1 & 2 Corinthians: Day 15

The Lord’s Supper


Today's Text: 1 Corinthians 11:2-34, Matthew 26:26-28, Romans 3:25-26

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:2-34, Matthew 26:26-28, Romans 3:25-26

In an early episode of I Love Lucy, Lucy is pregnant, distracted, and she hasn’t fixed Ricky dinner. The poor man is irritated, miserable, and hungry. He declares his need for steak and potatoes, but with time running short, Lucy counters with a fried egg sandwich—and he scoffs at this paltry offering. At this point, my husband and I had to stop the episode and look at each other: “He literally can’t make food for himself? She’s had a busy day and he won’t accept a simpler meal?” The difference between the dinner expectations of 1952 television husbands and 2018 television husbands are surprisingly different.

The cultural expectations for the roles of men and women have changed even more dramatically since Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians. Paul’s instructions about head coverings and spheres of authority make us a little uncomfortable. But head coverings for women were pretty normal, even as recently as 100 years ago. Just because our husbands can make their own dinner and we wear our hair in loose, glorious ringlets, doesn’t mean we’re getting it exactly right. It just means we happen to be the generation walking around right now. It doesn’t make us smarter or better equipped to appreciate authority than generations past.

Who should be making dinner? And who’s hair should be blowing in the breeze? It’s tempting for us to get caught up here in these little brambly questions but miss the important issue here of authority. Who is our authority? First, you know what my answer will be: Christ is the Lord of creation, the Lord of men, women, communities, families. All authority has been given to Him on heaven and on earth. So, if you had any adorable delusions whether the ultimate authority is your own self, or the president, or your two-year-old, put them to rest. There is one final authority.

This same Lord of all, the ultimate authority, yielded up all on our behalf, giving His very body and blood to rescue us from just condemnation.

“On the night when He was betrayed, the Lord Jesus took bread, and when He had given thanks, broke it, and said, ‘This is my body, which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.’

In the same way also He took the cup, after supper, and said, ‘This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.’ For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes” (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

The question of authority comes down to yielding our own will to the will of someone else. When we eat and drink “in remembrance of” Him, do we truly yield our all to Him? Do we remember the glory He laid aside for us, or do we seek our own glory? When we hold back in order to honor ourselves—seeking our own will, based on our own understanding—the result is the same as it was in Corinth: divisions arise, each man seeks his own gain, and some fall to excess, while others are neglected.

He served us dinner and washed our feet, without hesitation and without reservation. And for the meal before Him, which signaled His own agonizing death, He gave thanks. Our hearts ought to be full of thanksgiving in turn, full of a desire to serve and honor others. When we see the world as Christ’s, we can make the dinner, we can love our neighbor, we can honor our husbands, we can yield to God’s will for us.


  • Wonderful truths thank you!

  • Heather N

    This devo is so good! Thank you for the clarity of honor and submission of will. As I first started reading the scripture I thought, “this is a tough one!” But the examples and explanations truly touched my heart. Thank you :)

  • Monica Davis

    Adorable delusions.

  • What a comfort that Christ is our one, final authority! I love reading these devotionals every day, thanks for sharing.

    With head coverings, this is what I have always understood…verse(s) 14-15 Paul immediately follows with how our “long hair has been given to us as a covering.” In my personal walk with Christ, I would feel too legalistic if I tried to wear a head covering. I would also be drawing attention to myself. I know people who have worn head coverings because it makes them feel closer to God and makes them feel modest. That’s perfectly fine. But they have also said it’s so that they will not draw attention to themselves, when truly they will be drawing more attention to themselves since they stand out more than everyone else. (If I see someone at Walmart with a head covering and dress/skirt, I’m going to stare.) These are just some of my thoughts on head coverings. I think having healthy, shiny hair and doing a simple yet lovely hairdo with it is thanking God for the hair He has given you.

    • Sharita Zimmerman

      I am one who wears a head covering and a modest dress. We are called Mennonites. We believe it signifies the order of headship. God, man, woman. By wearing a head covering I am showing submission to both God and my husband. Yes, it does draw attention. But I don’t wear it so that people stare at me. But I can be a light, because people will see I am different, and it’s an opportunity to witness, when someone asks about it. I wear it because it’s an outward symbol of what’s in my heart. Also, Gods word says we are protected by the angles when our heads are covered to pray. I have nothing against those who choose not to wear a head covering. It doesn’t mean you’re any less saved than me, and it doesn’t mean I’m any better or more spiritual. It’s all in the convictions God gives us. Those are my thoughts. God bless!

    • Kari

      I was starting to think maybe yes to head coverings but then you read things from Paul like this and it gets so confusing! :
      “Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules: ‘Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!’? These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings. Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence.”

  • the devo’s last two paragraphs, I copied into my book margins…. it’s the same issue of submission to each other & to Christ as discussed in Ephesians 5 passage on men & women, also authored by Paul…..

  • As members of the Church of Christ, we take communion every Sunday morning when we meet together to worship. Such a special time for me to know that my entire family- biological, close friends, and spiritual brothers and sisters- are remembering our Lord’s sacrificial covenant together. The Lord’s Supper is my favorite time of the week and gives me the strength to look ahead.

  • Hi everyone! A family friend is having brain surgery tomorrow and she’s not even in high school yet. And a coworker at a Christian camp just had heart surgery today. Prayers would be appreciated, thank you!

  • ok sorry for the comment spam but i have another question, in 1 Cor 11:10, what does “because of the angels” mean?

    • Stephanie

      Hi Elaine! I found Thisbe passage a bit hard to follow as well. I used this commentary and found it helpful https://enduringword.com/bible-commentary/1-corinthians-11/

      Hope that helps!

      • Carmel

        This article was very helpful and interesting. I have a question about myself though: I lost my husband about 2 years ago and no longer have a headship at home. (Granted, I wasn’t really that good at submitting in the first place, but I did try — I was a young woman in the late 1960’s and 1970’s when the “women’s movement” was all the raged). My question is Now who is my authority other than Christ? I do feel that since I joined a bible-believing church, I am submitting to the authority of the pastor and elders. So far they have proven trustworthy. Would this count?

    • truthseeker

      I, also, was wondering that

  • so if somebody could explain those please?

  • and here Paul says “neither was man created for the sake of woman, but eoman for the sake of man” but earlier he said that “a husband doesnt have the right over his own but his wife does”

  • “a man should not cover his head, because he is the image and glory of God” if man is the image of God, and characteristically speaking woman and men look very much alike (until you get to the privates) and the Bible is only speaking of covering our heads, (our heads are very similar to men’s heads, which means we also look like God) how come its only women who were told to cover our heads when we have the same characteristics as men?

    • Amanda

      Hi Elaine,
      Paul is saying that believers should look and behave in ways that are honorable in their own culture. In Corinth at the time this was written, long hair on men/short hair on women were signs of prostitution. We shouldn’t adopt all the practices of our culture, but we should avoid appearances and behavior that detract from our ultimate goal of being believable witnesses for Jesus while demonstrating our Christian faith.

      This is from NIV study notes, I hope it helps a little!

  • Summer Chavez

    Frustrating reading today. Praying and hoping that I can get back into closeness with the Lord. To understand the Word and not just read it. Pull me closer to You! Help me to put my pride aside and to seek You and not seek to solve my problems in my own strength. May I go to You first instead of as a second or third choice. Change my heart!

  • Hannah Romero

    I love that this post doesn’t just tackle one half of the chapter or the other, but actually looks at the big picture and ties the whole chapter together (while managing to address some tough verses honestly and humbly). Thank you for how you handled this. Also, God used it to reinforce some truths I need to hear that He’s been lovingly bombarding me with lately.

  • Thank you Rebecca for this message. Your last paragraph just grabbed my heart.

  • Brittany Ringo


  • Tricia Cavanaugh

    My NLT study Bible has a section called “Making Choices on Sensitive Issues”. It addresses different passages in Corinthians that we have already read. For example, “If I choose one course of action, does it help my witness for Christ?” The related passage can be found in 1 Corinthians 9: 19-22.
    I think that Paul is reminding us that the decisions we make should be guided by the Lord, and if they aren’t things that will glorify Him, or if they are something that will cause another believer to stumble, then they aren’t God inspired or right for us to do.
    Thank you Lord for these little reminders. Sometimes all I want to do is what will please me, not even considering how it will be seen or affect others. I pray that I would allow you to work in me so that others can see You.
    Have a blessed day Sisters.

  • Priska Jordan

    This head coverings passage always throws me, but God showed me it’s due to the cultural relevance of that day and age. With that in mind, I need to pray about what in today’s day and age is “permissible” for me in the freedom of Christ, but could cause a younger believer to stumble. See: 1 Cor 6:12, 1 Cor 8:11-12, 1 Cor 10:23-24. Head coverings are no longer culturally relevant, but what clothing is? I think this brings up the question of “Am I more promoting my personal freedom, or am I more concerned about others’ consciences?” That would be a tricky question if we didn’t have the Holy Spirit to help us in our closets! I’m so so thankful for His wisdom in all this.

    • Mich O

      Hi sis it helps me to look at the word “covering” in context & relate it to verse 15, where the woman’s covering is her hair :) …. may not necessarily be a hijab-like cloth or other…. (I Cor 11:15).

  • Jennifer Brennit

    Praying for your grandson, Susan. ❤️
    Also adding to the requests… just found out this morning that my friend is getting a divorce. They are not believers but have been coming to a small group my husband and I host. I’m driving their kids (with my own kids) to VBS today. So many heavy emotions and yet God is here and He can work miracles. Please pray that this family would turn to him. And that the kids would feel loved and understand truth this week at VBS. They need Jesus so desperately- as we all do. Thank u!

  • Phyllis Larr

    Susan…praying for your grandson and his family

  • Churchmouse

    Poor Paul. Surely he shook his head when he felt compelled to address hair coverings and disorderly gatherings. Weren’t there bigger things, bigger concepts, to deal with in the Christian life than these two? How like the Corinthians we can be! Squabbling over music selections, ‘proper’ church attire, or which Bible version to use. Oh my. The minors can become the majors and disagreement can become divisions. Thus the need for Paul to intervene. Lord, reveal to me where I am being petty about my personal preferences. Help me to focus on that which unites rather than divides. Help me to be a peacemaker. Amen.

    • Deborah

      I found myself thinking the same thing as I read today- I also began to think and pray- “God give me the courage, when I see things as meddlesome as this to speak up with a boldness as Paul did. To call it what it is, to bring people back to the Word and the reason for our Worship.” I’m thankful that Paul saw how these little issues could hurt the overall cause of Christ and I pray that we realize this as well, especially in a world where everyone gets to have an opinion and no one should hurt another’s feelings.

  • Susan: I am praying that your grandson feels the warm embrace of family, friends and his parents during this difficult time. But, most of all, I hope that he experiences the healing power and love of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

  • I know I’m the minority in this opinion, but I believe the reasons Paul gives for head coverings had nothing to do with culture and everything to do with having a physical representation of the authority in your life as a woman. The more I studied this section there more I saw that wearing a covering was an act of submitting to the Lord & to my husband and a physical reminder to me of God’s given order that is for my good. How this looks I’m sure is different for different people, but I wear a headband anytime our church is gathered or anytime I know praying or prophecy will happen in a group context. It’s on the days that I’ve gotten frustrated with having to wear a headband that the Lord has used it to speak to my heart and humble me before Himself, His ways are always better than mine. I think Paul knew after the fall our desire is to rule over our husbands, and I’ve seen in my own life that covering is a simple reminder of who the head of our home is. It’s not legalism for me, it’s walking in obedience to what God has revealed. Just wanted to give a different take on this section of scripture that God has used so much in my life.

    • Erin B

      Hey sister, I value your sincere and unique thoughts here. I’ve yet to determine by own solid conclusions on this passage in regards to the physical act of wearing a head covering, but I highly respect anyone who is genuinely attempting to be obedient to God, and finding growth in his callings. About a year ago, I discovered a local church near me that had a large population of women who covered their heads, and honestly my first reaction was a combination of curiosity and uncertainty. What I’m learning though, is that (as today’s entry has offered) it’s about our hearts. If it is truly symbolism and a reminder of your desire to submit to Christ and your husband, I totally see the beauty in this act. At the particular congregation aforementioned, however, it seemed to be more of a social act, something almost every woman there did to meet the status quo. Clearly, I can’t know each of their hearts, but on a recent visit, I saw that now the “trend” has changed and there are no headscarves in sight!

      This is clearly a delicate and personal issue, one (as I said) I myself am not resolved on yet. I do see your point about this potentially being a more literal ask than most people take it to be– is reserving sex for marriage a literal request (for example)? Yes. We know this, just as many other requests that God makes of us are literal, regardless of our heart condition– there’s not a “right” state of heart for extramarital sex, lying or drunkenness. That does make me ponder this notion of head coverings, though obviously it’s a much much less mentioned/prevalent issue than the previous examples.

      Things to think on…

      • Megan

        Thank you for your encouragement! That’s interesting about the church close to you. There’s only one other lady in our church that covers, but it’s also not something I talk about a whole lot. It also took me over a year of the Lord convicting me to finally walk in obedience, sadly. I would encourage you to keep seeking the Lord and asking Him to reveal what is right for you, because you are right in that this is a heart issue. Covering means far more to me since the Lord is the one who brought me to that conviction rather than if it was my husband or someone else telling me I had to do this. Now it’s an act of worship and walking in obedience.

        Also I would suggest seeking commentary on both sides. When I first started studying this I only looked at commentary that suggested head coverings were just a culture thing of that time. I could certainly see that point and agreed with it for so long. It wasn’t until I started looking at it from different perspectives that I actually got clarity from the Lord.

        But know this, there is Grace upon Grace for us as we seek to walk in obedience to the Lord and understand things that seem confusing!

    • Jess

      Thank you for sharing! Here is another good commentary on the passage. https://www.gotquestions.org/head-coverings.html

    • PamC

      You know it’s only been about 50 years since women started to church without hats or wore little lace circles pinned to the top of their heads. I think you have raised some seriously thoughtful questions for me. Thank you, Megan.

  • Rae Lynn Reinecke


  • Anita Pritchard

    Prayer lifted.

  • Thank you for this eloquent Interpretation. God used you today to speak truth – I have often become defensive at Paul’s writings and forgotten that he’s writing to a specific church at a specific time, but the truths behind cultural differences remain the same.

  • Jocelyn Hammer

    Prayed. I hope you get answers.

  • Susan Reagon

    Prayer request
    Prayer please for our 6hear old grandson who has developed alopecia and is going to the doctor today to find out cause/treatment options.
    Thank you

  • Amen. Rebecca Faires. Not always easy, but a path we should walk one day at a time…
    serving one another as our Savior did for All…
    Our hearts ought to be full of thanksgiving in turn, full of a desire to serve and honor others.
    Lord God, praying for your wisdom to walk in this way to honour Jesus in all He had done for us… Thank you Lord God for Him. Thank you for His gift of life for us that we might live like Him in service to each other.. praise you Lord God for everything.. in the name of Jesus, our Hope, in thanksgiving I pray..

    Happy Monday everyone…xxx

  • Thank you and this is so true. Think of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords washing the feet of the disciples that would abandon Him, deny or betray Him that same night. His is the Darling of Heaven and He humbled Himself and became a man. He was tempted in all ways and understands what we go through. He knew: betrayal, being despised, misunderstood, being falsely accused, not looking attractive to others, rejection, sorrow, loss, humiliation, abuse, physical and mental torment. Think of the cross. He was spat upon, mocked, brutally murdered, and tormented. I imagine Him seeing every sin ever committed flashing before His eyes. How painful, but He endured it all. I just heard a teaching from a pastor in Pittsburgh on the radio about this. He was talking about why Jesus can relate and is our Advocate. He said Jesus even knew what it was like to be tempted with drugs. He was referring to when they offered Him something when He was on the Cross, but He refused. He took it all on for us. The author is right! Help us to remember His sacrifice and want to show His love in gratitude for all He’s done. Please listen to this song, bc it goes with showing His love and giving praise and worship. https://youtu.be/GfVd5x9W1Xc

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