Day 22

2 Timothy

from the This Is the New Testament reading plan

2 Timothy 3:10-17, 2 Timothy 4:1-8, Deuteronomy 8:1-11, Joshua 1:7-9, Proverbs 3:1-6, Romans 15:4-6

BY She Reads Truth

We’re over halfway through This Is the New Testament, our thematic overview of the New Testament. Each day we’ll read a thematic selection from a different book of the Bible, along with supplemental passages that show how the theme of that day’s main reading is found throughout Scripture. We’ll also read a brief summary of each book and a reflection on how the book fits into the larger story of Scripture. This week, we’ll finish our look at the Pauline Epistles and begin the General Epistles. 

What Is 2 Timothy? Second Timothy, also written to Paul’s son in the faith Timothy, is the last letter Paul wrote before he was martyred in Rome. It encourages endurance for believers and stresses the importance of teaching God’s Word to the believers entrusted to his care.

How 2 Timothy Fits Into the Story: As Paul built up church leaders, he expressed concern for spreading the truth of the gospel. His faithfulness in refuting false gospels laid a significant foundation for the early Church, as well as for believers today. Second Timothy gives insight into Paul’s perspective of hope in suffering through extremely difficult circumstances. 

Reflection Questions: 
1. How does God’s Word equip you for “every good work” (2Tim 3:17)?
2. How does today’s reading shape your understanding of the story of redemption?

Take time to reflect on your responses and share what you are learning with others in the community in the comments.

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  1. Elizabeth Tibbitts says:

    5 Know then in your heart that as a man disciplines his son, so the Lord your God disciplines you. – Deuteronomy 8:5

  2. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord we receive strength from your word lord!

  3. Elle McCall says:

    There are thousands of self-help books published today— regarding marriage, parenthood, career, self-image, and practically any other subject you could ever imagine seeking guidance on. But the ONLY book that truly matters on any of these topics is the Word of God. ALL scripture is God-breathed and is our first and final authority. I’m so grateful for the things God is doing through She Reads Truth, and I pray for every woman reading these bibles and using this app that they may be forever changed through the reading of the scriptures in their pursuit of an ever closer relationship to the Father.

  4. Liz Hilton says:

    1. How does God’s Word equip you for “every good work” (2Tim 3:17)?
    Man, today’s scriptures were so timely and good. He knows exactly what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. So much of what’s going on in the world right now feels hopeless. The beliefs we hold, the work we are trying to do in our home and with our kids…feels like it’s being met with such resistance and spiritual attack given the current state of the world and politics, and risk to freedom and liberty….it just feels so negative and anxiety-ridden. We have been called to this great commission but how can we complete our work, when the world is in such opposition and many believers are being persecuted for their decision to hold strong to the instructions of scripture? Each of these verses were such motivating reminders that even though in Romans we are called to submit to our worldly authorities, that work must fall in line with His greater commands, and if it does not, our only authority is Him. Whatever we have been called to do, whatever good work, He will equip us with all that we need and carry it out through completion as long as we are obedient and Trust in His power and Word. We are not set up to fail, but to succeed. The earthly enemy will not bring us down and we must continue to endure and rebuke and remember His truths. No matter the state of the world, we can trust in Him, even when we don’t understand fully. I am just so convicted by today’s readings, and thankful for His timely reminders.

    2. How does today’s reading shape your understanding of the story of redemption?
    God’s plan cannot be thwarted. Scripture has been written and will be fulfilled exactly as He has commanded. We can trust in the future because his promises and prophesies of the past have been fulfilled in Jesus. When the world tries to get us to question His truth, we can use the scriptures to remind us that He is very much still at work, and the brokenness of this world is not the end of His redemption story!

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