing! Already psalm 125 has ministered to me and I cannot wait to dig in. Today was such a struggle with my health and that first verse preserved me. I hope im not too late!

  2. Kristen says:

    I’m new to #shereadstruth. I started this plan on you version today! I’m already overwhelmed with Gods sweet love for me, just reading these 15 chapters. He’s faithful!!

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