Judges: Day 8

Gideon’s Army


Today's Text: Judges 7:1-25, Isaiah 41:10, Ephesians 6:10

Scripture Reading: Judges 7:1-25, Isaiah 41:10, Ephesians 6:10

When was the last time you were in a battle you could not win without divine intervention?

It’s hard for me to find an answer. Sure, I enjoy the occasional challenge, but I like to keep those challenges to a minimum, so I can feel capable and in control. And if I’m honest, I’m happy with this life of manageable risks—enough to create some drama, but not so much that it requires great faith. There’s an underlying pride to living like this, because when things go well, I can answer, “Oh that’s easy. I did it myself.”

News flash: God doesn’t need me, and He doesn’t need you.

I know that sounds harsh, but that’s kind of the point of Judges 7. I wonder if that’s what Gideon told his men that day as they prepared to face down the greatest enemy of their time. “Are you scared? You can leave. God doesn’t need you.” In that one moment, two-thirds of Gideon’s army walked away. Can you imagine? You’re standing there, covered in armor, and the person to your left and your right both leave. The field must have felt very empty.

But God wasn’t done whittling down the troops. He told Gideon to take his men to the water and split them into “kneelers” and “lappers.” Commentaries disagree about the “How do they drink water?” test; some argue that it was an arbitrary way to narrow down the fighting force quickly, while others wonder if the “lappers” let down their guard. Could it be that God chose to use the most irresponsible men to make the victory that much more miraculous? Regardless, what was a force of more than 30,000 at the beginning of the day had been narrowed to just 300.

We know how this story ends, but the men in Gideon’s army did not. And as much as God reassured them, on paper it was a suicide mission. This risk didn’t require strength or chariots or better weapons or more “hustle.” It required faith in divine intervention. It required them to rely on God alone, to “be strengthened by the Lord and by his vast strength” (Ephesians 6:10).

The men who went into the valley needed faith, but the men who were sent away needed it just the same. I can imagine their startled disbelief as Gideon pointed them away from the water. “Wait! We’re the fearless ones! Surely God needs us!” But He didn’t, and those men needed to know where their power came from. For the men who left and the men who went down into the valley, God’s strength combined with their faith led to an epic victory.

God loves you, but He doesn’t need you. And that isn’t harsh news—it’s freedom. No matter how deep the valley, no matter how big the army you’re up against, He’s not waiting for you to build some spiritual muscle in order to handle that challenge. He already has the strength. All He needs if for you to have faith in Him—whether He’s calling you to face it or walk away.

Gideon wasn’t the only warrior who God sent seemingly outnumbered into battle. In the war for our souls, God sent His Son Jesus to take down humanity’s greatest enemy. Jesus went into the valley alone,  voluntarily laying down His life, taking the punishment we deserve, so we could claim His victory over death as our own. This is how strong our God is. Nothing can stand up to Him. Not even death itself.


Claire Gibson is a writer whose work has been featured in publications including The Washington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine among many others. An Army kid who grew up at West Point, New York, Claire is currently growing roots in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Patrick, their son, Sam, and their dog, Winnie. Her debut novel, Beyond the Point, will be published next year.

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  • Currently in a battle to save my marriage and need prayers as God is leading me to face my fears head on and challenge my husband to seek counseling or walk away, after many years of destructive behavior. I know the battle is the Lord’s, it is by His strength that I am able to do this and the scriptures from Isaiah and Ephesians confirm He is with me!

    • J Sacks

      Praying alongside you Susan. Trusting God for something miraculous to happen.

    • Erica Shaw

      Praying for strength. Trust in God through and through. ❤️

  • Kristen Elizabeth

    God loves me, but doesn’t need me. Wow! I feel a little shocked because I want to be needed, but also freedom because it’s not about me and my screw ups, it’s about God. He can use me when He chooses to, but God’s plans are not going to fall apart if I have a bad day. God is good and so so great.

  • Believe/trust God & show up…that is all God “needs” from us. ❤️

  • Believe/trust God & show up…that is all

  • Melody Coney

    God doesn’t need me. That’s freedom indeed.

  • lily Horler

    God loves you, but He doesn’t need you. And that isn’t harsh news—it’s freedom. No matter how deep the valley, no matter how big the army you’re up against, He’s not waiting for you to build some spiritual muscle in order to handle that challenge. He already has the strength. All He needs if for you to have faith in Him—whether He’s calling you to face it or walk away.

    Wow needed to hear this big time as I often fall to the lie of needing more spiritual muscle for me to gain favour with the Lord and him to help me. I need to remember he already favours me more than I could ever imagine, he has me in the palm of his hand and his will, will lead the way.

  • Lauren Patterson

    Lord, did I need this today. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of scripture I assigned myself to this month. Was literally just telling my husband that I just need a little “break” but kept trekking on when I opened my next study to Judges 8. ‘Exhausted yet pursuing’ ❤️

  • God used the responsible men. Those who drank from their hands were 300, their heads were up and therefore remained alert. They werent gonna let their guard down even for a minute by putting their head/mouth to the water. look at different versions of the bible on biblehub for verse 6. We are constantly told through scripture to remain alert.

  • I had asked a friend for prayer last week in developing more patience. Every day that has followed, something big/unexpected/frustrating has happened – how like God to give me a crash course. Last night I was complaining to my husband that, yes, I had asked for more patience, but I felt like God had given me the trials before I had enough patience to deal with them gracefully. This is a perfectly timed reminder that God bears the weight of the trial, the heat of the battle, on my behalf. I am definitely not His strongest warrior, but He already knows that. I am certainly outnumbered, but that only shows His grace and character all the more because there is nothing I can show for myself. God is my victory and my patience.

  • Alyssa McQuillen

    My dad recently passed away. 2 months tomorrow. I can remember the first couple of weeks following his passing….the pain and void seemed unbearable. Time wasn’t slowing down, but I was stuck on 6.7.18. Waiting for everything i once knew to catch up. Then i started to pray. Pray for signs that Dad was okay….and my prayers were answered. Every day I got some sort of sign. I think I saw a cardinal for the most I’ve ever seen one these past couple of months. Restoring my faith and relationship God. Been going to church. Reading scriptures. Praying. All of it….been helping me with healing. Grief is the price of love. But i know Dad is with Him, resting eternally.

    • Dorothy

      Alyssa also remember you will be with your dad again one day. Prayers for you. I lost my dad a little over a year ago and remember the first few months were hard. I also know we will meet again in heaven. <3

    • Taylor

      Praying for you this morning, Alyssa. I am so sorry. Thankful to God on your behalf that He has shown you His love.

    • She Reads Truth

      Alyssa, we’re so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing and our team will be praying over you and your family during this time for peace and comfort. We’re grateful that you’re here. -Margot, The SRT Team

  • Natasha Reyes

    There are so many teachers in this group! You are all in my prayers today. My teachers in high school have significantly contributed to the person I am today. Know that you are appreciated and loved. As you start another school year, remember that our commander in chief has it covered!

    • Sylvia

      Thank you so much for this! I am meeting parents and students for the first time at a new high school and I definately feel overwhelmed. Reading this passage has been helpful as well as seeing your comment.

  • The Lord is the army that I will always need I just need to remember that. Many times I have felt like I have been fighting a battle by myself when I should have called on the Lord for strength. I am so grateful I can run to the Lord and no matter what I have done He is there for me. When I am in need He is there for me. The Lord is always there He has no “on/off switch” even though at times we may think He is not listening.

  • My wonderful wife sent this article to me today. Just what I needed. Been battling in my own strength for too long and I know better. So good!

  • This couldn’t have come at a better time. God is so good and amazing! Here I face yet another challenge. But God… as Tina always says. God is with me. He will strengthen me. He will give me the courage. I am not alone.

  • Ana Lisa Johnson

    Such a good read this morning! I too often forget that I can accomplish nothing without God. He alone is my source of strength.

    • Michelle M

      Your not alone in this….so many of us forget! So grateful for the community of fellow believer to help remind me of this and encourage me when I forget.!

  • Lynn Johnson

    The battle is the Lord’s…grateful for faith!

  • Side note: Laura, Tori I have loved reading about your stories of restoration in your relationships. It is such an encouragement to me.

    Last year, I started my battle with . During that time, like Gideon’s army, God removed anyone who had fear from my life. It. Hurt. Bad. So bad.
    But God…
    God used that time to restore me and help me to lean on Him alone. I have to say, I’ve grown more in the last year and half than I have in a lifetime. I learned how to push in prayer and not give up. I learned that when God makes a promise, He intends to keep it. And I learned not to ultimately listen to the words of man, but to listen to God above all else.
    I still have cancer, but have so much peace. My life has been made drastically better because of it.
    And now, God is restoring the relationships that He removed. There is fear there for me because I worry about being hurt again, but as someone mentioned…God isn’t angry that I am afraid. He always lovingly addresses it, and reassures me that I am safe and will be okay.
    Thank you for this wonderful devotional today. Many blessings to you all SRT sisters; have a wonderful Monday <3

    • Kelly Chataine

      Thank you, Alexis! You too! <3 . So happy to see the words "But God . . . " and continue reading about God's restoration! Praying!

    • Bunny Perry

      Will be praying for you dear sister. Keep fighting and stay strong!

    • Tori Fuller

      Keep fighting! It gets better everyday. Even though those relationships hurt when being removed, it’s ok because God Always wants us to be loved and have healthy relationships. And because of what you were going through, he knew during that time that it was important to have you to himself so you could depend and lean on it . But God….. is keeping you through! I pray that God will heal every part of your body, cancer doesn’t belong there and that restoration for healing is happening right now but even in those relationships lost. You will be a better woman for them and as long as it’s in God’s will, they will be the same for you! Many Blessings !<3

  • “God loves you, but He doesn’t need you. And that isn’t harsh news—it’s freedom. No matter how deep the valley, no matter how big the army you’re up against, He’s not waiting for you to build some spiritual muscle in order to handle that challenge. He already has the strength. All He needs is for you to have faith in Him—whether He’s calling you to face it or walk away.”

    Wow. I needed to read this. Several months ago God called me to walk away from something I had been trying to fix for a long time. I realize now that I thought He needed me to fix it and my actions were showing that. Walking away has been a big test of my faith and some days it feels like the battle can’t be won without me. But I have to remember that God is in control and He doesn’t need me to fight this battle. He is already fighting it and He will get the victory!

  • Jennifer 311

    It’s interesting the measures God took to make sure the army and Gideon knew who had won the battle. Because we forget so easily our need and His hand in our lives. I’m praying so much lately that I would rely on the Lord. And sometimes I forget between the time it takes for me to walk from my bedroom in the morning out to the kitchen. I want to pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks in my constant awareness of God as my King and Savior.

  • I read this in He Reads Truth, and it really resonates with me: “God’s power is most fully displayed in our weakness. Sometimes God insists that His people be reduced to utter helplessness so that they recognize that their deliverance can only be credited to His power and His power alone.” When my husband confessed his affair to me, and he was removed from ministry, my entire world felt like it had fallen apart. I had always considered myself a strong woman, and I was reduced to the weakest state I had ever been in. I kept saying…I don’t know how to be, I was so thrown off and confused. I had prayed for years for healing for my marriage, and this is what happens?? I was weak and sad and confused and desperate for God to show up and make everything right. And He did…show up that is… I have never in my decades of trusting in God felt His presence in such a way as I did those first few weeks. I have held onto that knowledge as the months ticked by, and things were not always improving in my life. Sometimes they got better, sometimes they seemed worse. But I knew that God was with me. I knew it like I never did before. And it sustained me to keep fighting, to not give up, to trust, to keep walking through the valley. I am still walking that road, 2 years later. But I see the battle being won. Our marriage is better. I am stronger – in the Lord – not my own strength as before. I have the faith that I need to battle Satan’s lies to me (most of the time, although I give in so often). I write this to encourage others. Some battles are won quickly. Some battles take longer. Keep fighting. Don’t lose heart. God is not surprised by this and He is with you the whole way. God’s timing is perfect.

    • Pam

      Awww thank you Laura for sharing part of your story. God redeems! ❤️

    • Jessi

      Thank you for sharing that!

    • Alexis

      Thank you Laura for sharing this. God is the redeemer of the things that the enemy stole <3.

    • Cathy

      I am 18 years out from almost the same situation. God is so good. He was and is my strength when I had none on my own to keep going. Thank you for sharing and I hope to encourage you as you continue to walk this path with God. He is ever faithful to you. He is our Healer, our Redeemer, and Father. He will make all things new! It’s a long road but so worth taking. I pray that you continue to see and feel God’s hand throughout your marriage and life.

    • Natasha Reyes

      Thank you for sharing this Laura. I’m praying for your family, that you continue to grow in strength and faith. I’m newly married, and I know that there will be bumps on the road. It is so easy to give up, especially when one has been hurt so profoundly by another person. Your commitment is inspiring!

    • Tori Fuller

      Laura, isn’t God timing perfect l! So enjoyed your story and thank you for sharing! It’s like right when you think the battle is over and you lost, God shows up and shows out!! Stay encourage as you continue to fight. My husband is back in action but with progress. We are seeking counseling and also doing some self help study using “Stormie Omartian” Power of a Prayinf wife and husband books along with her Power of Praying Marriages and Book of Prayers. Check them out! Def helped me and still is. Blessings for continued healing and restoration for your marriage !

    • Bethany Ryan

      I’ve had a similar experience Laura. All of what you said plus our little guy being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during the same time. My husband also had to go to rehab for being an alcoholic. We had to leave ministry, our church home and all of our friends. It’s nice to know someone else has had a similar experience and is still fighting the battle. ❤️

  • Janna Jackson

    God proves time after time that he doesn’t need our help. He lets us be apart of His story. When I get anxious about how something is going to to get done or what God is doing, I need to rest in the truth of who God is, which is all mighty and sovereign.

  • Tori Fuller

    …. ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.“ Zechariah 4:6 .. Thank God for this devotion and word on today. I am reminded of Zechariah 4:6 while reading this. Knowing that the strength of the Lord is all I need to jump any hurdle, overcome any obstacle, and walk through any trial with him is the greatest thing I’ve known. I’m not sure if many of you read last week where my husband left me. Talk about a battle! During the time, I tried to find people to console me and give me answers through the process of understanding the “why” when I realize that during that battle, the only army I needed was God. No one else could help me fight but my prayers, fasting, and God’s strength. My prayers not only were heard but reached my husbands heart. He called me on Thursday and asked to talk and came back home. When joy in my heart and tears in my eyes, I praise God for standing in the gap while I was lapping into his presence. My husband not only told me about my prayers but literally spoke everything that I must have said. Oh how good God is!!!!! It is still a battle because we know that the enemy comes to attack, kill and destroy. So it’s important to keep God at the center of all of our battles and trials! During the 11 days while he was gone, it was hard but I could not have done it without God! As the battle continues, we just need God’s wisdom and guidance to get ya through. Not an army of people. And sometimes God has to remove certain people from your life during trials because they don’t understand the journey. Just as he removed those from Gideon. Everyone can’t fight a battle that God has created for you for him to get the Glory!!! Hallelujah!!! So fight on my fellow SRT women! The battle is not ours, it’s the Lords!

  • Michelle Martin

    What a good challenge to consider: beware the life that comes with manageable risks. How often does this describe my own lack of faith? Thank you for this diving board for introspection!!

  • Naomi Reynolds

    This is Wonderful ❤Thank You JESUS just what I needed to hear ❤

  • Mallory Bancroft

    God definitely has his ways of getting our attention! I feel like I’m in spiritual warfare everyday as a stepmom and I have been going to church and studying the Bible to get my “spiritual muscle” strengthened. What a giant reminder that He doesn’t need me at all to fight my battles. Such an encouraging start to my day!

    • Stephanie

      I’m a day late, but I want you to know I’ll be praying for your relationship with your stepchildren and with God

  • Jessica Hernandez

    I love how God threw Gideon a bone and allowed him to overhear the conversation about the dream (10-13). Its is relieving to know that God sees and cares about the fear that can linger even while being faithful. Its easy to feel bad or condemned for being scared or afraid…but this part of the story makes it clear that God isnt mad about our fear but will address it.

  • Chelsea Horton

    Such a good reminder that He already possesses all the strength I will ever need— I just need to be still & know that He is God. He’s got this!

  • Jana Wright

    Oh boy, Claire – you hit the nail on the head on this one! Wow! I have been working so hard to muster up spiritual strength to face what I have to face ( I am sure your mom has shared with you) – trying to be strong in my own strength! I have memorized scripture about God’s strength over and over but I think I am still trying to do it myself instead of resting in His arms of strength! Thank you for the reminder! Love you!

  • Natalie VanDusen

    Yesterday my husband and I had a hard talk about our finances and our future plans. It’s scary to pray for God to take away our comfort to grow our faith, but I think that’s exactly what God wants sometimes. To be strong in him and not strong in own sense of self-confidence. From Gideon I’m learning the art of letting go myself and leaning into how big God is. So thankful for this devotion and community.

    • Kay

      Natalie, I think finances and future plans are one of the hardest areas when we are trying to fully follow God’s direction. The world in which we live often loudly opposed that which we feel God has asked us to do. Think of how those with Gideon must have ridiculed him for sending men away from the battle…no doubt, when God calls you to do something, HE will provide ALL that you need. Praying you will feel God’s strength and wisdom in your decisions.

      • Natalie VanDusen


        Thank you for this encouragement and your prayers.

    • Brett Elizabeth Spore

      We are in a season of financial drought right now. It has been the most amazing time of growth in my faith ever. I grew up a missionary kid with very little, our family returned to the States broke and it took a long time to get our feet underneath us again. I have always been very afraid of being poor again and every time we hit a tough patch financially it would cause major stress in our marriage and I would work harder and try to find ways to make more money and basically freak out. This is the first time we’ve been strapped for liquid assets and I’ve felt total peace that God is going to see us through. Not that I’m my doing my part but I’m not freaking out about it. Both my husband and I have grown so much in this season. Saying a prayer for you and your husband right now. May God truly bless you as you journey forth.

  • Hi friends, would really appreciate some prayers. I know it’s common, but I’m getting my wisdom teeth out today and a little scared/nervous about it. Would appreciate prayers for peace and a smooth/quick recovery. <3

  • Lauren Meyer

    School starts for students on Wednesday; teachers, we went back last Wednesday. This inservice period has been a challenge and I’ve had a huge amount of anxiety. It’s year 11, by the way. Knowing the Lord goes before me in my classroom and with my students sets my heart at ease. Knowing God is with me all the way does as well. If you have a moment, say a prayer for all teachers going back. I look at my job as my mission field. Some students get everything they need at home: food, love, shelter, clean clothes, and Christ. Others don’t. Pray for teachers to be the hands and feet of Christ to their students. Sometimes the gentler shoulder pat my students get from me is the only loving touch they receive all day. God goes before us, making the rough places smooth.

    • Tanya Jacobson-Smith

      God bless you, and all teachers. It is a tough and rewarding job you have. I will pray for you and with you.

    • Desirae Endres

      Prayers! Teachehing is so tough- I’ve thought for four years and now I’m staying home with my daughter and I have all the respect for teachers!

    • Abby

      I’m a teacher, too! We go back in the next few weeks. I’m having anxiety too about starting, but I know it will be better once we actually start. There are over 3500 students at the 4 schools clustered where I teach. I definitely think about I as “fields white for harvest.” There are a lot of Christians who teach and even those who aren’t are so committed to making a difference in kids’ lives. Many prayers appreciated for students in NC too!

    • Bessie

      I am praying for all of the teachers, staff and children going back to school. I pray that God will also keep you all safe this year. On top of everything else that goes into teaching it is sad that you have to worry about being safe. May God put his hand over our schools and protect them.

      Thank you for what you do.

    • Tori Fuller

      Teaching is surely a calling from the Lord. I have been I’m education for 15+ years and it is a constant battle. There is nothing more than we can receive other than God’s strength and holiday breaks. :) Blessings to you this year that God will give you strength like never before and that you will be an abundant blessing to those babies and more!

    • Sydney Walden

      I taught for three years and just couldn’t do it again this year. It’s been a weird season knowing all of you teachers are back in the trenches, and I’m sitting on the sideline. But honestly, I know this is where I’m meant to me – it’s taken a lot of Grace and Peace for me to finally understand that! Haha. You teachers are true heroes and I want to say THANK YOU for doing what I couldn’t do this year.

    • Dorothy

      God has given teachers the patience of Job and angels. I think as a nurse my job is hard but I would not be a teacher. My mom, God bless her soul, was a teacher. I feel teachers have to endure more than any other profession. I as a nurse can turn and walk away for a minute or two and cool my heels within twenty to thirty minutes maybe an hours at the most of something getting on my nerves. A teacher usually has to wait two to three hours or more. I know how ornery my two boys could be and how often I or my parents had to step in. My boys had AD/HD and didn’t want to always take their medicine.

  • Oh, how I needed these words this morning. God’s strength…I am a little overwhelmed by the timeliness of this devotion. To keep a long story short, I received word Friday morning that my sweet aunt Merle had passed away. She was 86 years old and one of the kindest and funniest people I ever knew. Her passing was bittersweet because she will be greatly missed, but her faith has now become sight and she’s home with her Lord and her precious husband. On the other side of this, it was a struggle being with my parents. My mom has Parkinson’s and it has robbed her of much of what made her my mom. My dad is struggling with some memory issues and with taking care of my mom and is so angry about my her Parkinsons. My siblings and I have lots of decisions that we have to help them make. They need help. We’re trying to figure out how to best get them the help that they need, but don’t want. Just typing it makes my stomach ache.
    But God… (Tina, those are like some of the best words ever!) What a comfort knowing that we will not be making these decisions alone. God will strengthen us. He will give us wisdom and courage and a sense of humor! As Claire wrote, “He’s not waiting for you to build some spiritual muscle in order to handle that challenge. He already has the strength. All He needs is for you to have face in Him.”
    Papa God, this child of Yours is weary and is starting back to school today (students come Wednesday). Thank you that you hold on to me with your righteous right hand. Be blessed, sweet sisters.

    • Tina

      Sending you Kathy a BIG BIG God lead hug from across the pond… God be with you and yours..xx

    • Emily

      Kathy, I encourage you to reach out to your local public health department. My mother was in charge of senior programs for the county in which we lived. She spent her nursing career assisting seniors and their families with the very issues you describe. There are so many resources out there that public health departments can help you navigate. I know you’re facing difficult decisions. Praying that you pull in the local resources available to you. They will make decisions and systems a little easier for your family to navigate. God bless.

    • Dorothy

      Kathy praying for you. As Emily said reach out to your public health department. Also please, please, please do your research when it comes to choosing any type of nursing help. I am a nurse, have been for 39 years, and unfortunately there are good and bad in in the nursing business too. Please talk to family and friends of patients to see what they say. But first and foremost as Churchmouse put it let the Lord be your Commander and Chief.

  • A much needed reminder for this teacher who is headed back to the classroom today.

    • Brandi

      Me too! Have a great first day!

    • Desirae Endres

      Prayers for you! I used to teach and it is such a tough job!

    • Brett Elizabeth Spore

      Homeschool Mom with an education degree cheering you on from Washington State! You can do this! Praying your students will be excited to meet you and learn and grow this year!

  • Churchmouse

    I would think that in military planning sessions sending 300 men armed with trumpets and lighted pitchers up against a powerful army (they were as a swarm of locusts and they had innumerable camels!) would be deemed as inconceivable and fool hardy. A recipe for disaster. Ah but are not believers called to be fools for Christ?!? God wasn’t the Israelites ally. He was their commander in chief. He selected the troops. He created the strategy. They need only trust and obey. What seemed impossible and foolhardy became proof of the power and might of the God they served. May I see my “battles” as the opportunity they are for my God to reveal Himself in mighty and powerful ways. May I trust and obey. I need not concern myself with the details of the deliverance – the Commander in Chief is in charge and He is always victorious. I simply march behind Him.

    • Brandi

      This is so good! “I need not concern myself with the details of deliverance” Thank you!

    • Dorothy

      Churchmouse I always enjoy reading your words of wisdom. Today your words ring out saying to trust and obey. How often I forget to do this. Also how “I need not concern myself with the details of deliverance” and He is “the Commander in Chief” these I need to remember. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    • Kayla

      Churchmouse, I am so thankful for your insight! “I simply march behind Him.” What a simple statement, but so full of truth. So often I stomp ahead, determined to pave my way, but the Lord establishes my steps and I am called to simply march behind. Thank you for that reminder!!

  • Oh Good Lord… have I been in a battle that felt like I was the only one fighting!
    When my partner of 18 years walked out on us it felt so so like a battle that was doomed to failure…
    His parents willingly accepted the new woman he left us for and ‘put us on the back burner ‘ they had no contact with us, literally just left us to it
    Whilst entertaining the new woman!
    To be honest, though my heart was broken and shattered some more, as 18 month prior we had lost our daughter, i felt i had this war/battle i was not going to come out of well..
    But here I will say my two most favourite words…

    But God…
    He had already began the healing of my broken heart through lossing my daughter, and as I have looked back, oh how I see the ever loving victorious arm of God around me and mine…
    I felt we were alone..
    But God..
    It felt like a valley of no return to breathe, to think, to know joy ever again..
    But God..
    When my heart had no armour through the hurt already going on..
    But God..

    All this and I wasn’t even walking with Him as I do now!!!
    What would He be like if I had the faith, hope and trust I do now!
    We all have battles.. storms.. those events that seem hopeless to the point of no return.. God, in His vast strength and loving arms, wisdom, mercy and Grace, wanting the best for us, no matter the battle, has the victory for us that will point us to Him and Him alone..
    Thank you Lord. Thank you.. for ALL you have and continue to do in our battles, storms.
    Praise to you Lord God ALL praise to you.. Amen.

    Blessings and love Dear sisters for a beautiful and victorious day in the Lord…xxx

    • Kay

      Dear Sister Tina, It is amazing when I look back and see God’s hand in my battles so clearly, but sadly during the midst I did not. We can always take comfort in knowing that the God of the universe, the Alpha and Omega IS with us, through the battles and storms of our lives, yesterday, today, and for always. As we grow in our relationship with our Father, I believe we will see this more clearly each day. I am so sorry for your pain. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing with us. May your blessings be bountiful today!

    • Dorothy

      Tina my sweet Christian sister across the pond, I know the pain of loosing a child. I lost my son 15 years ago, I was fortunate enough to have known the Lord and been surrounded by a large Christian family. I am a single mother but mine is not the circumstance as yours. Please remember your strength lies in the Lord and your family — whether immediate or Christian or both. I have two phrase I love to pass on — Let God and let go. and God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Most importantly remember God doesn’t give you more than He thinks you can handle. I know that is hard to grasps at times but Christ is your Savior and let Him save you. Love and prayers from across the pond.

  • Zainab Saccoh

    Amen! I have a new manager and someone who is coming back from maternity leave, after a year off. I feel the weight,. The spiritual attack. The tiredness of covering the work alone for over a month. I feel exhausted. I don’t navigate office politics well. Help Lord!

  • Ruth Lund

    On my first day back at work for a month, and with new unknown challenges to face, this was just What i needed this morning.

    ‘God’s not waiting for you to build some spiritual muscle in order to handle that challenge. He already has the strength. All He needs is for you to have faith in Him.’

    So great. Thank you SRT for the message you deliver every day, and thank you Lord for the love and strength and blessings you shower us with day after day after day. ❤️

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