the angel gabriel’s annunciation to the virgin mary of the incarnation

Luke 1:26-38

BY Jessi Connolly

Text: Luke 1:26-38
What’s He calling you to?
Simple faithful Christian living can sometimes pose the biggest questions for us? How do you want us to do this, Lord? How is it going to work out?Loving our neighbors, being a light to coworkers, showing grace + love to our kids. Turning down an opportunity, stepping up to one we know we’re called to. Go. Wait. Listen. Stay. Run. Speed up. Slow down. Hold on. Hold fast.If we get still and quiet and ask Him – He’ll always give wisdom about what it is He wants from us.

Mary is so different from us and so the same all at once. May it be said of us that we look the messenger of the Lord square in the face, set aside our fear to make room for faith in the Lord, and say – “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”

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24 thoughts on "the angel gabriel’s annunciation to the virgin mary of the incarnation"

  1. ed sheeran one says:

    This is an excellent article and I totally understand where your coming from in the third section. Perfect read, I’ll regularly follow the other reads.

  2. Tahwahnah says:

    Valerie – it is a process that takes a lifetime. Jesus is changing you day by day. He is working in you part of him, a little at a time. This can not be done in your strength but it can be done in his strengthen. Apart from him we are nothing. Jesus gives us faith to move forward and as you die to yourself a little bit at a time, he comes taking that part as you allow. It is a mystery but it is true,

  3. Tahwahnah says:

    Yes Lord, may your word to me happen. I am listening.

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