1 & 2 Corinthians: Day 24

The God of Comfort


Today's Text: 2 Corinthians 1:1-24, 2 Corinthians 2:1-4, Isaiah 40:1-2, Romans 5:8-10

Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 1:1-24, 2 Corinthians 2:1-4, Isaiah 40:1-2, Romans 5:8-10

Of all the people excited about my parents moving into a new house, I wasn’t one of them. Although I live in an entirely different state, hours away, I was under the impression that my mom and dad would live in the house I grew up in for the rest of their lives, tending to my childhood belongings and keeping our memories safe. But ultimately, that wasn’t the best plan for them, and while I understood that, I didn’t want to accept it.

All I could think about was how their new house wouldn’t have the staircase I’d walked down while wearing my high school prom dress, the room where my brother learned to play the trumpet, or the end of the driveway where the school bus used to wait for us. It wouldn’t have a hidden nail polish stain on the bedroom carpet, or our cat’s favorite spots to lie in the sun. It wouldn’t have neighbors who stopped by on birthdays or just because, and it certainly wouldn’t have an address already known by heart.

And yet, after the moving trucks had gone and the boxes had been unpacked, I visited my parents’ new house and was surprised to find it less empty than I’d imagined. Inside, I was greeted by a hallway of family photographs, the scent of my favorite brownies wafting through the air from the kitchen, and the cat snuggled up and basking in the sunlight. Sometimes, comfort comes with us. God’s presence always does, that’s for sure.

Many times, it’s easy to forget that we don’t face suffering alone the way Christ did. Because of His sacrifice, we get pain and comfort in equal proportion, not one without the other. “For just as the sufferings of Christ overflow to us, so also through Christ our comfort overflows” (2 Corinthians 1:5).

Suffering may bring us to new places we’d never choose to go, but God’s comfort promises to follow. It may not take away all the pain or change the situation entirely, but it does something even more significant: it reveals to us God’s heart for His people, His love for us. He didn’t want us to know the wrath of pain without knowing the eternal promise of its relief. Comfort reminds us of the end game of eternity. It acknowledges God’s power and ultimate plan to set things right again.

May God’s comfort be the thing to rearrange our afflictions and lift us to joy. May the promises of His tenderness meet us in our griefs and sorrows, disappointments and not-yets. May the kindness of His character find us and make even darkness an occasion to seek light. And may we feel at home and at rest in His comforting presence. Amen.


  • Kaitlin, this was wonderful. I always copy short quotes from the SRT devotionals into my notes, but for this one I actually copied the entire thing. Never done that before!! Thank you for this

  • Tuuli Marenk

    I was in a life-threatening state today, rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance with sirens. I’ve been drifting to conciousness and out of it, and I was scared of death. But although my state was uncomfortable (to say the least), I did find comfort in the fact that Jesus held my hand the whole time.
    I am better now but they want to keep me in the hospital for the night. And I find Comfort and peace in His Presence.

    • Kari

      So glad to hear you are okay! And that this was the devotional were led to. How appropriate! You know God’s hand is in this!

  • Trisha Bonavia

    I’m behind in my reading but this reading was meant for me to read today. I just found out my grandfather passed away this morning. God comforts, even in his timing.

    • Diane Haller

      So sorry for you loss! Thanking God for His sweet comfort as we walk through this life He has for us. ❤️

  • That was so beautiful. I’m so grateful that God is sovereign over the grief and that his eternal hope is one that will never disappoint.

  • Renae Pearson

    If we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; and if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which you experience when you patiently endure the same sufferings that we suffer. (1:6)

    Wow! Amazing how Paul saw every affliction and comfort in his life in light of how it affects others in the body.

    Convicted. Ouch! I’m always wrapped up in how afflictions or comfort are impacting me. Gotta get my mind on the body and especially the Head of the body!

  • Dusty Becker Allison

    Thank you, sweet Kaitlyn. Good word and even better reminder. Hugs from the ‘view!

  • I’m in a season of joy and new beginnings that directly causes pain to people I love. God has opened a door for me and my husband to realize our long time dream and move to Hawaii. God has confirmed this to us in so many ways. We are overjoyed in our new home, but have left his mother grieving our absence. Our prayer is for her to have God’s comfort overflow to her. Can not wait for her to share our joy with frequent visits.

  • I just found out my brother asked a girl put and went on his first date. I’m happy for him, but I’m also sad. Because my brother is not a person to waste time. All I can think about is, how he’s going to leave me.

    Please pray for me.

    • Michele

      I am a little behind in my reading and looking at comments/prayer requests. I wanted you to know that I will be praying for you! I know that this is easier said than done, but try to take things one day at a time. Try not to let your “mind” and “thoughts” get ahead of you. The Lord knows what is in your brother’s future; but Brittany, the Lord, who is the Great Provider, also knows what’s in *your* future and what you need/will need going forward. I would also encourage you to talk with your brother and let him know how you feel. Maybe the two of you can work out something together. {Hugs!}

  • Lori Loving


  • Amen.

  • Gracie Go-Bicol


  • Cheyenne Williams

    Needed this

  • Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • Amy Cerra

    I’m reading this from my Dad’s ICU hospital room. Monday he had a massive stroke and comfort is the exact thing we are praying for today. May God shine his light in us and through us during this time. May we gain comfort and give it to those around us. I can tell you that sitting in the ICU waiting room has given me perspective. Watching the family of a 20 year old deal with the grim news of their loved one’s grave condition, or seeing the lone kid who has camped out waiting on a change in his mom’s status makes you realize how much we take for granted as a community in Christ. There is a lot of hurt in the world and everyone is longing for comfort. May God reveal to us all opportunity to speak comfort.

    • She Reads Truth

      Hi Amy, we’re so sorry to hear this. We appreciate you sharing with us and we’ll be praying for your dad and family during this time. -Margot, The SRT Team

    • Melissa Hamlin

      Prayers for comfort and strength, Amy. May your father, your family, and all those afflicted in the ICU feel His presence and find peace.

    • Tina

      Holding your hand Amy and praying with you for peace and comfort..
      Sending love wrapped hugs and prayers..x

    • Amanda

      Praying for you and your family, Amy!

    • Jayee

      Keeping you and your family in my prayers Amy. May God give you all strength and comfort. ♥️

    • Tanya Rodriguez

      Interceding on behalf of your family Amy! We’re sending prayers from the Bay Area, California knowing that God will provide all of your needs and more!

    • Amy Cerra

      Thank you friends. Your prayers are so appreciated. My dad is in a very grave condition. His doctors are preparing us for the worst. My dad told us when he was rushed into ER “I am not afraid. If God is calling me home I’m ready.” Thank you for speaking comfort into my family. Our God is the great healer, and we know that either way Dad gets healing.

      • Amy Cerra

        And one final update; my lovely, caring, amazing Dad went to be with Jesus on July 5. His passing grieves us so much, but we hold onto the hope that we have as believers-that we shall all be reunited in Christ and live in the presence of the Lord God almighty forever. God has indeed brought us comfort in unexpected ways. Thank you to all in the community who have been praying for my family.

    • Brianna Foshie

      This really hit home for me. Working in nursing I look towards God daily to give me the comfort to give to others. I want to live my life serving others in their most vulnerable times.

      • Spilledmilkandsunsets

        Brianna, Thankyou. As someone who has felt the angel-care of nurses in some of my weakest times, never forget how important you are as vessels of love and hope x

      • Amy Cerra

        Nurses are the best! May God grant you wisdom every day to minister to your patients not only in caring for their physical needs for comfort in times of pain, but also their spiritual need for comfort.

  • Katie Morrison

    Praying for you all, with the loss of a father (You are not alone, I have walked through this too), with your husband being deployed and you are with your little ones and expecting, and for the others that have read this devotion. I teach, my husband is a pastor, we have three children. I am reminded today to relate with them when they are fussy instead of getting frustrated and saying “because I said so” or rushing them because I need to get going, understanding the pressure I felt when my dad rushed me, remembering and empathizing with what it feels like to be in their little shoes. To be a source of comfort like Jesus. Thank You Father.

  • Amen!

  • Kaylynn Lucas

    Definitely needed this today. Being strong for others who are at their lowest is stressful and draining. So thankful for a God who doesn’t leave us and is there to comfort us through hard times

  • Vanessa Ortiz

    Please help pray for comfort while my son is in the Marines boot camp. He’s also asking for prayers. Thank you.

    • Carey

      Saying a prayer for your son. God bless him and we thank him for his service! Lord, please keep him safe, keep watch over his physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. And also praying for you, his parents, that God will comfort you through this new and difficult stage.

    • Churchmouse

      Praying for your son – strength, endurance and comfort physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

    • Tina

      Praying… God’s comforting arms around him… that there will be a strength and protection, a Grace and favour for Him and all who serve with him…
      In God we trust … Amen..
      Sending prayers for you too Vanessa for peace of heart and trust in Him who knows the worries of your heart..

      Hugs to you..

  • I can’t imagine where I would be without Gods comfort! Sometimes I call on Him multiple times a day to hold me in His care and He is always there. Thank you Lordfor your unending presence and comfort.

  • Sarah Mohr

    I understand why we are given sufferings and how many times our suffering or hard times are used to bring us closer to God, but I think I lose sight of the fact that God is a comforter. No matter where life takes us or when we are lead into a possible new “unknown” we get to have the comfort of Gods love follow us no matter what. Thankful to have learned this and really let it sink in today. God is so good

  • Heather Totten

    May the God of ALL comfort, be with each of us today!

  • What beautiful truths to ponder today. I was reminded of how I usually do not focus on the comfort aspect of His promises in the midst of my suffering. Comfort may not occur in this life for some, but there is a peace in knowing the comfort that will meet us when we see our Savior face-to-face.

  • “Suffering may bring us to new places we’d never choose to go, but God’s comfort promises to follow” I’ve had one of the most painful years of my life so far and reading this rings true in my life. No matter how heartbroken I felt with a miscarriage at 16 weeks with our little boy Gods comfort was there. When we delivered him and he didn’t leave the hospital with us, Gods comfort was there. When a dark season of anxiety and depression followed, Gods comfort was there. His comfort showed up in meals brought by our fellow church members, coffee and cookie drop offs, friends stopping by just to listen and sit with me, and of course Christ presence was very real. I look back and see the hope I have because of him and I see all the ways he carried me through.

    • Melani


    • Tina

      Sending love wrapped hugs and prayers for you, Joy, and yours… to continue to know God’s presence when those tough moments come.. when your heart even more than it does already… hold on to Him who is ever present, comforting and bringing a peace that only He can bring…

  • “He Comforts us in all our affliction”. As I sit here this morning and read such precious and touching stories of affliction there are tears running down my cheeks. I, too, have affliction as I just returned from visiting my 91 year old mother and realizing that we are very close to laying her in God’s arms to go home. She is tired and weak.
    We all have afflictions and need comfort. What I’ve realized this morning is that some of the comfort that God brings is through you. Each of us reaching out with comfort, hugs that are ‘virtual’, and expressions of love. I thank God for each of you and pray that He will give us peace and comfort in these times of trial and pain.

    • Amber

      Prayers and love to you, Bessie. ❤️

    • Churchmouse

      Praying for you. So appreciate your tender heart

    • Cathy R Beard

      I am praying this verse for you. 1Peter 5:10-11 The God of all grace , who calls you to his eternal glory through Christ Jesus will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you after you have suffered a little. To Him be dominion forever AMEN.

    • Tina

      Bessie, reaching out as one in the same position with my beloved mum, may you know God’s comforting arms and love as you walk this heartbreaking journey..
      He is near to all who called on Him.. He is near…

      Sending hugs wrapped in prayers and love…xx

    • Danielle


  • Meagan Riggs

    Such a good reminder. My husband is about to deploy overseas (again), and I can feel my heart failing. Feeling overwhelmed expecting a new baby, taking care of the children we already have, our little homestead… and this morning’s reading reminds me that I won’t be alone. My comfort comes from the source of my life & salvation.

    • Terry

      Thank you Megan for your family’s service! I mean those words. It takes a whole family to serve our country. I am praying for your unborn little servant as well. Thank You Jesus for Your omfort, Protection, Promises. I ask that You be so close and evident to Meagan and her whole family. Go with her husband as he brings Your Light and Love with him. We praise You, Love You, Thank You! In His Mighty Powerful Name we pray, Amen and Amen

    • Beth AnneYoung

      Your example of finding strength in the Lord is a comfort to me! Just think how much more comforting you must be to your children as they see you rely on Him for comfort. You are an amazing mom!

    • Summer Chavez

      You’re not alone!

    • Heather Totten

      Praying for you Meagan!

    • Churchmouse

      Our son in law just returned from his deployment. Daily I think and pray for the families of our military. I’m adding your name to my prayer list. Thank you for holding on to Jesus.

    • Heather O’Malley

      Yes, thank you to your family for your service!

    • Tina

      Sending hugs and love to you Megan, wrapped in prayers of thanks for your husbands service, and for you.. Praying strength, peace Grace and hope over you and yours…xx

    • Kailee Tidball

      So thankful for you husbands service and your service to your family even even and especially in the absence of the help of your mate. So thankful God gives us His helper! Praying for you, sweet mama!

  • Kendra Davito


  • Kim Aspinwall

    Just what I needed on this day…

  • Maggie Kinnucan

    This was so needed for me today. The last few weeks have been packed full with new suffering and new joys and many days I end up weeping for all the new things God is teaching me. I am mourning the loss of my dad as Fathers Day passes and the seventh anniversary of his death comes up, the loss of a relationship, and rejoicing in the start of maybe a new one, I work with women in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse and there stories have revealed deep wounds in me. They have also taught me the power of Gods love and how He truly sits with us through our lowest lows and highest highs. It’s a season of great ebbs and flows, but thank our sweet Father for this reminder and this community.

    • Meagan Riggs

      Praying for you this morning Maggie. I’m finding myself so grateful for this community of support and sharing God’s word in this season to. God is so faithful to provide us with everything we need when we remember to turn to Him first ❤️

    • Churchmouse

      Praying from here for you there

  • The God of ALL comfort…a Blessing beyond measure… Thank you, Father…

  • Amber Anyanwu

    Suffering and Comfort in equal measure. My prayer for those of us reading this: God help us to be a conduit of comfort and not a causer of conflict to those we meet today.

  • Kelly Chataine

    Last evening, my parents came over for supper. My Pop is 80 years old, fit of mind and body. My Momma is 76 and dementia is ravaging her mind. She now sees the world through an immature perspective and cannot fathom being a mom, and with that fact, she had no idea who I was. I looked familiar to her, and she thought we went to church together years ago. There is emotional pain that comes with this situation, and there is a comfort. My mom was a depressed and angry adult, most of the time. She is now, smiling, laughing, and having fun. My Momma and I sat on the couch and looked at old pictures which gave my Pop the chance to talk and cry with Dennis. There is the pain, but there was and is love, smiles, and laughter.
    How does anyone make it through without Jesus Christ?

    • Bessie

      You touched my heart, Kelly. What a beautiful example of joy and tears, comfort and pain. Yes, we have both, but it is all wrapped up in the presence and love of Christ. I agree! How do you do this without Christ ? Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    • Churchmouse

      Praying for you all

    • Tina

      Kelly. This has been my walk for the last 3/4 years. Mum has slowly deteriorated to where we are at now where there is only the recognition and glimpse of love as she holds our hand…
      So very sad and heart breaking to see yet there is a peace..
      Thank you God… Thank you.

      Sending you love wrapped hugs and prayers Kelly… God be with you..xxx

  • Shamika Piggee

    Feeling encouraged…

  • Momtomany

    How timely as we move my sweet 82 and 85 year old inlaws to assisted living today….beautiful Godly people now in decline with dementia, osteoarthritis and other health challenges. These are not easy days… sandwiched between children in university and aging parents. We cling to the hope that Jesus makes all things new and before long they will be rejoicing with Him as is the longing of their hearts-free from the failing bodies they now have.

    Please pray for a smooth transition and peace in their new home. They are downsizing by 1/2 which is never easy when all things have sentimental value.

    • Kelly Chataine

      Just prayed for them, you, and all involved in this relocation. May God provide you all with a peace that is beyond understanding.

    • Janelle Hvidsten

      I am living this situation. My mom has moved to assisted living at age 81. We are downsizing which feels like giving away a little of our life and memories but knowing we couldn’t take it to enternity anyway. My dad spends nights with her and other various visits through the day but struggles to make these sacrifices. Please pray.

      • Kimberly

        Praying for you, Janelle, and for your dad. My heart is sad for your dad…for all of you, but how hard it must be for your dad to watch his bride decline. You are Jesus with skin on him to both of your parents right now, bringing them comfort in this time of loss. May you feel Jesus near each day!

        Praying for you, Momtomany, and your in-laws as well!

    • Churchmouse

      Adding my prayers to all these

  • Ashley Thornton

    Amen! Loved today’s reading.

  • Churchmouse

    Amen. So be it. A simple word tacked on to the end of a prayer, no more thought usually given to it than as a signal that the prayer is now done. But that word… We praise and we petition in our prayers and we say amen, so be it, this is what we’re asking, this is what we want and yet Thy will be done, but not that Lord, we don’t want that. And then that, that one thing happens and we fall to our knees and we ask ourselves did we say amen to this? No we didn’t but here it is and now what? My friend Pam has a 31 year old daughter hundreds of miles away who is married with a sweet curly haired three year old daughter. Pam’s daughter collapsed to the floor and her husband found her and they rushed to the hospital and the MRI showed large brain damage even to the brain stem. And Pam and her husband flew hundreds of miles to be told that their daughter was being kept alive by the ventilator but… And one day later the ventilator is removed and Pam sends out a text of “She’s gone.” And we who are hundreds of miles away fall to our knees. This, sisters, is hard stuff. This is suffering. We here and them there, we grab our Bibles and we cling with tear streaked faces and we pray for comfort that rises to the level of this suffering. We here and them there, we have put out hope in Him and we know, we know He will deliver from this suffering and we know, we know He will comfort us. Sisters, will you join in praying with us for them till that comfort is felt stronger than this suffering? And will you say Amen with us, So be it. Amen. Comfort in the midst of this great suffering. Amen. Bring it on, Lord, for You have said You will. Amen. Amen.

  • Gema Muniz


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