Nehemiah: Day 14

Weekly Truth


Today's Text: Nehemiah 6:9

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the gospel with us wherever we go.

This week’s verse is a prayer for continuing to do the work God sets before us.

But now, my God, strengthen my hands.
—Nehemiah 6:9

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  • Soraya DosSantos

    Learning and accepting God’s amazing grace. I was reminded by a friend yesterday that it’s a relationship in progress. And God reminds me in desperation that he isn’t done doing his amazing work.

  • Terrie Fulk

    Our faith will strengthen our belief in God. We will not stand down when our enemies ridicule or threaten us.

  • Shelby Lynn

    This bible verse is on my badge for work currently. I held a patients hands and he had a tight grip and asked if he was holding to tight because he was scared, my badge was flipped over so the verse showed. I glanced at it smiled, mentally said the verse, and told him ‘my hands are strengthen hold as tight as you need.’

  • It doesn’t matter if we are weak and struggling. He can accomplish his will through us because it is he who strengthens us!

  • Lynne Stephenson

    Amen. GOD will continue to give me strength as I work theough the tribulations that are set before me. I am so thankful for a father who gives us strength even when we are weak.

  • Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. And may all I do be done for the greater glory of God

  • This is my prayer, Whatever you have for me, give me the strength to do Your Will, Your Way!

  • Kelly Chataine

    My husband and I have a lot of therapy to accomplish this summer. Praying for strengthened resolve, will, minds, hands, arms, legs and more. God is good!

  • Kelly Chataine

    My husband and I have a lot of therapy to accomplish this summer. I pray for strengthened resolve, will, minds, hands, arms, legs, and more. Thank you, God!

  • Churchmouse

    Intimidation. Discouragement. Hopelessness. The antidote : prayer. “God, strengthen me! “

  • God, strengthen my hands! What the devil means to hurt us can help us remember how much we need you. I need you! Help me to constantly be aware of that.

    • Michele Nickerson Swanson

      Thanks Sarah for expressing your thoughts that way. I was having a similar thought, but couldn’t put it into words.

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