1 & 2 Corinthians: Day 2

Spiritual Wisdom


Today's Text: 1 Corinthians 2:1-16, Romans 8:26-30, Ephesians 1:13-14

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 2:1-16, Romans 8:26-30, Ephesians 1:13-14

I recently listened to an interview with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Wales said he started Wikipedia because he wanted to make information available to everyone for free. Today, I’m sure most of us with an internet connection have benefitted from Wales’s aspirations.

With Wikipedia, as well as countless other sites on the web, we can know almost anything about any person, place, or thing. It is the Information Age, after all. The Information Age has given us the illusion that we can know everything. It has given us the illusion that we no longer need to grapple with the unknown. And it’s tempting to believe that knowledge—the kind that’s available to us with the click of a button—is equivalent to wisdom.

But it’s not.

In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul writes about the difference between the wisdom of men and spiritual wisdom. The wisdom of men is “coming to nothing,” he says. “On the contrary, we speak God’s hidden wisdom in a mystery, a wisdom God predestined before the ages for our glory” (vv.6-7).

Paul then explains that God’s wisdom is no longer hidden in mystery because it has been revealed to us by God’s Spirit. What is this wisdom? In short: “Jesus Christ and him crucified” (v.2). It seems so simple—too simple, especially in the Information Age—for the idea of wisdom to be boiled down to this one simple truth. And yet, this is what Scripture tells us.

The temptation is to fill up our minds with as much “wisdom” as possible. We gather knowledge in an attempt to be the smartest in the room and because we find security in thinking all of our questions can be answered with a Google search.

But spiritual wisdom frees us from relying on our own knowledge. It frees us from having to answer every question, and it opens up our lives to the power of the Spirit. In this, paradoxically, Scripture says we are able to “evaluate everything” (v.15). When we are not sure what to do, where to turn or who to talk to, we have the Spirit. When we are confused, disheartened, angry, we have the Spirit. And this Spirit is wisdom. This Spirit gives us more than the entire archive of Wikipedia ever could. It gives us “the mind of Christ” (v.16).

Do you believe you have the mind of Christ? Do you trust the Spirit who has been given to you? Or are you still scrolling the internet looking for answers?

Knowledge is a wonderful tool, and I am grateful to live in an age when we have such ready access to it. But no matter how much knowledge I acquire, it will never measure up to the Holy Spirit within me. That quiet, still, discerning voice. The very Spirit of God who gives me the very mind of Christ.

Let us seek spiritual wisdom first. Let us ask the Spirit for guidance first. Let us cling to our hope that is not in knowledge or the Information Age, but in Christ Himself.


  • Amy Pence

    There is something to me that is just so peaceful and freeing to me about knowing that I don’t have to understand everything in the entire world, or study the Word hours upon hours in order to be able to share it with others-because I have the Holy Spirit, I don’t need to know everything there is to know. Wow!

  • Heather Williams

    Not knowing everything about Christianity has been an insecurity of mine that has kept me from sharing the gospel with others. I am always scared that I won’t be able to answer their questions and I will misrepresent God’s truth and grace. But this is very freeing in that I dont have to have the answers, but because I know the truth that Jesus died for my sins, that is enough and I can rely on that.

  • Melissa K LeMay

    I think the words ‘frees us’ struck a cord with me. The pressure we put on ourselves to always have knowledge, but that the holy spirit is where our freedom lives.

  • the same spirit that is in me searches the depths of God. just wow!!!

  • Terri Castellanos

    I’m thinking about what the mind od Christ means… How he would only do what the Father said, and how he and the father are one… That basically through the holy Spirit we can have that same direct closeness with God.

  • Anna Horner

    This was very eye opening, there is something so peaceful about not having to know everything about the world

  • Shelby Dickerson

    This was perfect for me today, lately I have been struggling with wanting to give in to the desires of my flesh and have been quite literally searching for answers on the Internet instead of turning to God for wisdom. I purchased this study a while ago and never really started it, but randomly decided to look at it today, the exact day I needed to hear this reminder. God is so good.

  • Heather Wold

    I have constant access to the deep things of God through His Spirit who lives in me! And He wants me to depend on Him, talk to Him, seek wisdom from Him and walk with Him every day! The deep things of God are freely available to me if I’ll seek it out! And thanks to all God has done for me through His Son, I have an incredible, glorious future to look forward to! And He didn’t stop there. He gave me the Holy Spirit so I can walk with Him every day of the rest of my earthly life through eternity. How incredible! This gives me a whole new perspective on life. I need to work on keeping my eyes on God and the hope He has given me. And I can do this through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus!

  • Knowledge is not equivalent to wisdom…very helpful thought for today. Thank you!

  • Katie Parr

    This was a great bible study for what I have recently studied in my home church.

  • Amy Rinta

    Holy Spirit make my ears attentive to your voice and and my heart ready to obey you. You are my Comforter, my Guide, my Wisdom. Lead me today.

  • Kayleigh Standard

    “But we have the mind of Christ.” Restore my mind to the wholeness of Yours, King Jesus- sanctify me with Your Presence and Your Truth. Hallelujah & Amen.

  • Amber Anderson


  • Heather O.


  • Shelby Lynn

    What a good read! How our Wisdom is so simple; thanks be to God.

    Also verse 15, as we belong to God we shouldn’t subject ourself to human condemnation/approval as God is our only judge. HOW I needed this today, what an eye opener for how I grew up feeling inadequate and this verse just became present to me at 26yrs old. Thank you Lord for your Word, all my bibles, the cross I safely wear on my neck and the love you have woven in my heart. I love you Father!

  • Heidi MelinJones

    Praying for the Holy Spirit to give my husband and I wisdom as we look at an opportunity that has been presented to us.

  • Megan Blew

    Love the reminder that spiritual wisdom frees us from relying on our own knowledge! I find freedom today in this statement as I make some new decisions for my future.

  • Logan Christine Ranhofer

    Once again I am shown how wonderful the Bible is and how unique God’s people are and how He uses us. While during my own reading I picked up on completely different passages and then reading this devotion by Andrea I was able to see even more. What a beautiful gift the Word is to us.

    In my own reading I picked up on the first five verses and how Paul was saying he “did not come with brilliance of speech or wisdom” and “decided to know nothing among [them] except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” This was encouraging to me because I often become self conscious and shy when speaking my thoughts on the Bible and other spiritual matters in fear I’ll be too simple and not knowledgeable enough. But Paul tells us that we only need God and His Spirit to work through us and like Andrea said Jesus and His crucifixion is where true spiritual wisdom is found.

  • Sydney Sonderman


  • The Spirit is always around giving me answers when I least expect them. I had been struggling with something lately and went to Books-a-million and found my answer/help. I picked up a book and opened to a page in the middle. I got just what I needed without having to search. We’re all searching for answers that only He can provide

  • Sometimes I completely forget that we have a DIRECT link to God…The Holy Spirit! So often I think about THS as just something inside that will “guide me” when I am not sure what to do, but He is so much more than that. I love how it is written in Ephesians “The Holy Spirit is the down payment of our inheritance”, we were giften THS. Such a wonderful reminder of that power and direction God has already given us. How much he prepared up to survive this Earth with our salvation.

  • I’m always scared to share my faith with others. What if they start talking about science or social issues that I don’t have answers for? What if I get a verse wrong? What if…..? I’m reminded today that all I need to know is “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”. God will do the rest!

  • Destiny Ogden

    Wow! Just the other day my son (7months) had swim lessons & he kept drinking the water. The instructor made me so nervous because she would explain I needed to watch him through the day. I didn’t realize he had been drinking THAT much.

    Well I instantly turned to google. NOT GOD. Why! This is just what I needed today. A good kick in the rear to remind me to turn to GOD at every moment – sure and unsure moments. Happy and sad moments.

  • Louise Pletta

    It’s sad how often I turn to earthly wisdom instead of God’s True Wisdom. So sad! I don’t want to turn to people’s advice. I want God’s wisdom.

  • Gloria Shin

    Just started this study. Looking forward to journeying with other SRT ladies.

  • Corina Ross

    I’ve never noticed that the spirit “groans”. Fascinating ! So thankful to have a reliable guide while on this earth. God really does live and care about His people.

  • Stephanie

    I love learning more about God and trying to understand him more. But there will always be a sense of mystery and things we don’t understand, and I think this speaks to the feeling I experience, which is being okay in the not knowing. I still believe in knowledge and believe that can help us grow closer to God, but at the end of the day, we need to Holy Spirit to fill that gap for us.

  • Kasandra Damirkasan Thaves

    Living in a new foreign country, meeting people to call friends is hard… I have been trying to fill that void with just anyone, rather than asking God and patiently waiting for Him to fulfill that void. I hope to rely on the Spirit’s wisdom from now on before I open my heart, and even my mouth.

  • Beth AnneYoung

    Lord help me depend on your Holy Spirit every morning! I rely on facts to get me through anxious moments and even the facts to try to navigate messy social situations (placing blame where it’s due). Yet the facts are not always comforting… the facts can often bring on anxiety and holding on tightly to who said and did what in relationships only brings on bitterness. Lord, I bring the facts to you. They are yours. Now take my heart, cleanse it and help me follow your Holy Spirit. I want to be in constant fellowship with You Lord.

  • “when we are confused, disheartened and angry , we have the Spirit. AND the Spirit is wisdom. The Spirit is the mind of Christ.” I can’t begin to say how much joy and peace that has brought me!

  • Imagine if we turned to the Spirit as often as we turn to the Internet…

  • Heather Ward

    One of my favorite Joyce Meyers quotes is “Take it to the throne, not the phone.” Such a good reminder that wisdom is found in our quiet dealings with the Holy Spirit, not hashing it out verbally with friends, which can lead to gossip and unwise choices. I become frustrated when I don’t think God is answering me, but often times I am not fully seeking and listening.

    • Jaelyn Hamilton

      Wow, love this! It’s so easy for a simple rant to a friend about an issue to turn into gossip or just straight negativity! and it’s so hard to turn things around when you feel a convo is headed the wrong way and fighting temptation to just give into the gossip is hard too! Definitely inspired to work and pray on this more though

  • Rachel Young

    Boy I surely struggle with trying to gather and find out as much about something before I make a decision. Talking to other people, searching all over the internet, etc. are my first go to’s. I could probably save a lot of time worrying, thinking and stressing if I asked God to show me the way and then actually trust the timing of the knowledge from him. This is hard! Great read. Thank you!

  • What a gift indeed! And the part that left me in awe is this gift is free! “Now we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who comes from God, so that we may understand what has been freely given to us by God.” We live in a world full of fees and membership dues to gain what we believe is necessary to make us happy. Examples: Netflix, cable, weight watchers, stitch fix etc And all the while we have all we ever need when we utilize such a wonderful gift!

  • Alyssa Baker

    He gave me the mind of Christ. What a gift!

  • Monica Davis

    Spiritual wisdom comes from god.

  • Brianna Foshie

    Humans have access to a lot of knowledge and are constantly learning knew things. The only thing that makes this possible is God. He is the one true source of all knowledge and wisdom. He gives us the answer to all of our questions.

  • Nora White

    I am a day behind but I really needed that lesson. I was absolutely trying to rely on my wisdom not Gods. Excellent lesson

  • Maggie Smith

    We have the mind of Christ!! That is so awesome! Gives me chills.

  • Caroline Dean

    Oh I love this. So true. “Spiritual wisdom frees us from relying on our own knowledge.” LOVE this.

  • Megan Boyers

    Father, help us to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. In your wisdom

  • Robin NHendrich

    What stood out me here is sometimes having all the information in the world so readily available can distract from THE truth. I need to remind myself to step away and sit in that truth find my confidence in that truth and share that truth with others.

    • Christina Dodd

      I agree. I’m always looking up stuff and searching for answers. I’m realizing how much I want to prove God through human wisdom or knowledge. Instead I need to pray and watch the Holy Spirit be at work!

    • Melody Garrison

      Absolutely agree! We get and give information so fast these days we have to remind ourselves to sit and absorb.

  • There are some days I am more in tune with listening to the Spirit than others. Thankfully, on Saturday I heard the Spirit loud and clear. My kids and I were on a bike ride. Every car that passed us went far on the other side of the road. Then one particular vehicle approached and the Spirit spoke to me to get the kids off the road. I yelled for both of them to get as far off the road as possible. My daughter was on the shoulder of the road, but was still hit by a distracted driver who admitted he was looking for his phone. Thankfully, because she was so far over, the front bumper missed her and she was only bumped by the side of the car, suffering only mild injuries. I know the Spirit spoke to me that evening and God protected her from serious injury or worse! I praise God for sending the Spirit to warn me!

  • Kathy Hensley

    Wow. I have the very Spirit of God who gives me the mind of Christ. If I really soak that in – I mean really stop and ponder that – I am overcome with peace and hope. I have the maker of the universe to protect, love, and guide me! I mean really what else could I possibly need!?!

    • Laurie Reyes

      That is what struck me afresh as well. How amazing to have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit!

  • One thing I wrote down in my notes is that having access to information isn’t the same as knowing information. This correlates to having access to God isn’t the same as knowing God. So many people feel like they know God, when they just purely have access to Him. They haven’t really and truly decided to buy into living sold out for God, they’re just simply going through the motions. I pray that through this study God will further equip me to reach those who are standing at the door and need just a little encouragement to walk in. I am so happy I decided to buy my first study book. I feel like I’m being able to dive into the Word so much more than before. It’s a life changer!

  • Cierra Bruening Polk

    This devotion is so on point! I’ve been noticing I need to take breaks from the internet & the fast paced world of technology & really find a place of sanctuary & rest in the Lord! Sometimes this is difficult but He always calls us to His feet to hear from Him or to just remain in His presence. Awesome!

    • Jessica Diaz

      Yes! Sometimes we are so reliant on looking up the answer and the right answer being that if the world that we forget the most important answers aren’t found through google, the are found from within, from our God from the Holy Spirit the fills us. Spiritual wisdom will always give us peace while the knowledge of the world will often bring us turmoil. It’s so easy to forget that sometimes.

  • What a good reminder that the only we really need is Jesus and the knowledge of him and the Holy Spirit to lead me in all truth.

  • Jama Maples

    In this day and age, I have found it increasingly difficult to slow down and wait upon the Lord. I have a computer in my pocket that not only gives me access to “scientific data” but access to others’ opinions and perspectives. It is so easy to go to my phone for wisdom when I should be running to God and His word. This has been a very convicting message for me. My prayer today is that I will seek Him first in all things.

  • Peggy Lester

    It is a humbling thing to realize that I have the mind of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is another thing to act on it and trust Christ to lead my every decision. Thank You, Father, for blessing me with a willing heart to hear you!

  • Cheri Jackett

    So, I breathe. And choose to be still…listening to spiritual wisdom before all else!

  • Charlese Inyabri

    It is beautiful to know that God loves me so much that he left a piece of himself to dwell in me . I am in awe when I read that the spirit intercedes for me when I don’t even know what to pray for…my tears and my cry are enough for the spirit to interpret into prayer ♥️♥️♥️♥️ I must continue to rest in Him! Today’s message gave so much peace and joy ♥️

  • Vicki Kitchens

    Reading this reminded me that I need to turn over all of my worries and decisions regarding my elderly parents to God and let the Spirit direct my thoughts and my words.

    • Valerie Cooper

      I am struggling with the exact same thing! First instinct was to jump into action instead of pray…

  • Roxanne Appel

    I find myself constantly looking for an answer to things, constantly searching and trying to figure things out. This really convicted me and made me realize that I don’t need to figure out everything. I need to turn it over to God and let him lead me because he already has it “figured out”.

    • Michele Nickerson-Swanson

      I do the same thing Roxanne!! I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in that struggle.

  • Brittany Ringo

    I loved this and this was so convicting and timely for me…I was scrolling through google last night when I read a passage of scripture I didn’t understand and I only got note confused the more I scrolled…but when I prayed I felt more at peace about it and then I read this today…God always knows how to change my heart!

  • I was really struck by verse 3: “and I was with you in weakness and in fear and in much trembling” even with all of Paul’s experiences he was still nervous. But he did it anyway. this gives me hope that I don’t always have to have great feelings about it. I can just act on what God says and know that it’s ok

    • Michele Nickerson-Swanson

      Kate, I’ve never thought of it that way. Thanks for sharing and giving me a new perspective to think about.

    • S M

      Great insight! You are right, this does give hope and comfort, especially because Paul had stood before the resurrected Christ and yet still experienced “fear and in much trembling”. God is glorified in our weakness, we must be willing to participate in this and answer His call, even in our own fear and initial resistance to the call upon our lives. These words were spoken by a pastor at our church “The call God has placed upon your life doesn’t depend upon your comfort but His faithfulness.” These words were used by God to show me where I must surrender my fears, comfort and pride and allow Him to be glorified in my weakness; from this I humbled myself before the Lord and accepted the call I have received in ministry and stepped out into a new (and terrifying at times) arena of serving.

  • This is a timely message for me. I am so thankful.

  • Madison Veitch

    I struggle with this a bit, not for myself but for others who have not met God yet. It’s hard living in the Information Age and having someone specifically science minded who wants to learn about God but also sees some of the loopholes. HOWEVER, I believe God and Science go together – it’s all one, and God isn’t afraid of any question or doubt, but it is a fine balance between educating ourselves and always yearning for knowledge that we really don’t need. Loved this! Excited to be doing this!

    • Allecia

      Fabulous book that shows the link between scripture and science – Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf

  • Diane Gaska

    I love this. It serves as such a reminder that the answers we seek can be found in the Spirit as revealed to us by Christ. Thus, whenever I am troubled, I seek Him first and pray and if I can silence my heart and open it, He does reveal the truth and such wisdom. What beautiful passages.

  • Natalie H

    What a beautiful gift to have the Spirit and mind of Christ within me! I loved what Andrea said — “No matter how much knowledge I acquire, it will never measure up to the Holy Spirit within me… Let us seek spiritual wisdom first.”

  • Erika Corson

    This is so convicting. My thoughts always seem to running a mile a minute. I’m constantly distracted by what is so easily available to me…all the things I can do, places I can see, things I can learn…but NONE of it matters except for Jesus and His truth/wisdom. This is my peace. This is what makes me “be still”. It’s my only true satisfaction and happiness and home. Thanking Jesus for this conviction this morning.

  • Amy Videon

    So thankful that I don’t have to know it all to have it all!!

  • Alana Schmidt

    Gosh. Every time I hear something like this I just get really pumped. I’m someone who googles EVERYTHING. I love access to information. I love knowing random facts and beating my dad at jeopardy. But does that actually translate into making good decisions? Does all that knowledge get me anywhere with God? But then I’m reminded of the Spirit, that only with him are we able to discern spiritual realities and truths. And I have personal access! What a freaking gift.

  • Lauren Toussa

    I love 1 Corinthians 2:7 “But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory.” The fact that this wisdom is “secret and hidden” speaks to me of just how special it is. It is easy to take God’s wisdom for granted or confuse it with earthly pragmatic “wisdom”, but the truth is that God’s wisdom is so much deeper, and in some ways mysterious. When I pray for wisdom I need to remember this and since it is so special, be even more grateful for it.

  • Jennifer Martin

    I needed this devotional today – I should be seeking the Spirit for wisdom instead of the world.

  • Megan Segraves

    This hits close to home as I’m closing in on year 3 of infertility (2 miscarriages and 2+ years of nothing except waiting and lots of treatment). We are heading down the IVF path now and it’s been difficult throughout to balance wanting to be informed with my tendency to want to control things, especially those that make me anxious.
    I take this as a challenge this summer to rest in Him and trust that no matter the outcome I’m in Good hands.

    • Mari

      Megan you ARE in God’s hands!! I may be facing something totally different but ONE thing I know is I am in God’s hands. You are in Gods hands. HE has it under control. Megan I am praying for you this morning. Please know you are dearly loved by Jesus!

    • Annie Corson

      Megan, thank you for your honesty. I pray that God’s peace that passes understanding will guard your heart from despair and that the Spirit will direct your thoughts toward the trust and rest you desire. I know that God uses all things for our good and His glory, but I also pray that He will comfort your heart. And ultimately I pray that He might give you the desires of your heart for His glory.

      • Caitlin Gustavel


        My husband and I too are struggling to have a baby. It’s so hard not to google everything the internet has to offer on all things conception and babies. I’m thankful for the reminder that God is in control and that God has all the wisdom I need on the subject. I actually went to the Dr. yesterday and she told me that I just needed to, “pray and know it would happen in Gods time.” I was shocked to hear that come out of a drs mouth! I’m praying for you sweet friend! I pray God blesses us both with peace until he’s ready to give us our little miracle. ❤️

      • Megan Segraves

        Thank you.

    • Erika Corson

      Praying for you now. Thanking God for loving and encouraging you this morning. Praying for hope and peace in your heart…that He knows & loves you more than you ever could comprehend.

    • Jessica PiccolaKennish


  • Sharon Buys

    So very true.

  • And to hear the Spirit, to really allow wisdom to sink in and guide us, we have to get quiet. We have to stop scrolling. We have to allow the real world to be our home, not pixels on a page. I worry that we are losing the ability to hear the Spirit because we are so distracted. May I give God the space to move in my life by giving Him the attention he deserves.

  • Courtney Stoops

    Is anyone else reading this with their husbands? He is doing the HeReadsTruth version. I’d love to hear how you are doing it!

    • Amy Videon

      That is our plan although he missed yesterday. We are each just going to do our separate study and then discuss it together in the evening. Really simple. What about you? I’d love suggestions!

    • PamC

      We are both doing our studying in the mornings and then discuss it at dinner. The guys don’t have the ability to comment after the devotional that we do. That would be a huge loss for me. Sometimes, if I’m struggling to understand, it’s the comments where I find it.

  • Pam White

    Over the past 3 weeks, I have had two dear relatives enter their final test (my sister and my aunt), found out my best friend has breast cancer, and am facing major changes at work. I love that I don’t need to put what I’m feeling into words right now because The Spirit is interceding for me. I love that The Spirit searches me, and He knows my heart and knows what I need. Groanings is what I have, and The Spirit understands. Sunday was communion at our church and I cried through the entire thing- realizing that my sweet sister and aunt have eternal life because Jesus gave His blood and became the sacrificial lamb so that we can spend eternity with our Father. Seeing this through the lens of the death of my relatives brought it to an entirely different perspective for me. God is good and He sends me comfort through His Word.

  • Tana Chmieleski

    I couldn’t agree more with you all! Love this reminder that knowledge doesn’t equal wisdom. We are so quick to scroll and seek dr google for the answers. These are the moments I am coming to recognize as my opportunity to put the device down and pray to god for his wisdom and discernment.

  • Pam White

    As always, God’s timing is so good. I love that The Spirit intercedes for us

    • Alana Schmidt

      It’s my actual favorite that I don’t have to have words for God to know what I want to tell him. He knew we’d need a Helper.

  • Madi Wenger

    Needed to be reminded of this today. I can often think that answers are found by scrolling but the answers I need come from the Sprit

  • I love the reminder that knowledge does not equal wisdom. It’s also a great reminder to turn to God first, when we’re so quick to turn to Google instead.

  • Melyssa Strong

    The idea that God’s wisdom can be culminated and summed up in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ is incredible. I’m a big believer in the fact that sometimes the simplest things – the most basic and honest truths – are the most beautiful and the most powerful. And this is the most basic and yet most incredible truth of all: God loves us. Three words, so simple to understand and yet so impossible to understand that you need to help of the Holy Spirit and His wisdom to get it. God’s wisdom isn’t full of clauses, loopholes, or layers of data but instead is profoundly simple. I pray that I will daily allow myself to be grounded in God’s wisdom and not bogged down in the worlds.

    • Becky T

      This truth spoke to me this morning too. How can it be that Almighty God’s wisdom is so simple and so wonderful? How did I miss this vital piece of information? I’ve been searching to know God better and all I really need to focus on is Christ’s life and resurrection. How amazing!

    • Brandi


    • Jennifer Martin

      This also spoke to me this morning. God is so good!

    • Anna

      So true! It is so difficult for me to really internalize that simple truth. Thank you for sharing!

  • To know that through Jesus Christ sacrifice the spiritual wisdom is something given to us that surpasses all of mans knowledge. It gives hope knowing we can rest in Him during trials and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us through them. Thankful for God’s grace and for Jesus in my life.

  • I love this insight! I am bombarded by people who present themselves as “wise” because they have a plethora of information (almost always obtained via internet) that they spew constantly. Here Paul reminds me that “wisdom” is found by seeking the Spirit. I love the devotions reminders: ” Seek spiritual wisdom…first, ask for spiritual guidance…first.Let us cling to our Hope that is not in knowledge of the Information Age, but I Christ Himself.” Thank you for sharing this today.

  • I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit today, especially in these last days we are living in. I want His Wisdom, above all else — knowledge. May we continue to seek Him, in all that we do, in every details of our life.

  • Sandy Forsythe

    (I’ll share the note I sent to two of my friend who live cross county – we are doing the study together. )

    Morning my friends!
    I’m doing two days in one – and will probably order the book as I highlight a lot – make notes … have to go back and re-read what I had read 30 seconds before…to ‘get it’…

    But even without my paper crutch, this two day message has deep stabilized strength for me to stand on.

    Paul writes: we are part of this incredible fellowship by Grace alone. We are not here because we are the smarter ones, the learned few…quite the opposite. We get to be in Christ’s world because He picked us up out of this world- and plopped us into His throne room…we have access to the Divine – and He chooses, He knew before the beginning of time – who, what, where, when – how… for each individual on his planet!

    But we sometimes don’t like the chosen person’s ideas who is sitting across the room from us…

    Yet Paul shares the biggest ‘secret’ in eternity- The Holy Spirit knows each person’s heart… and He seals us together with Himself…

    So my take away (after a bit too much rambling) is:
    Let the Holy Spirit lock me in life with all kinds of wonderful yet prickly people…because He choose us all… with all our different opinions and moods, HE KNOWS our hearts, and HIS WISDOM IS BEST. Trust Him.

  • I’m glad that Paul keeps this initial opening to his letter simple. In a world where philosophy and intellectual exercise was flourishing and mingling with traditional ‘Jewish’ thought, Paul keeps it simple. Go with Christ and the cross. Accept the gift of the Holy Spirit and rest in it. It will reveal truth, help to lead you in God’s way, inspire repentance, reveal what’s needed, and be ever kind and loving. I’m holding on to that. All else is fluff.

  • Beth Townsend

    Knowledge does not equal wisdom. Yes. Just yes!

  • I’m glad to read about the Spirit today. He doesn’t get much “pulpit time” compared to His equals I’m the the trinity. He searches both the depths of God (!) and the inner feelings in our hearts that aren’t even formed into words yet. Such a beautiful, mysterious, and powerful God we have!

  • Kelly Chataine

    Wow, God is so timely! Disheartened. Discouraged. Angry. Those words sum me up. The road to recovery is bumpy and lonely. However, I have the Spirit to turn to. So thankful!

    • Trayce Allen

      And feel free to reach out to your sisters in Christ here Kelly. You have many willing to pray for and with you.

    • ~ B ~

      Saved, victorious and loved are words that also sum you up, friend! I can believe that recovery is a lonely place. I am thankful that you are filled with the Spirit and are able to find counsel through it. I agree with Trayce, you have many praying for you and willing to continue to, reach out here, we are here to endure together.

    • KimN

      Sending love to you today and lifting you up in prayer to our Father. The Spirit groans on your behalf and I add my simple, heartfelt prayers! Our Savior also walked lonely roads and knows where you are -take heart sister. xo

  • Carrie Rogers


  • Jessica McCreary

    This is a great reminder for me to know that I don’t need to have an answer for everything because He’s there!!! ❤️

  • Tammy Lee

    “The very Spirit of God (in me!) who gives me the very mind of Christ.” Wow! Thank you Lord.

  • Kristen Hale

    I often times have this image of God as this gentle loving father and me as a young child. When I read this I have this image of Him just speaking reassurance and peace into me as I ask him a million questions. I just see Him saying be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am God. Be still. The spirit just breathes that peace and reassurance into us over and over. It’s such a gift to have that kind of heavenly access.

  • Kristine Loughman

    In today’s Information Age, there is so much noise and distraction, it can be hard for me to tune into that still, small voice. There is such easy access to information, I tend to hop on the internet to research my options or make my pros and cons list, rather than stopping to pray and listen. Oh I may pray and ask for wisdom, but to stop and listen for it is another matter. Help me tune out the noise, Lord, and find your voice.

  • Cassie Scoggins

    It is so amazing to me that we can know the heart of God–the God of the entire universe, our Creator–through the Spirit in which he has imparted on us. It honestly gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! Also, this devotion just serves as a reminder that God will give us what we need to fulfill the purpose He has created us for. The spirit knows what to ask for, and Romans 8:38 even says that all things work for the good of those called according to His purpose! I worry a lot about my competence and capabilities to do the work that God has set out for me, but I know those worries and fears irrelevant! As long as we follow God, He will never let us down!

  • The Holy Spirit is often overlooked. However, Jesus told His disciples that it is better that I leave because God will send the Comforter. The Spirit guides us and convicts us not to be condemning, but to lead to repentance and back to right relationship with God. He gives us understanding. He is the seal and guarantee of our future hope. I want more of God’s Holy Spirit! There are resources that write about the Spirit, but another thought is to look at a Concordance and see the verses that are in the Bible about the Holy Spirit. Thank You God for the gift of Your Spirit. We have God living inside of us. Let’s show His love to others today!

  • Churchmouse

    Paul can make me crazy. His run – on sentences and flight of ideas forces me to read and re-read what he writes. I search for clarity and comprehension because I know his words are God-breathed for my benefit. How to respond to what he has written here in 1 Corinthians? Sorry for the brevity, Paul, but all I can say is… May I be a fool for Christ. His Spirit lives within me and gives me wisdom and power I cannot fully comprehend and yet it is undeniable. It appears foolish to everyone who does not have this same Spirit within. Mock me if you choose, world, but I glory in this ‘foolishness.’ Yes, Paul, I get it. Yes, Lord, may I be a fool for You. May I not be anxious or conflicted about it but may I rest in it. A fully committed fool for Christ. Now and forever. Amen.

  • I absolutely love how simple that is. His wisdom allows us to NOT need an answer to EVERYTHING. That calms my heart tremendously!

  • kiashanee

    “The Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God”…I love that I have the Spirit praying God’s will over me.

    • Elsje

      One of my favourite things about the Spirit. He makes it so that I do not have to have all the right words, or even know all the things that I need to be praying for. The Spirit does it on my behalf! Love Him always!

      • Brandi

        Yes so thankful for this as more often than not I don’t have the words or the “wisdom ” but have to totally rely on the Spirit, the Gift, the Comforter, Yeshua left for us!

      • Amanda Oicle

        Faith is an amazing strength for us who are weak. Before I pray over anyone, or for myself, I ask the Holy Spirit to give me the words the Father wants and I have seen God move in incredible ways! We can know the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit!

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